The Ther'Hakan are native to the world of Ther'Hak, located in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy.

A tall species that possess a singular eye in the middle of their faces, the Ther'Hakan have always been a traditionally isolationist people, often forming communities among trusted individuals. This changed with the arrival of the Commune Federation, though hostilities were commonplace before any sort of formal relationship was established.

Today, the Ther'Hakan are members of the Commune Federation, contributing to the wider Faction.

Appearance and Biology

The Ther'Hakan are a tall species, reaching up to 2.6 meters tall. They possess a yellow-skin complexion, and have two large digits and one thumb on each hand.

They are noteworthy first and foremost because of their large, singular eye that appears where in Humans, a pair of eyes would be. This eye seems to have depth perception, an a large field of view, in spite of what would make sense with the Ther'Hakan anatomy. These eyes vary from every part of the colour spectrum, though the Ther'Hakan are incapable of seeing the yellow-green spectrum themselves - Leading the species to see it's own skin colour as a sort of grey.

A series of ridges appears along the arms and around the eye of the Ther'Hakan, which seem to be designed to protect them from major injuries on their home-world. They have particularly tough skin which is rough to the touch for Humans. This allows them greater grip.

Additionally, they breathe on the gas known as Nitrogen-Dioxide, which their home-world produces in abundance due to the chemical reactions happening on the world. They find oxygen to be poisonous, meaning that, when in contact with Humans for example, they must wear masks which protect their olfactory organs. this has become something of a trademark of the species off of their home-world, and a thing that they are well known for throughout the Commune Federation.

As well as being a tall species, they are also incredibly tough, and develop muscles rather easily. All this combined to allow the species to survive on Ther'Hak incredibly well.

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