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The Official Flag of the Lewis Nations and the Lewis Council.

The Lewis Council is an international body, that governs and is concerned mainly by Human affairs of the so called Lewis Nations, that lived in the Herschel Space. Its a point of reunion for the human nations that inhabit this area of the Universe.

The council regulates internal affairs such as wars between members, cooperation agreement, refugee crisis, intergalactic wars that affect all, challenges concerning Alien species, etc.. They do regulate things that mostly just concern humanity.

This body came to be around 50 020 CE to regulate matters of the Lewis Galaxy and avoid conflict, disputes, war, turmoil and catastrophes and promote peace, stability, commerce, scientific and technological progress as well as regulating refugees and immigration.

When the nations started expanding beyond to other Galaxies, it started to regulate more on internal Lewis Nation's affairs in Herschel Space by 70 000 CE.

The Council celebrates and promotes all over the Lewis Nations the so called "Landing Day", a holiday celebrated throughout the entire Herschel Space and among all Humans in this corner of the Universe, since it celebrates the Landing of Anarian Settlers into Elpida, the first colonized world of Humanity in this region of Space and from which most of the Humans of the Lewis Nations are descendants, either solely or partially. It is estimated that up to 53% are fully direct descendants from the Anarian Settlers, while 31% are partially descendants (Making 84% of the Herschel Human inhabitants have at least some ancestor tracing back to the Anarian first settlers of Elpida). 16% Trace back their entire ancestry to other Human migrant movements, like modern emigration from the USS and other Human Nations, or other refugee crisis. This figures change from nation to nation.

The members are six and are as followed: