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The Kalik Mausoleum is the biggest Archeological site in Herschel Space. It is centered around an ancient and holy mausoleum of the Vemex Civilization. It seemed to have been their most important burial site for prominent figures of society (the elites). Several artifacts from other civilizations have been found here as well. The Mausoleum was under the largest temple of the Vemex to ever be found measuring almost 5 million km in size and about 255km in height, being able to hold as many as 10 million Vemex within it's walls.

Excavation Project

The project has been carried on by the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation on a cooperation investigation accord. The Kalik Mausoleum is located in the planet Syracuse, a former Vemex important world within the Rodaun Galaxy. The Planet is full with ruins of the civilization and a Wormhole artifact was left on the system. The wormhole is still in used and it seems to have been erected by the Vemex using a mix of S'aka, Telusian and their own technologies. It was considered to be one of the Key worlds of the Vemex to travel to the Iskadi Galaxy. Some say it was left there by previous civilizations and the Vemex worshiped the wormhole as signs of worship over the Vemexian temple walls have been found.

The primitive and tribal like creatures known as Mimre, native to Syracuse are supposed to be a descendant species of this ancient race, although fallen into a very low technological level. They currently inhabit the cave systems of Syracuse, mostly under the Pirris Mountain ranges.

The Axons inhabited the Planet after the Vemex, and left some artifacts of their own, abandoned here as well. The planet was colonized by the Axons and sacked of many of it's items, specially Telusian or S'aka artifacts while many Vemexian artifacts were preserved in the temple itself. The Temple however was left untouched for some reason and no further excavation was carried out. Apparently, it has been believed that the Axons might have taken the Kerox sickness with them from this planet towards the Avana and Kevenam Galaxies into their own demise. Some sort of Jeketian left boxes on the basements of the temple were open by the Axons, initiated the plague. This theory is not proven and further analysis need to be made. Traces of the Kerox have been found in here indicated the Kerox was present and seemingly responsible for most of the massive deaths of the Vemex and other aliens within the planet.

The Planet seems to have been very populated by the Vemex, to the point it was the second most inhabited after their own home world and capital. This was due for the comerce coming from the Iskadi Galaxy through the worm as well as being one of the main points of departure for Vemexian colonists. It seems that Syracuse seemed to have very important spiritual significance as well due to this massive temple.