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"Imagine there is a way to open your mind, to see where others can't, to access knowledge forbidden to many, potence your capabilities and acquire the tools to reach the ultimate truth. To know all this universe can offer you and more. That's the Path of Wisdom. Through training and meditation we will teach you how to do it" - Trainer and Philosopher Aurun Kiena

Unionist Temple Complex. One of the training isolate centers of the Path of Wisdom, in Planet Senekar.

The Path is a form of training inside the Unionist Religion, practiced in the Union and in other Unionist communities abroad. It can be done in multiple ways but the final goal is to potence the abilities the Gift Parasite gives to its hosts. People can connect deeper through intense meditation with the Parasite in their bodies, to the point of somehow, have an internal communication that allows them a deeper understanding of their existence, their own body and the universe. This is made by a minority of the population through deep and intense meditation. Those that follow meditation are set to start "The Awakening Way". People can stay in this stage of meditation indefinitely but many who star with it soon focus themselves on one of the many Paths.

For the training to be successful, they need to have a strong bond with the parasite or create one. Not everyone ventures into a Path, just a minority, thus you have to be sure of that the Path you chose and you will follow is the proper one for you, since one's you start you need to complete it. It's not very common to follow more than one path.

The Way to Wisdom

The people who follow the Path of Wisdom enhance their intellectual capabilities. They are known as "Wisers". It's the second hardest path, and it requires the parasite to stimulate the brain of its host directly to potence the logical, analytical and creative capabilities as well as the senses and curiosity of the host. This people are capable of giving genius solutions, memorize huge amounts of info being similar to living archives and think coldly putting aside visceral emotions and meditate about philosophical questions. Most dedicate themselves to scientific studies, history, maths, philosophy and other intellectual matters. Others though dedicate themselves to transcendental meditation and contemplation, to achieve communion and understanding of the Universe and the meaning of existence.

This path is the most respected path by society, since it requires a livelong training in order to achieve it and maintain it. It's considered hard and only those who already have some natural abilities venture into this training.

Planets of Training

Inside the Lewis Galaxy, the Planet of Senekar holds the training facilities to the Way of Wisdom, however other planets hold temples and orders who teach people to follow the Path of Wisdom and be good at it.

Notable People

Those are people who have trained and complete this Path and are now considered Wisers.