The Ten Supreme Authorities are the leading and founding members of the Etymology in the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 3,400,000,000 BCE to 604,000,000 BCE.


The Ten Supreme Authorities were a group of ten individuals that not only held control over the Etymology, but were also the leaders of the first ten species that would become the intragalactic civilization.

They all refereed to each other by titles they had given to themselves, and as such, they did not have any full names that we know of. Each member referred to their self made titles as "the Supreme Authority" of their respective areas of expertise.

They were the ten single most powerful entities that existed in the whole of Ambrosia's Galactic history. Well at least they were, until' the majority of them would be destroyed, along with the civilization they built by the C.Y.R.E.X, ironically also created by them.

Now they simply exist as a footnote in the ever changing history of the Ambrosia Galaxy. Hardly the fitting end for the self proclaimed: "Supreme Authorities."

List of Members

Phenomoth: The Supreme Authority of Legislation

Often referred to as the defacto leader of the Ten Supreme, Phenomoth was the Supreme Authority of Legislation, meaning that all laws the Philology Council wanted to implement needed to be ran through him before they were able to be put in effect.

He was an effective leader, being able to look at all pros and cons towards any law that was presented to him, however every law he allowed to be implemented needed to benefit the Ten Supreme in some way. He is the being responsible for the beginings of the Etymology as he was the one who suggested the ten warring factions to join forces.

Mystara: The Supreme Authority of Scientific Advancement

Mystara was the the Supreme Authority of Scientific Advancement, and as such, she would be responsible for many of the most technologically impressive creations of the Etymology government. She would be the chief architect on many pieces of technology, most notably, she would head the construction of Póli Ton Theón', an artificial planet and system of moons that would become the Etymology's Capital.

Other things she had a hand in creating included numerous artificial species such as the Possessionem, the Oblivione, the Vade, the Ringvarite, and numerous others. And most importantly, she would be the lead designer of the C.Y.R.E.X, the A.I. hive-mind that brought about the destruction of the Etymology. Ironically, she was one of the only two Supreme Authorities that survived her greatest creation's wrath.

She was the most reclusive in her duties out of all the Supreme Authorities, mostly working alone on her countless creations as she felt that no one could do what she intended but her. However, she would use various computers and androids to assist in her creations.

Skorne: The Supreme Authority of Military Strategy

Skorne was the Supreme Authority of Military Strategy, meaning that many battle strategies during the countless conflicts the Etymology was involved with were created by him. Due to how conflict was so common for them, he would often be contacted by the Philology Council, and in very rare instances, he would appear on the battlefield and assist in the conflict himself.

He would be the second of the two Supreme Authorities to survive the assault by the C.Y.R.E.X. by retreating within the nearby satellite galaxy, Dryas. Afterwards, he would continue to govern over the remaining Etymology powers in the aforementioned galaxy, ruling as a supreme tyrant. Leading to the Final Ancient Ambrosian War in 600,100,000 BCE, ending in Skorne's death.

Skorne was the most proud out of all the Supreme Authorities, so much so that he often referred to himself as: "Lord Skorne" He was belligerent and war mongering, often ignoring those who tried to caution him.

Serazel: The Supreme Authority of Colonization

Serazel was The Supreme Authority of Colonization, and as such, she would be the overseer of all colonization efforts that the Etymology made across the infinite worlds of the Ambrosia Galaxy. This ranged from just simply constructing colonies on celestial bodies, or in the vacuum of space, to the terraforming of various planets and moons.

She perhaps had the easiest duty out of all the Supreme Authorities, as those individuals who were colonizing a celestial body would be able to plan them out perfectly on their own, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it at all. She would most often just keep track of the countless colonies and their sizes for the other members of the Supreme Authority.

Exodus: The Supreme Authority of Species Integration

Exodus was the Supreme Authority of Species Integration, as the Etymology was made up of countless species, each and every one has their own culture, laws, beliefs, and sensibilities, it may be difficult for a species to acclimate in being a society made up of thousands of others, assuming they weren't a mixed civilization already. Thus, Exodus would work alongside officials he conscripted to assist in the integration of the various species.

His strategy towards this was by allowing the various species to keep their individual cultures on their worlds and colonies, allowing them to handle their local governance. While allowing people to keep their cultures could be seen as a kind gesture, this was the primary cause' towards the countless rebellions the Etymology faced, as many species believed that they operate with the prime culture.

Temple: The Supreme Authority of Economics

Temple was the Supreme Authority of Economics, for as large and powerful as the Etymology was, everything required the use of money. This was in the form of the ACU, or Ambrosian Currency Unit, and Temple was responsible for selecting members to manage the economical planning on pretty much everything.

As her duty was the largest by far, she didn't use a hands on approach. Instead, she would select the best economically minded individuals of the Etymology that could look at every angle on how much something was going to cost, and how much cheaper they could make it. This strategy was quite effective, allowing the Etymology to construct massive colonies and armies with relatively cheap amounts of money.

Scabiloa: The Supreme Authority of Resource Management

Scabiloa was the Supreme Authority of Resource Management, as the Etymology gathered various resources from endless stars, worlds, and life forms, Scabiloa's duty was to keep track of every known resource and element that the Etymology had in their disposable.

Certain worlds in the Ambrosia Galaxy held resources unique only to their respective borders. For example: the famous Magna Particle on Douma, as well as many others across the galaxy. So in order to keep track of these important resources, he would leave his consciousness within quantum computers so he could have access to practically infinite amount of memory.

He would take this duty very seriously, making sure that he was aware of every single one of the endless resources and assets that the Etymology. He would be so busy preforming his duties that he would very rarely interact with the other supreme authorities, or even return to his organic body.

Millennium: The Supreme Authority of Observation

Millennium was the Supreme Authority of Observation, which may sound vague and confusing on the first hearing of it. She was responsible for the vast amount of surveillance the Etymology government committed on their people. As well, she would keep tabs on the Philology Council, local world leaders, and other high ranking positions, to make sure they were not planning anything against the Supreme Authorities.

She accomplished this amazing task by keeping her consciousness in the various quantum computers that all Supreme Authorities plugged themselves into, allowing her to view everything at once.

Due to this, one would think that they would be able to stomp out any rebellion before it even started, but this is obviously not the case as the Etymology's history clearly shows us. The reason for this is unclear but it could be either their over zealousness, wherein the thought that they could keep tabs on everyone and everything but this turned out to not be the case. Or, that the Supreme Authorities relished the conflict to make them an example so that none would try again. Whatever the reason, the Etymology would experience countless rebellions all the same.

The L.I.B.E.R: The Supreme Authority of Collective Knowledge

The L.I.B.E.R. was the Supreme Authority of Collective Knowledge, and this meant that its duty was to keep track of all collective knowledge that the Etymology accumulated throughout its existence as a civilization. This daunting task was completed within one of the artificial moons in orbit around Póli Ton Theón' known as: "Biblioteca". Here, Liber could keep track of the endless new discoveries made by the Etymology and its people, be it from as small as discovering a new planet, to as large as discovering a new species or a new element of some kind.

It was able to accomplish this due to it being inherently a computer, unlike the other Supreme Authorities, Liber came from a robotic species of super computers, allowing it to process the endless information at near light speed.

Lykeligan: The Supreme Authority of Propaganda

Lykeligan was the Supreme Authority of Propaganda, though that was his title, his duties sometimes strayed away from just strict propagandization. So, along with producing pro Philology Council, and wider Etymology propaganda, he would also prevent certain acts of the Philology Council, and or the Supreme Authorities themselves from reaching the public. There are numerous choice examples of this but the most famous example used today is the extermination of the Vade.

He, by far had the most relaxed duties compared to his colleagues, as he just set others to do the various propaganda he wanted to be implemented. Only ever needing to divert attention to covering the various actions they felt would cause' civil unrest, which he wasn't the best at, clearly.


The Ten Supreme Authorities held power over the whole of the Etymology, but despite this, very few individuals even knew of their existence. And as such, they were able to operate with complete impunity, never being held accountable for the endless ethical crimes they were guilty of.

Each Supreme Authority was a member of the ten respective species that founded the Etymology after the War of the Ten in 3,410,000,000 BCE. However, thanks to the technology provided by Mystara, each Supreme Authority had their consciousness spread amongst several quantum computers, which allowed them to be in several thousands of places at once. As well, they had artificial bodies that they used to interact with the material universe, each one of these bodies would resemble exaggerated versions of themselves when they were organic beings.

They created the Philology Council as a puppet to be used to in between themselves and the general Etymology populace. With the aforementioned council, they gave the people some illusion of choice on who controls their governance, while not knowing of the Ten Supreme Authorities and what they were doing under the figurative cloak of darkness.

Almost all of them existed at the absolute center of Póli Ton Theón', known as the Philology Cormeum, with the exception of Liber who was aboard the artificial moon Biblioteca. Here, they would do their various duties they had assigned to themselves, while continuing to puppet the Philology Council.


The collective behavior of the Ten Supreme Authorities can be described with several adjectives such as, unethical, careless, narcissistic, or simply evil if the person describing them is absolute in their morality. Regardless, these ten individuals viewed everyone and everything as simple tools that they could use and dispose of once their purpose had been fulfilled.

This went as far as them creating numerous artificial species both organic, and from machines that they used for various purposes ranging from simple experiments, to using them as servants of some sort, which the ethicality of this can be debated heavily.

They were very reclusive, with almost all of them never making any kind of appearance outside of the Philology Cormeum, with the exception of Skorne rarely appearing on battlefields that took a turn for the worse on the side of the Etymology.



The Ten Supreme Authorities were founded during the end days of the War of the Ten in 3,400,000,000 BCE. This, was a war between the ten most powerful species of the Ambrosia Core region at the time. This war was one long stalemate between the equally powerful civilizations, and during its end, the ten had stretched their people and resources to the breaking point.

Out of desperation the ten civilization's leaders met, and after much back and forth, the ten sworn enemies would combine their worlds and resources into one civilization. This, would be the new Etymology, and those ten rulers would become the Ten Supreme Authorities, though not openly referring to each other as such at the time. And once combined, they were able to repair all the damage done to their worlds during the war.

Throughout millions of years, the Etymology would subsume numerous other intelligent species, and in turn, fighting numerous conflicts that arised within these species. And once the time was right, the Ten Supreme Authorities would vanish, since most members of their society had forgotten that they existed in the first place. They would then hide behind the Philology Council that was established during the early years of the Etymology, and use them to puppet what they wanted the Etymology to do, while acting without any supervision of any kind.


They were however brought out of the shadows for a brief period in a short conflict known by the perpetrators of it as the "March Onward to the Tyrants" in 1,678,290,280 BCE. This was caused by several members of the Philology Council that were tired of being ordered by the Supreme Authorities, and with their own private militias, they marched into the center of the Philology Coremeum, however they underestimated how powerful each one was. The Ten Authorities used their artificial bodies and quickly killed all the assailants. Then, one of the Authorities, Lykeligan, used other members of the Philology to twist that this event was an eternal conflict with corrupt members of the Philology Council at the time.

Around 687,543,216 BCE the Etymology government began to grow increasingly fragmented, with many worlds breaking off and forming their own civilizations. Notably, the most successful rebellion known as the Aeschylus Reformation, managed to liberate the entire Aeschylus Arm of the galaxy thousands of years prior. This caused Mystara to join with the greatest other scientific minds of the Etymology to create an A.I that could direct their infinite army with perfect precision, strategy, and power. This A.I would become the C.Y.R.E.X, a super-hive mind that can split its artificial consciousness within a large interconnected system, allowing it to control and direct all of the quadrillions of artificial soldiers, weapons, star ships, and vehicles of the Etymology. The C.Y.R.E.X would destroy all of the Aeschylus Reformats in a time frame of ten standard years, completely decimating every army that they had.

During the creation of the C.Y.R.E.X Mystara would put in a protocol in secret, nicknamed the " Proditione Protocol", that would make it destroy the other members of the Ten Supreme Authorities once activated, as she wanted to gain complete control over the Etymology. And in 670,294,050 BCE, she would attempt to activate it. However, nothing happened. She would then begin to panic, believing that the others found the protocol and disabled it, fearing for her life, she retreated from the Ambrosia Galaxy and headed towards the Elysium Galaxy. Unbeknownst to her however, the Ten Supreme Authorities were completely unaware of the protocol, and the C.Y.R.E.X. disabled it itself. Her ultimate fate remains unknown at this time.

Final Ancient Ambrosian War

Ironically, this turned out to be her salvation, as the C.Y.R.E.X would rebel against its creators and it would destroy all of the Etymology in a manner of weeks, killing the remaining members of the Supreme Authority in the process in 604,000,000 BCE.

All but one of them, Skorne managed to escape the Ambrosia Galaxy aboard his personal shuttle to the Dryas Galaxy. Once arriving, he would use the immense amount of technological power his artificial bodies possessed, and he would manage to gain control over the few remaining Etymology powers within the galaxy. Here, he became an extreme dictator, nicknaming himself: "Lord Skorne", with him controlling every single aspect of the governance of the Dryas Galaxy. He managed to keep power for a time frame of around four million standard years, until' the Final Ancient Ambrosian War erupted in 600,100,000 BCE.

Skorne would ultimately be killed by the various leaders of the Dryas' Fragments in 600,000,000 BCE, ending the Final Ancient Ambrosian War, and the Ten Supreme Authority's existence.

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