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The great slave revolt, was a series of revolts that occurred between 34 720 CE and 35 188 CE (14,554 ADL - 15,022 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar), in the Empire of Mankind, the largest of its kind committed by slaves inside the nation to achieve freedom and liberate themselves. This revolts culminated with the creation of the Union, and they were influential in the formation of the next conflict, the War of the Two Emperors. It also led to the minimization of Human-born slavery and the use of genetically modified clone slavery.


Origins of Imperial Slavery, were caused by the internal conflicts of the Empire of Mankind. These early slaves were those on the losing side, members of the parties that had cause the First Civil War and the Second Civil War, as well as those who had supported the rebellious aristocracy during the Nobility War. Slavery was granted to them as punishment and although it was meant to be temporary finally the institution lasted and was ingrained in all sectors of Imperial society, due in part to the reticence towards very advance robots, androids and IAs.

With time, the slaves were resentful by the institution of slavery, and so were some members of the Empire. Although slavery was seen as a status that the slaves could come out of, by buying their way to freedom, many people started to be resentful, and initiated anti slavery campaigns, liberating slaves etc..

The political unactivity led to massive demonstrations and terrorist attacks, kidnapping etc... on behalf of rebellious slaves and activists. Finally slave fugitives and freedom movements led to organizations of massive uprisings all over the empire, which led to a massive revolt.

History of the revolt

The constant unrest led to many slaves revolting against their masters and the nation that had oppressed them led to violent uprisings all over the empire. Many slaves joined the cause once the conflict started, creating a massive crisis in the nation. Many wars and conflicts were fought in almost every planet, although some were worse than others. For example in Haldar, the slave revolt did barely have any impact, since as the source of weapons and military command, the local forces could defeat the slaves pretty easily.

On the other hand, one of the major conflicts took place in Thetis, were a mob of around 60 000 slaves headed towards the Palace of the Hayalon Aristocrats. Here, they assaulted the palace and killed the Archduke Gildorn and his daughter Halmara, the mistress and lover of the Emperor. This infuriated the Emperor Teragan I Tarnos, which led to him taking revenged on the slaves, who were brutally executed alongside their families.

The revolts were appeased easily by the Imperial forces, and thus the conflict became stagnated and less and less important, going from open conflict to guerrilla tactical warfare and terrorism. This frustration led to many slaves to simply leave the empire for a far away planet and territory. Something that had already started to be prepared and the Planet Isso had already been used as a hidden base for the slave revolts.


Creation of the Union

After the appeased revolts and the ineffectiveness of the revolts to come up with the abolition of slavery, out of frustration, many saw the Empire as imposible to change and the only way posible was to create a nation of their own were they could enjoy freedom. Many escaped slaves migrated en mass towards Isso, and later Tarsus. This planets were used as basis of the Anti-slavery movement in the empire and the headquarters of the revolts. When finally the slaves of Thetis were publicly executed and served as an example to deter the rest, the conflict started to decline sharply and finally ended. Mass migration of slaves who feared repercusion started and Isso and Tarsus grew in size exponentially. Also many abolitionist who had supported the slaves had to seek refuge here. This led to the creation of the nation known as the Union.

The nation was unknown to the Empire until much later, and would be the source of the massive war, the Imperial-Unionist War, that would led to the creation of the Lewis Federation (currently known as The Intergalactic Federation) and ultimately to the United Alliance and the Republic of Sion.

Change in Slavery

Slavery suffered from a complete change in legislation, and the rights of slaves were improved. At the same time, clone slaves were encourage and this method of slavery was seen as a solution that came to become the major source of slavery in the nation, relegating human born slaves to a minority. Also human born slaves were the only ones allowed to be freed, which meant a constant decreased on their numbers, while an sharp increase of Clone slaves started to be widespread all over the nation.

The death of Halmara and Gildorn, led to the depression and death of the Emperor, which in turn promoted an unclear path to succession that finally led to Roldar and Larissa seeing themselves as potential and legitimate heirs to the throne.