Located in the vicinity of Mykhatsi in the Ouranir Galaxy, The Void Fallacy is a sobering reminder of how technology can go drastically wrong. In this case, it was the Mykhatsi severely underestimating the fact that interdimensional travel remains impossible. While we do know of alternate universes, there is as of yet no known way of breaching that barrier, and so they had to suffer one of the cruelest fates of all.

The Fallacy is an artificial nebula created when two extremely sophisticated Mykhatsi ships exploded with the force of a hypernova. It caused various close by civilizations to train their stellar equipment towards the location, hoping to get an up-close look at the death of a star as it happened. Unfortunately for them, no star was found which caused some questions. It was known that a nebula forms when a star dies, yet no such stellar corpse was found. It is very easy to spot, being just 190 light years from the central cluster of stars in the SMC, and has a diameter of around 33 light years.

Local names for the phenomenon play on the aspect that this anomaly appeared out of nowhere, and most likely searches continue in some societies for the star or stars which caused it.

Factual Findings

What is believed to have happened was that the Plu'ani were operating on the mistaken belief that other universes may be visited, and so designed their Void Drive based on that assumption. It is unknown who or what caused them to arrive at that notion, however. But what is known from investigations into the matter is that when the Void Drives were spooled up, their algorithm started searching for multiverses, which likely threw errors and confused the computer when it inadvertently fell back onto a failsafe. In this state, with no valid targets, the shipboard computer had the drives target the only thing capable of being locked on to - each other. What happened next took milliseconds.

The energy stream created by both drives started streaming toward each other, and the massive amount of fuel required for the jump was fed into each stream. This caused a feedback loop, with each drive magnifying the power output to levels far in excess of what they could handle, which in turn caused the two ships to jump "into" each other. As designed, this never would have happened. The shipboard computer would have shut down the drives well before then. However, since the drives were now targeting each other making the computer think it was targeting another universe, it never identified a problem. Compounding this was the fact that the computer was in failsafe mode, which limited the emergency situations it could respond to.

The two drive cores, now melded together, caused a huge explosion that resembled a hypernova. The resulting nebula, visible as of the modern day, had contents very strange for a nebula. It was full of random organic DNA, and a substance that was not immediately identifiable. This substance ended up being tiny microscopic vaporized bits of both void ships.

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