The Ones that Came Before is the title given by the Etymology for the first known type three intragalactic civilization and species(?) of the Ambrosia Galaxy. The area in which they originate is believed to be the ???????????? (Mysterium) region of the Dryas Cloud.

The first *known* evidence of their existence dates back to 12,640,000,000 BCE, extremely close to the formation of the galaxy's super massive black hole, the Ambrosia Core.

They stand as the single most mysterious group of individuals to ever inhabit the Ambrosia Galaxy.


When one talks about the Ones that Came Before, it will often just divulge towards vague metaphor and frustrating lack of solid information. There is little to no evidence that they even existed in the first place, but the evidence that is there clearly points to a civilization of some kind that once spread amongst almost the entirety of the Ambrosia Galaxy, with towering cities and colonies dating all the way back to 12,640,000,000 BCE.

Not a single factoid of their appearance, height, weight, lifespan, diet, or social structure is known. In art work, they are often just depicted as amorphous grey smoke clouds, to represent their seeming incorporeal nature.

They have become the figures of countless folklore and myths for countless species of the Ambrosia Galaxy throughout countless eons, and would continue to be held as such even today thanks to their fairytale-esque disappearance.

Those who first discovered the Ones that Came Before's existence would be their successors, the Etymology, in 3,150,570,000 BCE. Once discovered, many of the Etymology's peoples would become extremely fascinated by them, and how a prominent and powerful civilization they evidently were, could just up and vanish like they did.

Most notably, the infinitely famous Mystara would be obsessed with discovering the truth about their disappearance, unfortunately for her and other enthusiasts however, she would be unsuccessful. The most prominent theory she could come up with would be that the Ones that Came Before escaped the Ambrosia galaxy, leaving to the larger Libation Galaxy, though the evidence provided is surface level at best.

The most famous relic of their existence would be the equally mysterious: "Hidden Figures" of planet Sidera, as they stand as the most solid evidence of their existence due to their creation happening at the same time of the Ones that Came Before's disappearance.

They would also discover the region referred to as: ???????????? by the Etymology in 1,470,295,030 BCE. This region seems to be an area of space, around thirty astronomical units in diameter. In this region, a strange anomalous effect which causes all objects that enter within its borders to seemingly vanish from the materiel universe. Once discovered, it would be linked to the Ones that Came Before for seemingly no other reason then they couldn't explain either in any detail.

Much later, the Ones that Came Before's existence would be known to the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. Though many of their relics would be lost after the Etymology's destruction, a few remained, though they would be few and far between. Most notably of these would be the aforementioned Hidden Figures, and the ???????????? Region, referring to it as the far more legible: "Mysterium". Which they too discovered the anomalous properties of the area of space, linking it in kind with the Ones that Came Before.


The following is a rather famous and simple short poem written by an anonymous author of the Etymology on the disappearance of the Ones that Came Before that has been immortalized in history known as: "Before".

"Those who came before appeared with a roar."

"Those who came before power began to soar."

"Those who came before felt it to their core."

"Those who came before never knew what was in store."

"Those who came before did not know what they bore."

"Those who came before entered within the tore."

"Those who came before were heard no more."

"Those who came before story was known forevermore."

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