100th Millennium Wiki

This council is an international government body, made to supervise, organize, survey, analyse, deal and manage all sort of affairs concerning the Herschel Space and all the nations and species that live within.

The Main Nation that comprise this council are the Human based Lewis Nations, the Aldorian Nations, the Krizik Nations, the Murban Directorate, the Arati Clans, the Noraki State, the Khlakun Nation, the Assor, the Yuldar and the Arong nations among many others. All nations within the Herschel Space have the right to a seat in the Council.

The council has proven to be beneficial to deal with the intervention of several conflicts, either local or universal, as well as dealing with contact and interspecies communication, cooperation and peace.

The seat of this organization lies in the Planet Kreon, one of the most diverse planets in the entire known universe.