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The Tears of Vigimir is a bipolar protoplanetary nebula located in the Nyrin Galaxy, in the outskirts of the Aghori Arm. The PPN is noteworthy due to its young age and its proximity to Meitura, the capital of the Meithar Union, as well as the history of mass panic which surrounded it when it was first emerging, and the huge efforts to mine it for lots of resources. At its centre is Vigimir, an RV Tauri variable nearing the end of its life.

Structure and Properties

The Tears of Vigimir has existed for about 2500 years, and is about 0.22 light years in radius. The red arcs are the oldest part of the nebula, and were formed about 3000 years ago in a huge mass loss event. The blue bipolar structure is the youngest and formed in the last 1500 years. The Tears of Vigimir The nebula is expanding through many dust shells, most of which are invisible, but will become visible as the nebula brightens. The central star, Vigimir, is losing mass at a rapid pace, and is on the course of entering the planetary nebula stage.

Supposed Problem

The Tears of Vigimir was thought to pose a very big problem for Meitura and the Sepitome system. Many people thought that in the next few thousand years the PPN would reach Meitura and destroy all life on the planet, if not the entire planet itself, even if Meitura is about 0.3 light years from Vigimir. This would be horrible because since most of the Meithar Union's goverment is based on Meitura, and its destruction meant the destruction of the Meithar Union's government, which would plunge it into anarchy.

The planned solution to this that the Meithar Union would've been carrying out is to push Vigimir out of the system, which would make it a runaway star. Then, the protoplanetary nebula would be mined for resources, and there are plenty of resources to be mined in the nebula.


However, a study published about 2000 years ago showed that even if the PPN was hot, the gas was extremely diffuse and would not have any noticeable effect on Meitura and most bodies in the Sepitome system.

After this, the Meithar Union as well as several companies in it decided to start mining the nebula, which would be hugely profitable as there are enormous amounts of resources to be found in the nebula.

Current status

Currently the Tears of Vigimir is being vigorously mined by several different megacorporations, as well as the government of the Meithar Union itself. Some corporations have tried to starlift Vigimir itself, but this has been less successful than taking gases from the nebula. Vigimir is currently going through a large mass loss episode and is generating huge amounts of dust near the star, which has made it less visible from Meitura and surrounding systems.