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Theltheim is the largest island of planet Haven, with a surface area of eight hundred and fifty thousand kilometers squared, it could easily be considered a continent in its own right if it only had the required tectonic plate to be classified as one. Though often referred to as a singular island, the Isles of Theltheim are actually made up of several islands, starting with the Upper and Lower Theltheim islands in the north and south. The Shattered Peninsula to the northwest. And finally the Auit-Islet in the Southwest.

Regardless, Theltheim is an impressive stretch of land, with an even more impressive geography. Large grass plains dominant major expanses of the isles, along with several large forests, valleys, cryo-volcanoes, and deserts. These wondrous natural sights are most likely the main cause for the islands relatively large population and settlement count in comparison to its size. In fact, the population of Theltheim is even larger then the entire continent of Zazriel just south of it, as the landscape of Theltheim is far less dynamic then the aforementioned continent, with very few large stretch's of deep forest, or massive mountain ranges.

Thanks to this massive population, Theltheim is one of the most economically, culturally, and socially active landmasses on Haven, making it the defacto eighth continent of the planet, despite the fact that it is not offically recognized as one. It has the highest sea traffic of any location on Haven as well, with countless ships leaving and entering the port cities of Formond and Arctic's Watch. Its exports range from foodstuffs and commercial goods, to precious resources such as gold, oil, steel, titanium, silver, and precious gems.


The largest island of the isles is Upper Theltheim, with a surface area of around four hundred kilometers squared. It is a forested landscape filled with countless life forms. The largest of these forests is the: "Key Forest" a massive forest located on the eastern banks of the Key River primarily made up of trees of the Haven Oak and the Haven Pine families. Though this is one of the largest regions of the isles, due to the density of its respective woodlands, not many major colonies have been established there, with the largest of which being the town of: "Feilatin" which only has a population of around two hundred thousand, much smaller then the other large cities on the island. The Key Forest is notable for being the only place in the world where the flower: "Red Leaf" grows. Red Leaf, when grounded and ingested, is a highly dangerous and addictive drug, so much so that the Ambrosia Alliance has banned its use, though this doesn't stop all, leading to a large drug trafficking problem facing the forest.

The next largest forest would be the Mevothia Forest, located on the eastern banks of the Key River, facing the Geilda Ocean. Unlike the Key Forest, Mevothia has a very diverse range of trees that makes up the forests structural make up, such as Haven Oaks, Haven Pines, Weiga Trees, Amber Logs and so on. Here, the massive city of: "Sita-Artia" is located. This city holds a large population of around five million individuals, and is constructed upon a small mountain sharing the same name. The cities' layout is arranged like the spokes of a wheel, with a large encircling wall surrounding them. The city's respective districts slowly ascend the length of the mountain, with the capital building sitting upon the mountain's very peak.

Nestled between the two forests lies the: "Lavyinthos Valleys", a large expanse of small mountainous mounds with countless individual member mounds. On top of each of the mounds, as well as around them, massive forests filled with life, surrounding the entire valley. And like with the Key Forest, due to the density of its landscape, very few large colonies have been established there, with the largest ones being constructed on the outside of the valley, with only a few small towns and villages located in-between the mounds and within the forests that surround them. The largest colony that is considered to be apart of the Lavyinthos Valleys is the city of "Land-Marrow" located just a standard week's walk from Sita-Artia.

Located on the north of the Lavyinthos Valleys lies the picturesque: "Silent Meadows." The Silent Meadows are a flat landscape, with a few small forests of Haven Pine trees located here and there, but what the real show-stopper here is the massive fields of flowers,such as the Sapphire and Ruby Blossoms, as well as countless others displaying all imaginable colors for thousands of kilometres. During Theltheim's respective winter, the Silent Meadows region is blanketed in thick snow thanks to it being carried from the nearby northern continent of Ruhiel, and her flowers wilt away. But as Hope's light returns to them come spring, the meadow becomes more colorful then a rainbow itself. Here, the next large city of Theltheim lies, the city of: "Arctic's Watch," due to the city's proximity to Ruhiel.

At the westernmost point of Upper Theltheim, lies the largest region of the island, the: "Radcan Flats" a massive flat expanse of grass, with very few dynamic surface features and forests. As such, it has become a haven for many grazing animals, eating the endless grass spread all across the region. Thanks to its geography, it holds the single largest city of the isles as well, the city of: "Radcan" with a population of around three billion. Radcan's layout is almost akin to that of a miniature Ecumenopolis, as it requires a massive amount of buildings to accommodate its growing population, with each respective neighborhood almost functioning as an entirely separate city.

In the north east, the Shattered Peninsula lies, an area of land with a surface area of around one hundred thousand kilometres squared. It is an endless expanse of flat desert, with very few interesting geographical features, save for a few mounds here and there, and the occasional forest of Telkeit. However, what it lacks in geography, it makes up for in importance. It holds the largest city of the whole of the Theltheim Isles: "Saint Maria" with a population of eight billion. It is so massive that it encompasses the entirety of the Shattered Peninsula, as well as the air above it, and the ground below it.

In between the Shattered Peninsula and Upper Theltheim lies the: "Shattered Isles" a large mass of tens of thousands of desert islands raging in size from a few hundreds of kilometres in diameter, to some as small as a few meters in diameter. As a result, very few colonies have been established across, with property rights given out to any who's willing to pay for it.

Just before reaching Lower Theltheim, one will find the Auit-Islet, a fairly large desert islet with a dynamic landscape of hills, canyons, and sparsely place forests. Its largest mountain: "Mount Miranda" is the largest mountain on the isles, and its largest forest, the: "Hepana Forest" holds the largest concentration of Haven Oak trees on the isles. It is the most visited island of the isles by those from other landmasses, as its largest city: "Formond" serves as the isles most major port.

Lower Theltheim holds the largest forest of any on the isles, the so named "Wapsaeon Forest" and is also the only place in the world where the: "Dreadwood Tree" is known to grow. The Dreadwood Tree is famous for its black coloring, making it appear like a sliver of midnight. Within this forest lies the major city of "Mesia" the smallest of the major cities of the isles,with a population of around two-hundred thousand individuals.

North of the Wapsaeon Forest lies the Labitino Valleys, a smaller sibling to the Lavyinthos Valleys in Upper Theltheim. Here, like the previously mentioned valleys, thousands of small mountain-like mounds create a massive maze like pattern all across its respective region. At the end of the valleys, lies the large city of: "Flumen," most famous for being the respective city where the Monotheism Sentinel is located, along with being the closest city to the Key River, usually being the destination for most ships crossing the river. Flumen itself has a population of around six hundred and eighty thousand.

At the southernmost region of Lower Thelthiem and northernmost region of Upper Theltheim, lies the two ancient cryo-volcanoes: "Mt.Atoll" and: "Mt.Dalton" respectively. Both extend for thousands of feet in the sky, but Mt.Dalton is the larger of the two, with a height of around one hundred kilometres. The two volcanoes have been inactive for billions of years, however if they were active and they erupted, the n a massive ice field would be stretched all across the Theltheim isles, as well as northern Zazirel.

Across all of the isles lies the:"Remmants of Connection" a collection of countless miniature islands broken off from the main islands during Thelthiem separation from the continent of Zazriel. Here, several small colonies have been established on the islands that could hold the, however the vast majority of the isles are minuscule islands that lack even names.

Across all of the isles lies the Remmants of Connection a collection of countless miniature islands broken off from the main islands during Thelthiem separation from the continent of Zazriel. Here, several small colonies have been established on the islands that could hold the, however the vast majority of the isles are minascule islands that lack even names.