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“In Palioxis, consciousness is more than just a conglomeration of neurons. It is something far greater, far beyond mortal comprehension. The footprint of a being, forever imprinted across the face of Palioxis. On a far-away planet, one drowning in an everlasting bloodbath, a great warrior left the world, leaving behind its mind. Destined to endure a never-ending search for a host, its future was one of doom and agony. Until one peculiar day...

The Awakening

It was another seemingly typical day on Ryless, as was every other one for millennia upon millennia. This, of course, is not to say that the world itself was ordinary, for it was cursed to endure an agonizing cataclysm until the end of time and beyond. A seemingly insignificant mass of conscious energy is seen wandering across the planet's face, blending into the environment as a chameleon blends into a jungle. This day, however, would be nowhere near typical... During what was functionally an uncountable amount of time, a bolt of azure jolted from the shrouded skies, temporarily shedding light across the surface. Infernal strikes of pure energy like this one were the only source of light on the planet, though this was no ordinary one...

Upon the soul crossing the barrier between existence and non-existence, the lifeform being began to emit a deep and mesmerizing cerulean color, able to attract any being towards it by its inherent majesty. A thousand questions struck the mind all at once, for it had been purged of its memories in its millennia-long journey. It began to wander the planet in search of an answer to the duality of its being, though to no avail, at least for the first couple of hours. Over time, the mind could begin to grasp and observe its environment, though there was not much to observe...

Seven hours after the awakening had taken place, several hazy memories began to manifest. These, however, were unlike any other, as they were from a lush and verdant world, the polar opposite of the one on which it was stranded. It was the first time the mind began to comprehend environments other than its own, as well as the ever-changing flow of spacetime.