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The Lewis Nations are a set of predominantly Human Nations originating in the Lewis Galaxy, founded out of war refugees from the Via Sagittaria. Although they started in the Lewis Galaxy, thus the name, they no longer comprise just the Lewis Galaxy, but many other galaxies, where they expanded to. The area covered by this nations is known as Herschel Space, a sphere of high human population in a sea of yet human uncolonized empty territory. They concentrate a Third of the total Human population in the Universe. The closest Highly Human inhabited space close to this group of nations, is the CoB space and territory and the NTIH.

Most of the Septillions of human inhabitants that currently live and form the bulk of this nation's population can trace their ancestors back to The Twelves ships of the Forefathers that departed through the Eye of Freedom, carrying 8 Billion settlers. Five of those ships had left from Anar after the Anarian Fever Crisis, carrying up to 750 million settlers each. The other seven colony ships came from torn up worlds that joined the Anarian iniciative of "the Great Scattering" to run away from the galaxy. However, some Septillions of Humans currently in the Lewis Nations have their ancestors linked to other later waves of migrants.

This Nations have formed a Council, known as The Lewis Council, to talk about the internal affairs of Humans inside the Herschel Space. All of this nations also have a seat in the Intergalactic Council and are members of the Herschel Space Council, a council that also includes Alien Species and Alien Nations, such as those of the Aldorians and the Kriziks, among others.

The Nations known as the Lewis Nations are six:

Flag of Empire 1.jpg
Empire of Mankind
Elpida (Executive)

Pax (Legislative)

Mitra (Judiciary)

Empire Icon.png
Nobiliaric Empire
82 Septilion
Unions Flag.jpg
The Union
Isso Humans
Theocratic Icon.png
77 Septilion
Flag of Humanity.png
Intergalactic Federation
Elysium Humans/Humanoids



Democratic Icon.png
Democratic Federation
70 Septilion
United Alliance
Kreon Humans (founders)

Many Species

Democratic Icon.png
Federal Democratic Alliance
68 Septilion
Flag of the Republic of Sion.jpg
Republic of Sion
Sion Cyborg Humans

Robotic Life


Tecnocratic Icon.png
Technocratic Republic (direct democracy)
33 Septilion
Flag of the Previous Plutocracy.jpg
Plutocracy of Gish
Gish Humans
Oligarchy Icon.png
Nobiliarian Oligarchy/Megacorporation
26 Septilion