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The Vault's Incident, also referred to as the Awakening of the Ancients, was a brief and violent 8-month long conflict, focused around the Vault of Secrets and its immediate areas. Fought between the Quintet Payotari Association and the Confederacy of Borealis, this battle is one of the most infamous in recent war history. Initially being a period of stretched small-scale conflict, The Vault's Incident is known for its disastrous conclusion.

The Vault's Incident, which was started by a massive oversight containing confusion and hostilities, could have been avoided if it were not for poor communication and troubling suspicions. The main reason for The Vault's Incident being declared dates back to when the Vault of Secrets was first discovered by the Confederacy of Borealis. Initially though to be an instrument of terrorism and chaos, the Confederacy's poor actions against it and the QPA started the incident.

It is considered that this conflict, and by an extent the War of the Ancients itself, was started on May 2nd 88073 CE. The conflict ended on the end of November 18th, 88073 CE, when the Vault of Secrets exploded with a force that was described as "far beyond any weapon yet seen in war". This conflict is also what caused the War of the Ancients, after the Quintet Payotari Association initiated many rounds of counterattacking only days after the incident. Thereafter, the Celestial Plague was also released, which was an immediate cause of concern for the Confederacy - if not the entire Local Universe.

When The Vault's Incident ended and the QPA filed its rebellious counterattacks, the Confederacy of Borealis and varying allies held an international vote, which determined if harsher countermeasures were needed against the QPA. The vote was almost unanimous - with approximately 22-3 international votes in favor of declaring war. The Confederacy of Borealis then declared war on the Quintet Payotari Association, and thus began the War of the Ancients.

The Quintet Payotari Association also responded with force - fully activating their network of vaults and utilizing POLIKY as a tactical AI. Many activities within the QPA sped up, and CoB-QPA forces attempted to besiege many areas. A massive contingency of millions of people and insurmountable forces soon flooded each other, and total war began as soon as the War of the Ancients began.


In the beginning of surmounting tensions, the Confederacy of Borealis was pitched against the Quintet Payotari Association in an ever-growing series of mistrust and confusion. In a desperate and hollow attempt to frame the Quintet Payotari Association of any wrong-doings, local Confederate scouting groups scoured the areas near QPA space. By a severe off-chance, the CoB scouting forces (Which was comprised of a division of the CoB military) discovered the Vault of Secrets - one of many massive containment facilities for QPA artifacts and personnel. Still in stasis, the Vault of Secrets happened to be in a very vegetative state, until the CoB alerted the QPA of its existence. The QPA, believing that the vault was compromised during its voyage, quickly arrived to the vault and attempted to to retake it. The QPA, however, failed to do so since Confederate forces were already initiating search parties. The Vault of Secrets was also under heavy patrol by the Confederacy, denying access to the clueless QPA forces. The CoB's scouting forces then decided to go inside the vault, and were soon overcome with the power of the Vault's contents.

Despite the Confederate forces' attempts to keep the Vault of Secrets secure, the QPA soon discovered its location. Many questions were soon raised to them by the Confederacy, and more confusion was settled in. The QPA, growing worried for their personnel and artifacts, tried to send other vaults to ease the situation, but it seemed to be too late. The Confederacy unknowingly tripped an automatic security measure, and the Vault of Secrets flared up in what is known to be a violent flash. This, however, was not the end of the Vault of Secrets, it was merely the start of a calamitous battle.

The Vault of Secrets went into a massive surge of energy, which caused a chain reaction throughout the entire facility. Defenses fired up and the local POLIKY database awoke, attempting to detain the Confederate forces using the only methods available. This happened through defensive attacks and lockdowns, which was perceived by the Confederacy as needless and as an attempt to cover up what was deep inside the Vault of Secrets. Forces on both sides became more sporadic and hostile, which culminated in the Vault of Secrets all-out attacking Confederate forces to prevent them from harming personnel or artifacts. The Vault of Secrets, however, was not capable of handling the Confederacy's forces, and soon they were able to break through the defenses and secure the vault.

Eventually, QPA backup forces arrived to try to neutralize the Confederacy, but it happened to be in vain. The Confederacy saw the QPA to be hostile, and attacks by the CoB were launched directly at backup forces. The QPA, unable to defend against the Confederacy, slowly mustered in a series of gridlock. This froze the QPA and CoB in their places, but the scouting forces were still sprawling inside the Vault of Secrets. Defenses eventually became attacks, and POLIKY managed to contact QPA forces to gain insight on what was occurring. With enough time, scouting forces were halted and killed inside the Vault of Secrets, and almost all personnel were protected against them.

The event of killing the Confederate scouting forces ushered in a period of all-out attacks and battling, with instances of cyber attacks, ramping defenses, and the creation of temporary bases. Major military attention was brought to the Vault of Secrets on both sides, and the vault was being fully besieged by the Confederacy, heavily damaging its structural integrity and indirectly compromising numerous personnel. However, the QPA was able to hold out for a short time, mainly due to the Vault's defenses and its security measures.

Even with this, the Vault of Secrets did not cease to fight. The Vault of Secrets, with all of its defenses active, unleashed an unforeseen force against the Confederacy. The Vault of Secrets' most powerful weapon was The Perdition, only to be used in a contingency scenario. The Perdition was a gigantic 'arc emitter' that could be fired from four key points on the Vault of Secrets, and its destructive potential was massive. The Perdition was unleashed by the Vault of Secrets against the Confederacy, which caused massive devastation and and loss of life to the incoming Confederate forces. Bombing and backup by the Confederacy was scaled up to the highest during the entire conflict, and desperate measures were being initiated by both the CoB and the QPA.

At this point, The Vault's Incident was no longer a secret - making its arounds all over social platforms and news areas, spawning hysteria, worry, and hatred. The QPA was being demonized by the Confederacy, which caused further confusion and malice on all sides. This also caused the QPA to send more vaults to the location of The Vault's Incident, which not only scared the public but became a deeper cause of concern for the Confederate military. The Vault's Incident became more intense and more violent as more vaults were sent to the area. The Confederacy, in an attempt to make sure that The Vault's Incident would be stopped, starting sending in battleships and deep offense forces, which caused the deepest QPA response during the entire conflict, as well.

The Vault's Incident became a full-scale war, with casualties on both sides reaching into the millions. The Vault of Secrets was fully besieged by the Confederacy, and the other vaults were quickly sent to aid it. Months had passed at this point, with local exhaustion from the never-ending gridlock going to the minds of many pilots and commanders. The QPA, knowing that the Vault of Secrets has been empty for much of the duration, sent diminutive undercover forces to retrieve much of the technology from inside. The QPA soon succeeded, and managed to take out a massive portion of the now panicked personnel into their refuge. From then on, several periods of eerie silence came to be, until the Confederate military launched another offensive at the Vault of Secrets, finally destabilizing the Eternal Battery on board and starting a slow timer to self-destruction.

What followed is what is mostly referred to as the Awakening of the Ancients, as the Vault of Secrets and its local POLIKY database initiated a timed self-destruction. In a hurried attempt of warning the Confederacy, the QPA laid up their arms and tried to alert the Confederacy of an imminent and unstable explosion. However, the Confederacy had none of it, and saw the QPA's warning as a ploy for them to stop firing. The Vault of Secrets, with the Eternal Battery fully destabilized, had the QPA fully evacuate. The Confederacy saw this as a victory, and attempted to reembark to search the Vault of Secrets once more. This was when the vault exploded in a force that was superior to that of a supernova. The resulting explosion caused an immense heat and spacetime shockwave, which destroyed the Vault of Secrets and annihilated nearly all Confederate forces in the area. This culminated in thorough and immediate action, starting the War of the Ancients.

The War of the Ancients
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