The Cult of the Black Sun, also known as Black Sunism or Black Dwarf Occultism, is a relatively new & mysterious religion that was founded by a human named Icanadros Praxinar. The Cult is founded upon the belief that the first black dwarf to ever exist will arrive in the near future, and that said arrival will signal the Apocalypse. From this belief alone, many outsiders will think that this is a suicide cult at most; Black Sunism has a huge influence over the lives of many within the Eagle Nebula, however. This is from many corrupt politicians being bribed; the ones that are not bribed usually embrace it for more individuality.


The founder of Black Sunism was Icanadros Praxinar, a wealthy patrician in the Confederacy of Borealis. It was founded in 9981 CE, after Icanadros claimed that he "saw the cadaver of the first dead star" within the midst of the Via Sagittaria. Due to the universal knowledge of basic astronomy, Icanadros convinced many that such a sight will mark the beginning of the End, particularly to the physical Universe. Ever since his movement gained immense traction in the Eagle Nebula, Icanadros has gone into hiding for fear of persecution. This is due to the accusations of sacrifice and ritualistic murder happening behind close doors; particularly to those who take transit in the Eagle Nebula elsewhere.


The beliefs of the Cult do not go much into actual divine beings existing. However, the holy books of the Cult named "The Apocrypha of Judgement" briefly mentions the Universe as an all-knowing (and ultimately decaying) entity. Because of this, the Cult is classified as pantheistic.

The core and fundamental belief of the Cult stems from the first black dwarf arriving in the Via Sagittaria. Even though modern astronomy dictates that such a phenomena happening early is impossible, the Cult retorts otherwise. With the first black dwarf arriving, the End of the Universe will begin. And with that, the Cult says, universal nihilism will become a universal fact.

It is currently unknown if the Cult will commit a mass ritualistic suicide if any evidence shows for this, or if they will go on an omnicidal spree. All outsiders can agree on the fact that ritualistic murder is a part of their holy books, in order to "delay the inevitable with blood of the sapients". Public-relation types for the Cult say this is a mere metaphor.

Important Locations

The Cult is almost universally concentrated within the nebulous confines of the Eagle Nebula, and the star systems that are encompassed by it. The diffusion of Black Sunism past this point is effectively null, for the two reasons of increased fear from the surrounding populations, and the beliefs that the Eagle Nebula will somehow yield the first black dwarf.

Alas, there is one other important location in the Universe for Black Sunites; the Solar System. Here is where all sophonts will come to die in an agonizing death, "while facing the dwarf heralding Doom". Also, since Icanadros is human, here is where his body is ordered to be buried.

Effects and Influences

The Cult of the Black Sun is immensely monetarily rich, with a constant supply of money from blackmailed officials and donations. Due to these factors, many Cult ships are top-of-the-line transport vessels and cargo ships. Rumors are abound, however, that Icanadros himself recently requisitioned a "ghost fleet" of ships for personal wielding.

Inside of the Eagle Nebula, the Cult has a large influence over politics. Although it does not intervene in most social and economic policies made, the influence is large enough to supplant subliminal messages into educational criteria and entertainment programs.

The Cult achieves political influence via blackmail and organized crime. It is not uncommon for regions surrounding the Eagle Nebula to attain highly illegal substances originating from Cult puppet-companies. Also, many corporations that take root in the aforementioned regions usually get breached by Cult moles to attain their technology, ideas, and even bank accounts. When faced with such accusations, the Cult officials counter-sue with spectacular legal teams about religious discrimination and bigotry.


The reputation of the Cult in the Confederacy of Borealis alone is wholly negative. Many see the Cult as a new descendant of the ancient Scientology religion, where it is merely a scam in the interstellar level. Others, particularly those who adhere to religions, see them as a dangerous Apocalyptic cult that will soon predominate the spiritual scene. As of 10000 CE, the Cult is slowly ebbing out of the Eagle Nebula, and dispersing into immediate star systems.

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