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"The Secrets of the Universe, the Future and the Past are no secrets for us. Traveling through our minds we can move to any corner of the Universe. This Path is for those who are strongly wilded, curious, erudites and peaceful. Meditation is our water, and Trance our food. With this Path you will be able to see beyond time and space and see the tapestry of the Universe itself" - Hannic Kalaine

Unionist Temple Complex, one of the training centers of the Path of the Seer in Planet Arkoma.

The Path is a form of training inside the Unionist Religion, practiced in the Union and in other Unionist communities abroad in many other nations, like the Lewis Nations and the Confederacy of Borealis, among many others. It can be done in multiple ways but the final goal is to potence the abilities the Gift Parasite gives to its hosts.

People can connect deeper through intense meditation with the Parasite in their bodies, to the point of somehow, have an internal communication that allows them a deeper understanding of their existence, their own body and the universe. This is made by a minority of the population through deep and intense meditation. Those that follow meditation are set to start "The Awakening Way". People can stay in this stage of meditation indefinitely but many who star with it soon focus themselves on one of the many Paths.

Its one of the rarest and less followed Paths due to its complexity and difficulty. Not many succeed and you need a very strong bond with the parasite, one of the deepest ones. To follow it, you also have to have what is needed. This is a strong bond with the Parasite in your body, and most notably natural abilities and predisposition to curiosity, empathy and strength of mind. It's also important to show no interest in mundane matters, have control of their desires and weaknesses, have a passion for knowledge a strong interest for the wonders of the universe as well as having a mild character makes someone perfect to pursue this path.

The Way of the Seer

This is the least common and the hardest of all the paths. Their total number is small. They are refer as "Seers". This Path enhances capabilities that go beyond human comprehension. It enhances their physical powers, similar to those of other races, that make this humans able to go beyond of time and space, entering a trance that allows them to connect themselves to the net of the universe, seeing the future or the past.

A remote unionist temple complex, a center for the teachings of the Path of the Seer, located in the region of Alikai, in the world of Saikan.

Due to the constant change of the Future, they can only give predictions of possible futures, but never exact or unchangeable predictions. Due to to the same factor, they can see the Past but can't intervene in it, due to its static nature. What has passed has already happened and cannot be change but can be reviewed. They can also interact with space, opening gates that allows them to teleport themselves or a small amount of people around them. Although this ability is only able to the most expert in this Path.

When several Seers connect they can open bigger gates that teleports small armies, but the energy consumed is risky for the Seers live. So it's rarely done. It's one of the most mysterious and secretive Paths. Those that take this Paths for themselves, dedicate their entire lives to meditation in the Path and in the Awakening Way. Achieving the objectives of this Path is a constant work and dedication. Those that join it have to be made of a special material, and have to gather special features and tough requisites even before being able to join.


The Path of the Seer has been described by some as being a Unionist way of Thaumaturgy and is as old as the first times the Gift Parasyte was embodied in Humans. Through deep meditation carried in Arkoma's culture, several priest learn through meditation and study that the gift parasyte could be train to see beyond the tappestry of time and space.

First, the Future was very blurred and only showed in the form of dreams. The Past was a bit more clear to Arkoma's meditative priests but not too far into the past and not easy to see. Nevertheless, with the pass of millennia the mind control and research of this Path increased and increased. It now allows to see possible Futures, as it is not static, and clear past events. Nevertheless, this Path requires a life of meditation and symbiosis with the Parasyte to a degree not seen in other Paths. It's the most difficult to achieve and the one that takes the longest. Some say you emerge out of this path as a completely new person and thus very few are willing to give themselves to it. Many, never make it and stay as apprentice for decades or their whole lifes. Thats why the Seers are few in number.

Notable Peoples