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"The nature of all that manage to form great empires is that of greed, of hostility, of aggression and of heartlessness. I'm guilty of those as well, but I think a few thousand years of existing and witnessing death over and over is a suitable excuse for me. This empire will rid the universe of that. Through our service to Silverstar, we can overcome our very nature and be reborn as a sparkling utopia! Let all stars in the universe burn together under the proud gaze of our ambivalent god! Hail Silver!"

-An excerpt from Moonmoon's coronary speech, 87354 CE.

A Short Overview of a Cult

From every species with the capacity to both imagine and communicate, religions have been known to arise. Some of these have persisted for many millennia. The Cult of Silverstar is no exception. From its assumed inception in the early 2100s, this ancient religion has ben led by the same person, namely the anomalous human known as Moonmoon. However, over 10 millennia ago, the leader of this vast cult made a call. He laid claim to the dwarf galaxy now known as Azurullya, asking his followers to join him at a certain star system near the edges of Via Aylathiya to travel to this distant galaxy. Ever since then, they've been nearly silent to the intergalactic eye. In light of recent events, it appears that they have subjugated the entirety of Azurullya. The Confederacy has decided to record the official history of this nation to recognize them and the threat they may pose to our security.

History of the Theocracy

Inception - 33400s BCE

Exodus - 70000s CE

Azurullya's First Travelers - 78030-87354 CE

The Conquering of the Cerulean Gem - 87354-98278 CE

The young Theocracy expanded very quickly at first, conquering every system in a 100 light-year radius within the first 500 years. There were no signs of intelligent life as far as this, but there were several signs of anomalous influence. Perhaps a failed civilization. Possibly some galaxy-sterilizing hypernova? What was thought to be signs of a precursor civilization was slowly revealed to be the curse of Azurullya's incredible density of aberrations. Moonmoon took care to document these aberrations. A few tens of the documentations have been released to the public, assumedly because the aberration in question is impossible to control or too benign to be used against him. His available passages allude to much more threatening aberrations deep within his reach. There are passages that imply that the Theocracy might be able to tap into this power on a large scale, but as of yet, no such ability has been uncovered.

Present Day - Where the Theocracy is Now


Theocracy Army


Theocracy Navy

Due to the myriad of dangers within Azurullya, the Theocracy fleet has become a jack-of-all-trades.


  • Meteor-class Fighter - The Meteor is the Theocracy's mainstay starfighter and is one of their oldest ships still in service. Its exceptional handling makes it the perfect choice for new pilots. However, the Meteor is slowly being phased out for more advanced designs, although many are still kept in reserve.
  • Auramest-class Fighter - The Auramest is a part of the newest generation of fighters introduced into the Theocracy fleet. It offers a great balance of speed, defence, and firepower, making it suitable for many types of combat situations, although it lacks the specialization preferred by many of the Theocracy's elite pilots.
  • Nullheart-class Bomber - The Nullheart is a bomber equipped with powerful shield generators that allow it to shrug off most attacks that would cripple or outright destroy a ship of its size. However, these shields are exceptionally draining on the ship's reactor, meaning that it cannot hold them up for long periods of time.
  • Comet-class Interceptor - The Comet is an experimental prototype interceptor built at the request of Theocracy high command for a "starfighter killer". While the Comet's is certainly fast enough to chase down enemy fighters, its poor maneuverability means that it is easily for enemy fighters to get behind the Comet for an easy kill.

Thaumic Ships

  • Pulsar-class Thaumic Ship - Pulsars are thaumic ships designed to be used in an attack role. The magi piloting them put more of their energy towards offense, making their aeternal energy beams more powerful than that of the average thaumic ship. Despite this, the magi piloting them are often quite reckless, charging headlong into battle without a strategy.
  • Tryptanyon-class Thaumic Ship - Tryptanyons are defensively-oriented ships that can project enormous thaumic barriers to protect their allies. Friendly ships can even fire through the shield, allowing Theocracy forces to destroy their enemies while being protected from enemy fire.
  • Quasar-class Thaumic Ship - Quasars are built with speed in mind, being smaller and lighter than other thaumic ships. The magi piloting them shape them to be as narrow as possible, making them one of the hardest ships to hit.
  • Dexotrau-class Hivemind - The Dexotrau is the largest of the Theocracy's thaumic ships. These hiveminds can control hundreds of their lesser kin at once, directing their actions to better support the fleet. Due to the Theocracy having more esoteric magi than most other nations, these hiveminds can project stealth fields to hide themselves.
  • Supernova-class Lux Bomb - The Supernova is often described as a last resort ship, only to be used in the most dire scenarios. They are some of the most volatile lux bombs, being charged with so much energy that they are capable of completely stripping the shields from a fully-shielded titan with a direct hit.


  • Oaliun-class Frigate - The Oaliun-class is the primary frigate used by the Theocracy. It is primarily used as an escort for the larger Aurumios cruisers, although it can operate well enough on its own. Oaliuns are primarily geared towards offense, often flying in pairs to corner enemy ships and rip them apart with laser fire.
  • Smohera-class Frigate - The Smohera-class is one of the newer frigates in the Theocracy fleet, being made in order to counter the growing threats from extragalactic powers. These frigates mount experimental thaumic cannons, which are charged by magi to fire beams of aeternal energy.
  • Rylehcastra-class Frigate - The Rylehcastra-class is one of the Theocracy's oldest ships, with some of them being centuries old. Due to the introduction of newer ships into the fleet, those Rylehcastras who remain are usually kept in reserve.


  • Aurumios-class Cruiser - The Aurumios-class is the primary capital ship used by the Theocracy. While lightly armed for a cruiser, the Aurumios is equipped with exceptionally strong shields and armor, allowing it to keep fighting even after being severely damaged. However, the sheer weight of the armor noticeably limits the cruiser's speed.


  • Daegami-class Carrier - The Daegami-class is the primary carrier of the Theocracy fleet. Instead of having a traditional launch deck like most other carriers, the Daegami carries an experimental wormhole generator that allows it to instantly transport its fighters to a battlefield.
  • Nebula-class Carrier - The Nebula-class is an A.I. operated carrier packed full of combat drones instead of starfighters. The ship requires no living personnel, meaning that it can be left out in space for extremely long periods of time on its own, springing to life once an enemy ship comes near it.


  • Silverstar-class Dreadnought - The Silverstar-class is the largest ship in the Theocracy fleet. Many of these ships are often painted with ornate patterns circling across the entire hull. A large relief of Silverstar can often be seen painted on the ship's bow.