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The Scolded Son is the first planet around Borodin A, the home system of the Alech Dominion. It is held by the Dominion, and is a gas giant that is tidally locked to its star.

The Scolded Son

The Scolded Son has been cooled down from its initial 423 degree heat via usage of a dyson swarm between it and the planet. It was colonized by the Alech Dominion in the year 12034 by the Magdetum, a friendly alien species that lived on the gas giant Mageltai in the same star system. The world is currently a fortress world that also harvests raw minerals and gas from the atmosphere. 

The Core Districts

The Core Districts is a term used to describe the cities of The Scolded Son that sit on the solid planetary core beneath the crushing atmosphere. Of note is that the Core Districts receive little to no sunlight due to the planet's moons, floating cities, and thick atmosphere.


Kelifas is the mining sector of the Core Districts. Deep inside the atmosphere lies a large core, and inside that metal heart sits the Kelifas district. It is a sprawl of geometric tunnels interspersed with clusters of buildings, towns, and cities. Kelifas is the poorest dirtrict of the planet, but that is a relative term. Even the miners of the world live in luxury once their shifts end. It is mostly a home to the young in search of work, and is thus more politically liberal than the rest of the world. 


Letrikal is the smallest district of the core, and the most controversial. It is comprised of facilities desgined to siphon trace amounts of gases from the atmosphere. The residents within often feel ostracized or misunderstood by the rest of their brethren. The debate stems from three main points- the traditional values of conserving the environment of a planet, the argument that the faciliies steal more jobs from the populace than they create, and the sentimental argument: that using machines to do what they have done for milennia is disgraceful.


Corslib is the main district of the core. Since there is no surface water on the planetary core, there are no continents, and thus the surface is one giant city. It's the main population center of the planet and has the most workers in the service industry. It's a center of tourism, but mostly only for gas giant dwelling species, for the protective equipment necessary for others to venture here is often prohibitively expensive for the common man. However, the city also has a massive store of nanomachines. Like all of The Scolded Son, it is prepared for invasion. The entire city, and thus the planet's core, could be turned into a near impregnable fortress deep inside the crushing atmosphere within hours.

Sky Districts

The Sky Districts is a colloquialism for the cities that float in the atmosphere of the Scolded Son. They are elegantly laid out patterns of silvery spires stabbing towards the void.


Weymagdrehai is the capital city of The Scolded Son. It is laid out like an eight pointed star, with gleaming skyscrapers and massive, magnificent bridges with soaring arches and sleek, shining designs. The city is not without its defensive teeth: Many of the skyscrapers can convert their soaring spires into anti-aircraft laser batteries, and the city is designed such that it can rotate its outer layers to change the shape of the city and confuse the enemy. The central spire has one of the most powerful sheilds in the Dominion, and hidden hatches to deploy massed automated defense turrets. It houses the central military command and governmental centers for the planet. 

The Latticeworks

The Latticeworks, named and first built by human colonists of The Scolded Son, are a network of floating cities of the human architctural style that spans much of the planet's surface. In reality it is a name for several giant, sleek, and blocky floating cities. They are formed in hexagonal patterns of connected floating islands. They are less heavily armed than Weymagdrehai, but it still has a very substantial arsenal of subsurface antiship batteries that can rise out of secret compartments beneath hidden hatches in the ground of the islands.

The Void Districts

Last Line

Last Line is the collective term for the eight dwarf moons that have been converted into fortress cities by the Alech Dominion. They are populated by far fewer people than they can actually hold, as they are planned to be the location of the Dominion's final stand should such a time ever come, and thus must have space for refugees and surviving miltary forces fleeing an overwhelming enemy force. They tunnel wildly throughout the interiors of their asteroids, forming a maze which is only navigable with the aid of those who have lived on the worlds their entire lives. Hidden compartments, bunkers, ambush sites, and storerooms are everywhere. One who tries to take the Last Line will not do so without a fight.


Phalanx is the first moon and only major moon of The Scolded Son. It has been almost entirely hollowed out to make room for housing and fortifications. The entire surface of the world is covered in fortifcations and weapon battereis, and on the ground level, should an enemy land, they would find seemingly random changes in height between the various defensive positions, making landing exceptionally difficult and navigating the planet's surface even more so. There is only one way to reach the interior of the planet. That is the Phalanx port, a massive spaceport desgined to accomadte an exodus of the entire survivng population of Borodin. The spaceport is entirely ringed by the most dense laser batteries in the system and has at least fifteen separate layers of sheilding, each rated to hold up against a full fleet bombardment of the Dominion. If the enemy were to crack these defenses, they would descend into one of the most densely packed cityscapes of the galaxy, bristling with autmomatic turrets, bunkers, trenches, barricades, and traps. It is the last hurrah of an Imperium.


12003- Construction begins on a Dyson Swarm around Borodin A, partially to screen the planet from the heat of the star and make it livable for the Dominion's Magdetum populace.

12034- The first Magdetum colonists arrive on The Scolded Son. They begin establishing cities on the surface of the planet's metal core, and set the tone for the planet's future by establishing the first mines and gas harvesting plants on the planet. 

12076- The first warship produced by the Scolded Son joins up with the Home Defense Fleet, crewed by soldiers from The Scolded Son.

12084- The first armies of The Scolded Son raised for offensive action are sent to the Eastern Front of the cluster.

12113- The Scolded Son reaches a population of one billion.

12243- The 17th Army of The Scolded Son is encircled and abandoned by a Dominion fleet in the Eastern Front. Of two million soldiers, 1,963,542 would not survive the battle, and their position was overrun, but it is beleived that they inflicted between seven and twelve million casualties on the enemy.

12355- Private Galekmagya is awarded the highest military honor of the Dominion, the Demense Cross, along with (posthumously) the rest of his squad for holding a bridge against four hundred Screk and five tanks for eight and a half hours until reinforcements arrived. Galekmagya was shot at least four separate times and stabbed twice, but he was still fighitng when a reinforcing column of 1000 soliders arrived.

12554- Construction begins on the city of Weymagdrehai, the new capital of The Scolded Son.

12721-The first major group of human colonists arrive and set up the first of the cities of The Latticework. 

12898- The first Magdetum of The Scolded Son is elected to the Marshal's advisory board, by the name pf Undamagdeium.

13072- The Scolded Son-made ship Magrok is shot down while covering the apporach of Admiral Alexei Shangunaz' suicide charge that would end The Screck War.

13235- Colonists dig in to the moons of the Son and begin to build the cities of the Void Districts.

13876- Phalanx has been fully hollowed out and subsurface cities constructed.

14000- The surface of Phalanx is fully covered in antiship guns and fortifications, and the most powerful sheild generators available to the Dominion are installed.