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"We feel more than anyone has ever felt and more than anyone will ever feel. You can, through this path, awake and enhance a deeper connection with the souls of your companions; know them and understand them better. Even to the point of feeling it as it was yourself. This path would also allow you to follow a sent, or any other trace. You can change people, make them happy or depressed. Thats the power of the Path of the Senses." - Trainer, Interrogator and Rastreator Shila Milon

The Path is a form of training inside the Unionist Religion, practiced in the Union and in other Unionist communities abroad in many other nations, like the Lewis Nations and the Boreal Federacy, among many others. It can be done in multiple ways but the final goal is to potence the abilities the Gift Parasite gives to its hosts.

Unionist Temple Complex, one of the main training center in the Path of the Senses, located in Planet Tahon.

People can connect deeper through intense meditation with the Parasite in their bodies, to the point of somehow, have an internal communication that allows them a deeper understanding of their existence, their own body and the universe. This is made by a minority of the population through deep and intense meditation. Those that follow meditation are set to start "The Awakening Way". People can stay in this stage of meditation indefinitely but many who star with it soon focus themselves on one of the many Paths.

Its a rather common Path, but to follow it, you have to have what is needed. This is a strong bond with the Parasite in your body and most notably natural abilities or predisposition to social interaction, empathy and perception. Also a passion for art and music or a strong creativity in any field makes someone perfect to pursue this path.

The Way to Sentience

Those that follow this path are known as "Sensors" or "Sentients", and this path enhances their sensorial capabilities, and their senses. They can see further, hear further and seeing further beyond.

This makes them perfects rastreators, persecuting runaways and criminals, bringing them back to justice. Most form part of the police forces of the Union. They are capable to influence people, infringe torture and pain into others and feel them better than anyone, what makes them perfect to conduct interrogations. They can dig down into their minds and collect info.

On the other hand they are also able to stop pain and suffering for those that do suffer from it, either mental or physical suffering. This made them dedicate themselves as well to Sanitary care, and help to the wounded in times of war. Some dedicate themselves to ascetic live and help of the least favour by society, the poor and the afflicted, since those who follow this path are more conscious and empathic with the others, serving the lowest stages of society, dedicating themselves to Charity. The parasite enhances social abilities and group cohesion abilities. Thus, being part of a group is essential for host and parasite alike.

This has made the ones following this path having amazing social skills, what makes them good ambassadors and diplomats and some even good at entertainment and other social activities.

Planets of Training

Planet Tahon is home to one of the mayor centers for training the Path of the Senses inside the Lewis Galaxy

Notable People

This is a list of people who have completed the training in the Path, and are well known as Sensors or Sentients.