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The Theocracy of Keelur is a state within the Nuurian Federation, located in the Kevenam Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. It is a state of the Nuurian species centered around religiousity and that is based on the world of Keelur and it's colonies. All of them are bound by Tel-Naamism and to some extend Iklanism. Some Shwuunic minorities also exist. However, they are constantly against Wekluunism and are the ferver antagonist to the Wekluu Dominion in the politics of the Nuurian Federation.

The state is ruled by the Theocratic Council of Keelur, made out of the main religious factions within the nation. Each faction alignes with the worship of one god or a set of deities within the Tel-Naamism pantheon. This nation has some of the largest Tel-Naamism temples and some of its worlds have religious significance for the believers of this religion.


The state first began with the colonization of Keelur by Anuurian colonist. They arrived to the area seeking religious piety. This fervent colonist quickly considered Keelur a sacred place given to them by the gods and temples were erected. Many religious citizens chose to migrate to Keelur. The planet decided it could no longer contain all the migrants within and began creating its own colonies around Keelur. The nation rapidly spanned driven by a "religious comandment" to do so. It was long till they were confronted with the are of influence of another large colony, Fuundar. This led to a war and conflict with it that largely led to a defeat for Keelur when Teluun and Linku helped Fuundar. This put an end to expansionist policies in Keelur and they centered on well populating and extending influence over their already conquered space.

Soon, they realized they could work on their own without being tight to Anuur and peaceful negotiations were held with Anuur that finally had to accept the independence of Keelur, exhausted for several independent movements in its colonies. Anuur was in no position to oppose, as it had been weaken and independence was granted to the Theocracy of Keelur.

It didnt last for very long, as soon common threats comming from the rise of the Lordship made all the Traditionalist nations seat together and discuss the formation of the Nuurian Federation. The Theocracy then became a state within the Federation to this day.

Important Worlds

  • Keelur

The capital world of the Theocracy. Its inhabitants are called the Keelerians while Keelurians is used for all the citizens within the Theocracy. The capital of the state is home to the council and has also religious significance with many major temples to the main deities of Tel-Naamism. However, temples to all the gods, big or small can be found over here.

  • Darulku

This oceanic world is the home of the religious worship of oceanic deities. It has a special place as well as being one of the main agriworlds within the Theocracy, producing large amount of seaweed and other marine related products. It is also home to extensive laboratories and is a key center for scientific research.

  • Orenkar

This planet, is home to the religious war factions. Most of the Nuurians here have a martial sort of culture centered most notably around the War gods of Tel-Naamism. This planet is however a center of textile production and some of the finest wears are produce on mass over here. It is also known for its entertaiment products, such as the Wuuku Duels and the Tuurik Rides.

  • Nisuur

This world is mostly the center of worship for the main crafting and fertility gods. Nisuur is very much a center of agriculture but it's cities produce large amounts of goods, exported all over the worlds. Ever since the creation of the Nuurian Federation, Teluun merchants have settled in many cities within Nisuur to trade, which has largely influence the culture in the planet. Some Iklanism is also practice within this world.