The Hummer (Also referred to as Dy-Ssk-Nomos by the QPF and as AOR 3-848K by the Anomalous Object Repository) is an enigmatic and infamous superweapon, manufactured by the Quintet Puontari Federations long before the modern-day. The Hummer is one of the only known 'arc-emitter' weapons with its level of destruction. First discovered in the Vault of Secrets, the Anomalous Object Repository attempted to retrieve the device, but this failed when the QPF took all artifacts from the Vault of Secrets during The Vault's Incident. In the years following the start of the WOTA, The Hummer was seen in increasing frequencies, and in many different forms. Its destructiveness was also much higher than expected, with even the largest of ships being susceptible to its damage.

The name of The Hummer derives from its deep and distinct electromagnetic hum that it emits. This usually let nearby ships know of its presence. However, not many were able to escape if more than one of these were in a conflict. The Hummer was eventually used in most battles alongside the Essence of the Ancients, which made many battles in the early war decisive victories for the QPF.


Since The Hummer required an immense amount of energy, many known instances were on the PWV Reckoning. This is the ship which carried one of the Eternal Batteries, and was one of the most brutal warships in the War of the Ancients. Other uses of The Hummer, not connected to the Eternal Battery, were used on larger ships and in small scales. Planetary surfaces were also famously affected, with many places on important colonial outposts being burned or damaged severely by The Hummer.

Nearing the end of the War of the Ancients, The Hummer's force was equalized by the drone forces from Hindsight and Beatrix. Even with loss in the WOTA, The Hummer is still regarded to be an exceptionally deadly weapon, which still contends superweapon status to this day. Usage after the War of the Ancients plummeted, but a small recovered form of the Hummer was placed in a museum on Lowrokira. As a symbol of peace, The Hummer was no longer used to convey war, but rather the effects of it.

The War of the Ancients
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