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"The nature of all that manage to form great empires is that of greed, of hostility, of aggression and of heartlessness. I'm guilty of those as well, but I think a few thousand years of existing and witnessing death over and over is a suitable excuse for me. This empire will rid the universe of that. Through our service to Silverstar, we can overcome our very nature and be reborn as a sparkling utopia! Let all stars in the universe burn together under the proud gaze of our ambivalent god! Hail Silver!"

-An excerpt from Moonmoon's coronary speech, 87354 CE.

A Short Overview of a Cult

From every species with the capacity to both imagine and communicate, religions have been known to arise. Some of these have persisted for many millennia. The Cult of Silverstar is no exception. From its assumed inception in the early 2100s, this ancient religion has ben led by the same person, namely the anomalous human known as Moonmoon. However, over 10 millennia ago, the leader of this vast cult made a call. He laid claim to the dwarf galaxy now known as Lunen Tsuki, asking his followers to join him at a certain star system near the edges of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy to travel to this distant galaxy. Ever since then, they've been nearly silent to the intergalactic eye. In light of recent events, it appears that they have subjugated the entirety of Lunen Tsuki. The Confederacy has decided to record the official history of this nation to recognize them and the threat they may pose to our security.

History of the Theocracy

Inception - 2100s CE

Moonmoon is the heart of the Theocracy. As its founder and only main leader, he has always had absolute control over its movements. His doctrines are powerful and his speeches are charged with emotion. Since his first known appearances are in the ancient 2100s CE, we mark the beginning of the Cult of Silverstar there. Broadcasting himself over all communications on Aegyn occasionally, he attempted to gain followers. His mission was simple: he wanted to eliminate every government he saw as insufficiently supporting its people, namely every government at the time, and instate a theocracy that would be a near-utopia for all. Despite his radical ideas, the growth of this cult was nearly exponential.

As the centuries passed, the cult grew stronger and more organized. It seemed to spread to every settlement near Aegyn, and eventually into interstellar colonies. An entire 3% of the population identified with the Cult of Silverstar, a figure that stayed relatively stable for millennia. Eventually, the cult reached an apex. The cultists were so strong that they could easily conquer their own worlds. They established a small military force called the "Armada Argentum". With this, they began taking habitable worlds at the edges of the Via Sagittaria galaxy for themselves. By the early 12000s CE, they controlled many worlds on the fringes of the galaxy. Their psychological influence was so deep that even the Yohjan Confederacy found itself unable to stop them from expanding. Their expansion of official territory ended in 12768, when Moonmoon signed a treaty that would politically subsume the cult's edges of the galaxy into the YoC in return for recognition as an official religion, which let non-discrimination laws protect their faith officially. It is unknown if this was a long-term plan to gain protection during developmental stages. Despite their new position as loyal subjects of the YoC, they went nearly invisible. Sticking to legal broadcasting and construction, their influence did not grow much for the next 7500 years. Many were unaware that they even existed. Through all this, it would seem the Cult, keeping the title of a cult despite being officially recognized, was focusing on lobbying for more support systems for citizens. This was another one of Moonmoon's old promises that he felt was being neglected by the government and they would continue to see until it was done.

Dark Resurgence - 20000s CE

After the collapse of the YoC, the Cult of Silverstar attempted to gain control over some of the nations that rose up, trying to control them like puppets to create an ideal society to live in. Terrorist attacks by the Cult were common during this period. Public broadcasts were often intercepted by speeches from the head cultist himself. Quadrillions of people of all nations and species flocked to the operative systems at the time for shelter and a pseudo-government provided by the cult. This time period is most likely where the first ideas for an independent theocracy began. These ties with other groups were severed when it became apparent that the Cult of Silverstar's ideology and own forces were not friendly towards aristocracies. As class divides appeared in the new nations, the Cult would attack the wealthiest areas of that nation. This had the desired effect of destabilizing and weakening the nation, making way for the other groups to take control. Eventually, this era of chaos came to an end with the rise of the CoB. With this new government in place, the cult was forced to calm down, though they were still not at the point of being friendly.

The Second Dormant Era

With the CoB in place, the Cult of Silverstar resumed its lobbying and expansion of cultural influence. Moonmoon became somewhat of an iconic political figure on par with the heads of major religions from sheer recognizability. Politics remained stable enough for long enough to change the public opinion of the Cult to a positive one, despite their unstable leader and previous war crimes. All this said, the religion was not an oppressive one. Moonmoon and his allies never tried to turn the CoB into a complete reflection of their ideal society. For many millennia, they slowly petitioned for changes and supports for citizens and were very much a force for good for a good 40000 years. The last few centuries have been marked with an emphasis on expansion of the faith. Moonmoon was a very powerful orator and did much to unite the followers of the Cult during his time.

Exodus - 70000s CE

These unifying efforts were likely a precursor to what would come. The efforts to form a sense of independent community were followed by the "Great Road To Thavma", a massive wave of travel through Janus gateways into Ambrosia, from which the Cult traveled to Lunen Tsuki. This mass migration took 6650 years, during which no contact with any outside contact with the rest of the universe was possible. For the followers who stayed behind or were in other galaxies, the faith dwindled over those millennia. Without coherent leadership, many sects began to divide and interpret the will of their god differently. However, this process was slowed quite a bit by the fact that the god they worship, Silverstar, characteristically does not care about any mortal people. This is the starting point of where things get hazy in the archives. Records of what happened in Lunen Tsuki are exclusively provided by the Theocracy themselves. While the sources have been released by Moonmoon, and they give a good overview of the broad history, it's hard to decipher many of the pieces of evidence written by him.

Lunen Tsuki, from a safe distance

Lunen Tsuki's First Travelers - 78030-87354 CE

The arrival in Lunen Tsuki was orderly and calm. The Cult had not been communicating with the CoB or the CUEN for several millennia at this point. In an attempt to find nearby nations, the AAUS was contacted, signifying the Cult's arrival in 70830 CE. A few communications with the AAUS were maintained over the 9000 years of building on their main home, the dense jungle moon of Oaliun. Several O'Neill Cylinders orbit Oaliun, as well as asteroid habitats in many of its parent planet's dwarf moons. Three other habitable worlds were in the same system, now home to the nearly 700 trillion pioneers. Infrastructure and technology took a while to build back up. On July 6th, 87354 CE, Moonmoon was ready to expand again. Using the AAUS to link himself up to the rest of the Local Universe, Moonmoon gave a speech that marked the beginning of the Theocracy of Silverstar, crowning himself as Empire Priest Moonmoon for life, which to him means for eternity. At this point, the Conquering of the Cerulean Gem began as he spread his influence over all of Lunen Tsuki.

The Conquering of the Cerulean Gem - 87354-98278 CE

The young Theocracy expanded very quickly at first, conquering every system in a 100 light-year radius within the first 500 years. There were no signs of intelligent life as far as this, but there were several signs of anomalous influence. Perhaps a failed civilization. Possibly some galaxy-sterilizing hypernova? What was thought to be signs of a precursor civilization was slowly revealed to be the curse of Lunen Tsuki's incredible density of anomalies. Moonmoon took care to document these anomalies. A few tens of the documentations have been released to the public, assumedly because the anomaly in question is impossible to control or too benign to be used against him. His available passages allude to much more threatening anomalies deep within his reach. There are passages that imply that the Theocracy might be able to tap into this power on a large scale, but as of yet, no such ability has been uncovered.

Present Day - Where the Theocracy is Now

The Theocracy of Silverstar now contains around 14 quintillion people and maintains control of the entirety of Lunen Tsuki. A tiny minority of people are not identified with the religion, as the efforts to spread it have been mostly successful. The Cult does not threaten other religions, but leaves them be unless they directly oppose the Cult. Archives of many religions are kept to ensure that cultural history is preserved through assimilation into the Theocracy. This is likely a personal motive of the leader, not a value of the nation as a whole. Lunen Tsuki is still very much a frontier galaxy, with much of it being barely settled or completely untouched. However, a wormhole has recently been transported to the Ejeunor Galaxy to connect the Theocracy to the rest of the Local Universe.

Religion - What is the Cult of Silverstar? (Sourced from Moonmoon's speeches and books)


The Cult of Silverstar does not deny the existence of gods other than Silverstar. They believe that since the universe is infinite, infinite beings that call themselves gods may exist. They worship Silverstar, an omnipotent deity in the form of a 3-tailed cat with glaring red eyes. Silverstar is a chaos god born a few seconds before cosmic inflation began. They teach that the two events are not linked, Silverstar himself is an uncaring god, seeking only entertainment until heat death enters its final stage, when he will likely create a new universe to entertain himself. While Silverstar is not particularly invested in the affairs of mortals, he does not take personal attacks lightly. Insults and challenges in the myths are always met with a violent and bloody death.

Silverstar, according to the myths, lived on or near Aegyn for most of its history. However, one of the myths relates to the rather early disappearance of this god. The followers believe that he will show himself if the Theocracy is successful with the complete domination of Lunen Tsuki.


The many myths that make up the religion share common themes of infinity and a search for purpose. They often take nihilistic undertones and carry heavy contrast between the infinite being Silverstar and any other characters or forces in the myths.

Silverstar's Birth

Time removed, space unborn,

Chaos in a land before rules themselves.

Order breaks down, chaos collapses into laws.

Bubbles of law, born to return to the lawless lands.

Beings, perhaps, lived here as well

According to nothing and no one.

A star was born, outshined by a new universe.

Unhappy, he burned his way in.

His form coalesced in this new place.

Though he could mold it as he pleased,

He took the form of a star with shimmering silver wings

And lay to nap.

A Drop of Infinity

Aegyn-borne, a mortal man stood At the foot of the god's throne room.

Endearing himself, he knew the power

That his liege had at his disposal.

Fast friends, the god couldn't bear to see his mortal friend age.

Though young, the mortal's prime had begun,

So the god slit his finger to cause decay to be undone.

Six drops of the infinite, the golden blood, the Ichor,

To create a demigod more powerful than any warrior.

Forever young, forever healthy,

The ex-mortal planned for his new eternity.

The Seal of the Intolerant

The Gift of a Quest

Somewhere Beyond the End of Time and Space


The Theocracy's values reflect the values of their religion. They value tolerance and generosity above all else. However, valuing tolerance does not mean they respect people that fall outside of their values. Opposition to the Cult itself, especially direct opposition of Silverstar's existence, is met with severe punishments. Additionally, greed is seen as the ultimate flaw a person has, and indulging in it is seen as the greatest sin a person can commit. Individuals who get "too corrupt and greedy" have their assets redistributed. False accusation of this is punished as if the accuser committed greed.