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I've never seen anything like it, it's incredible, it's truly a manmade horror, definitely beyond my own comprehension --Edison Stewart


The Underworld, also known as the Alenean Underworld or simply known as Level 2 is the natural landmass of Alenea, directly below the City of Blue. The Underworld is considered the worst part of the planet. The Underworld came into existence as Alenea was being converted into an Ecumenopolis. On the ground, Dead foliage, dead fauna, and the occasional patch of dead grass can be found. Towering kilometer high pillars hold up the city above. Floodlights illuminate anything of interest, that is, if anything can be found down here. Level 2 haunts Aleneans, anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves down here will likely never see sunlight again. Level 2 goes as far as 1,100 meters down.


The recorded history of The Underworld.


In the first few months of 55,217 CE, shortly after the planet was discovered, current governor of Alenea, Liam Arrbotch, proposed that the ecumenopolis be built. The only issue was the mountainous terrain of Alenea, which caused disruptions for the already built buildings that were constructed during the past months. So it the idea to have the city lie on the surface was abandoned shortly. It was also proposed that multiple layers of city be built, but the four founders agreed that would lead to poor and unfair conditions to the future citizens. So the single layer idea was adopted, and the city was elevated above the mountains with massive kilometer high pillars.

Modern day