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Its an Aldorian Religion, also called the Psionic Union, or the Awakening. The Religion started with the birth of the Five prophets, born from the same litter in the Island of Thiralis, in the Mindis Ocean, between Temer, Losen and Fandor, in the Planet Birnis, the Homeworld of the Aldorian species.

The Island was colonized by primitive Aldorians from Fandor and later by Inosh traders and some other etnic influences from Fandor later on. All this mix created the Thiralian culture. The main activity in the area was fishing and commerce. The Prophets etnicity is still unclear as some said they were Thiralians while others said they were descendants of Inosh settlers way back from centuries ago. So the etnic origin is still a mistery but its pretty clear that the prophets came from here. Today, the Island is the holiest and Sacrest place of the Aldorians, with thousands of millions of religious pilgrims flocking to the Island every year. Today a huge Temple, one of the biggest of the Aldorians and the Galaxy, dedicated to the five prophets that are venerated as living-deities. The inhabitants of the Island were evacuated in the pre-space era, and now the tiny island is a a religious and ceremonial center.

The Prophets were five, two females and three males. The five prophets were the first known Aldorians and beings in Birnis to have psionic abilities and extended to the nearby continents. One went to Fandor, another to Losen, the other one to Temer, another to Mirgalan and the last one to Enuhara. The Orian continent was the only one not to have a prophet in their land, but converted Inosh merchants who lived in the other Continents brought it there, their homeland, later on. This Religion then expanded all over Orian where it syncretized with the previous beliefs of the Inosh.

More than a religion, it is based on a lifestyle, a vision of the material and immaterial world. The prophets did not look to replace or make the Aldorian deities disappear or in the divine, that they also believed to be true. They could coexist and learn and diffuse their teachings without being in conflict with other religions and beliefs or the political power of the region. That's why the prophets were well accepted by the Aldorians wherever they landed.