The Ravis are a self-aware alien species originating on the planet Alphos in the galaxy Fluorescence. They are one of the most common species in The Empyrean as well as the founding species of Fuukanism. While most common in Fluorescence, they have a significant presence in the galaxies Translucence, Reminiscence, and Evanescence.

They are similar to aquatic mollusks from Earth, however, they are fully terrestrial in nature. Ravis are bilaterally symmetric with four eyes and a beak-like structure in the center-point of their 8 arms. They have a hard shell which they can flee into at any point, although in present times it is mostly aesthetic. Rather than having a single, centralized brain, like humans, they have several brains at the base of each of their arms. A slightly larger brain located in the head divides tasks to these smaller brains.


Adults weigh about 55 kilograms when fully grown, when born, they are roughly forty grams. The largest recorded Ravis was the founder of Fuukanism himself, Molonov. The front of the species is the direction their two front eyes point, while the back is where their shell is.

Their skin consists of a layer of epidermis filled with all manner of sensory cells, color-changing cells, and mucous cells. Most of the body besides the beak and shell are soft tissues and entirely lack skeletal support. Unlike octopuses on earth, they have no adhesive suckers. Instead, they rely on the Van Der Waals force to manipulate objects. They have the ability to turn it on and off at will so their arms won't fill with dust or other harmful particulates.

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