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The Solemn Orchard

The Solemn Orchard is the third planet from the star Borodin. It is a gas giant, and serves as the main source of food for the system. The planet was thought useless as anything other than a source of gas until 16543 CE, when ambitious scientists proposed that the planet could be used as an Yggdrasil Orchard Complex.

An Yggdrasil Orchard Complex consists of the growing of floating organic matter in the atmosphere of a gas giant to use for food production. The Orchard had no moons large enough to sustain large colonies, but it did have orbiting asteroids that could be formed into a decent sized space station to collect and distribute food.

The project lasted till 16654, due to the unique challenge presented by the planet. Life had to be developed that could create energy without water, and the effort took a team of scientists decades to complete adequately. Waterless lifeforms were needed because there was not enough material left over after the construction of the polar station on the Orchard to construct enough mirrors or solar panels to deflect sunlight and lower the planetary temperature, which was constantly well above the boiling point of water. Despite this, the decision to produce flora that could live without water was still made. More than anything else, it was seen as the best opportunity and excuse to produce crops that could more easily grow in hostile environments, which would help the expansion of the Dominion across it's now mostly empty galaxy.

The Orchard is giant and useful, and looks beautiful, but is otherwise little to write home about. Around ten million people live on the orbiting space station, and very few, even of the gas giant dwelling Magdetum, live in the atmosphere. Yet even in the Orchard there are contingencies for invasion. The two most prominent are the constant fleet of extra transport ships stored here to ship out and save as much food as possible should the station fall, and the second is highly classified. The plants made by the scientists are naturally about as flammable as any other. However, with the introduction of trace elements of a special chemical compound, they will dissolve into highly flammable particles. The planet will then be ignited by several giant firebombs, with a crude but effective result similar to a spark in a planet sized grain silo- namely an explosion that will crack anything in orbit or even relatively close to the planet through sheer force.