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The Kalik Mausoleum is the biggest Archeological site in Herschel Space. It is centered around an ancient and Holy Mausoleum of the Vemex Civilization, other several artifacts from other civilizations have been found here. The Mausoleum was under the largest temple of the Vemex to ever be found.

The Project has been carried on by the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation on a cooperation investigation accord. The Kalik Mausoleum is located in the Planet Syracuse, a former Vemex important world. The Planet is full with ruins of the civilization and a Wormhole artifact was left on the system. It was considered to be one of the Key worlds of the Vemex. The primitive and tribal like creatures known as Mimre are supposed to be a descendant species of this ancient race, although fallen into a very low technological level.

The Axons seem to have inhabited the Planet prior to the Vemex and left some relics abandoned there. Apparently the Vemex took them and considered them Holy artifacts.

The Planet seems to have been very populated by the Vemex, to the point it was the second most inhabited after their own home world and capital.