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44,924 CE

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Yes, him. You already know who he "He" is. Just say "his jacket" and everybody knows who you are talking about. It would be insane to live in Nilus and not know his name. For he had the most recognizable face in political history. It should be obvious now that i'm describing Liam Arrbotch, previous governor of Alenea. There are many incredible stories and legends that have been told about him. But the most incredible of them all is How He Obtained His Jacket. A story that not even Liam himself entirely remembers, but will be engraved in the 6 billion-year history of the universe for eternity. The story begins february 10th, 44,924 CE...

Seekadna Station - Perias' Jewel

Liam was sitting in-front of a large window, where he was watching Perias' Jewel from above. As he peered down, he could see the continent Tesmon. He began to think, he was thinking about who he was; "Am I nobody?" Only he wasn't he was somebody, and just somebody to anyone, he was somebody to President of the Free Nation of Peria, President Tevid Robertson himself. Tevid saw him as his right hand man, in fact, Liam recalled Tevid saying to him "You are like a son to me." It was very flattering to him, but still, he thought of it all, how useless it was to be a brigadier general of a civilization so culturally peaceful, how useless it was to be here, sitting in front of a window, waiting for something big to happen, even though knowing full damn well the Lumu were never going to engage into warfare at any given moment. So at that very point in time, Liam, a man who had no idea what was to come of him, sat there in Seekadna Station, hoping he would get lucky.

And that is just what happened.

Seekadna Station - Perias' Jewel

The flagship of the 831st Battalion had just docked at Seekadna Station, the ship was big, bold, sleek, and white. The ship, was carrying President Tevid, as well as a message from him. Liam would later find out that this message would be just what he was waiting for: change. Liam was still sitting down in-front of the window, but upon seeing President Tevid walking down the hall whilst being escorted by Perian Service Agents, he stood up immediately. But no salute, President Tevid told him on his first day to never salute him, Liam wasn't sure why, but he wasn't going to just disobey orders.

"Liam! Hey! You look bored, tired even." Said Tevid, with a smile.

"I very much am, sir." Replied Liam.

"Understandable, so am I, this place is a snoozefest, won't be for long though."


"Last week, I received a message, from the Nilunian Union, their capital of Emolya is under siege. By the Harthis Commute. They've requested Aid from their allies, which means us."

Shocked by this news, Liam's mouth was hanging open, he's been waiting for this since the moment he joined the 831st battalion. He was ready.

"So does that mean you are deploying us?" Liam asked.

"Yes" said Tevid, "To the front lines, the Emolyan Federal District, where the siege is focused."

"Who else is aiding the union?"

"The Union of Utheek" Tevid continued, "The Irosians will be the only ones helping us retake Emolya."

"I see." Said Liam, "So when are we going?"

"Right now." Said Tevid, "Are you ready?"

"I am right behind you as always sir."

831st Battalion Flagship Bridge - Emolya Space

"How do you feel?"

'Cold, sir."

Liam and Tevid were on the bridge of the 831st Battalion Flagship overlooking Emolya, the ships interior was chilly, with stark white walls and blinding lights on the ceiling, and button panels, the kind that beep and boop, all companioned with seats for the crew that keeps the ship alive, from outside the front window, Emolya was there, waiting for its rescue. It was fiery red, clearly because of the tension below, yet, it was beautiful. The two were wearing standard armor armed with a single ballistic rifle and a hard-light blade. They were ready.

"There's a blockade just two hundred kilometers above the planet, it's gonna be hard to break through," said Tevid, "once the rest of our allies arrive, we descend through the blockade, and seize the capital. Understood?"

"Yes, sir"