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The Heart of Providence is the central black hole of the Flower Galaxy. It has many research stations from almost all civilizations in the galaxy, so it is very well studied.

Physical Characteristics

The Heart has a mass of 6 million solar masses, and a diameter of approximately 108600000 km. It is roughly as old as the galaxy surrounding it. It has a very large accretion disk from a few high-mass stars that recently formed in the Providence Nebula surrounding the black hole being ripped up. It also has vast jets that extend several light-years from the black hole, creating a cool-looking spectacle for all who watch.

The Heart of Providence has millions of stars orbiting it, some of which have one or two close-in planets. There is even one habitable planet, Revarea, orbiting a system at the edge, the original home of the Providence Union and the current home of the Flower Core Alliance.

One of the closest stars to it which still has a planet is Gladijon, a red dwarf with an ice world, Glanadi, orbiting it.


The Inner Providence Cluster, with its many bright stars.

The Heart is surrounded by a massive cluster with over a billion stars inside it, with many orbiting with periods of less than twenty years. The ancient planets Glanadi and Revarea orbit some of these stars. The closeness of these stars makes it very difficult to navigate to the center of the cluster, leading it to be sometimes nicknamed "The Maze".

The Inner Providence Cluster was the seat of government of the ancient Providence Union, which ruled the entirety of the Flower Galaxy over a billion years ago.


The Heart of Providence formed just after the Flower Galaxy itself, and was originally astonishingly active. In its first billion years it created a massive jet which stretched out of the galaxy for over a million light years. For a while, it quieted down. However, quite recently it devoured a massive star, which created a vast accretion disk and a pair of huge jets. Young planets have been detected forming in the disk, which is interesting.

There is a star that orbits the Heart, with a planet around it. This planet developed life, and this life conquered the galaxy and created the Providence Union. However the planet was decimated by the black hole bomb attack at the end of the Providence Union Era.

Today, many research stations orbit the black hole, from almost every major civilization in the galaxy. The Heart of Providence has been deemed a neutral zone where no fighting may occur, for any reason. For this reason, the Heart has been the site of many peace negotiations between various warring factions. This has led to over three thousand treaties named "The Treaty of Providence", which confuses the heck out of history students.

Notable Treaties

First Treaty of Providence

The First Treaty of Providence set out the borders of the deep galactic core surrounding the Heart as a neutral zone, with equal influence for all signers.

Fifth Treaty of Providence

This treaty founded the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy and ended the War of Saiheran Succession.

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