"This Oceanic World, and endless sea of knowledge and elegance, home to the Hayalon Family, one of the most refined and glorious of all the Aristocratic Families. You can't really get more aristocratic than them. This is their world, a center for medicine, pharmaceutical and naval construction, as well as elegant fashion and architecture. It is also home of the delicious Takke Fish and the Tair Soup." - Senator Maes Prim

Thetis is an Oceanic world, full of little green islands scattered all over the Planet. It is located in the Asfodar System, in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It is one of the most important planets of the Empire of Mankind and has traditionally been the home base of the Hayalon Family, one of the most famous and powerful of the Aristocratic Families. They are known for its loyalty to the Emperor and its dynasty.

The local climate varies greatly, with some areas having tropical weather to some areas having vas stormy and cloudy or rainy weather for most of the year. Usually depending on latitude.

It was the homeworld of Halmara, the Emperor's famous mistress, and home to the Emperor Roldar I and Empress Larissa, both descendants of Emperor Teragan I and Halmara. The current ruling dynasty of the Empire, the Tarnos Dynasty, can trace their ancestry back to this family, since they have intermarried in several occasions. Halmara and his father Gildorn Hayalon, died in this planet after a rebellion of Human-born slaves revolted and took on arms against the Hayalon Family, taking control of the Hayalons home palace and the seats of government, killing who ever they could find belonging to the aristocratic families. Still Emperor Teragan I, out of sadness and grief for his lover, Halmara, severely punished the slaves that participated actively in the revolt, the assault and the killings of the Hayalons, ordering torture and death for about 70 000 slaves. Also the slaves families were executed.

Fortunately, some of the Hayalon family members were not in the planet at the time, leading later to The War of the Two Emperors. Roldar, Archduke of Thetis, noble bastard, claimed the throne and was crowned as Roldar I, making Thetis the provisional capital of the Empire, and served as such for the planets that pledge alliange to Roldar. Elpida kept being the Capital of Teragan I official son and successor, Kador V.

Thetis suffered and Assault from Loyal forces that end up in the destruction of most of Roldar's fleet and the death of Roldar in the battlefield. Larissa, was crown Empress II and kept the war with major success... although a standby point was achieved with neither band gaining mayor processes. So finally, Larissa II married its rival, Kador V, ending the war. They both ruled helding the titles of Emperor and Empress. When Kador V died, Larissa kept the rule until she gave it to its son.

The Planet was kept being a possession of Larissa II, as she was also the Archduchess of Thetis. Later, the title was given to her minor daughter and so the line was kept, tying loyalty of the Hayalons to the Imperial Throne for centuries to come. They are among the aristocrats with the highest claims to the throne, on the unlikely event the Tarnos Dynasty disappears.


The planet was colonized in 20,533 CE by settlers from Pax, Mitra and Elpida. Three vessels were sent from Pax, two from Elpida and two from Mitra with about 500 000 to 350 000 people each at first, amounting for a total of around 2,450,000 to 3,500,000 million people.

Later on, the colony flourished and started spreading towards other areas of the planet, developing an intense oceanic drive and Naval spirit.

Thetis 2.jpg

Colonist from Thetis were later sent to found planet Alma. Under the Republic of Anthropos a huge expansion and colonization program began, being Thetis one of the first colonies founded outside the 3 core planets alongside Haldar and many others.

The biggest city, Aisa, was founded by Elpidans, the second biggest city, Egana by Mitrans and Tiro by Paxians. Tiro was the largest city in the Planet until Aisa and Egana surpassed it in importance and population in the following milenia. Still Tiro keeps being the third most important city, and is the main financial city of thetis, holding ties to its old metropolis, Pax, and as them, they are consider highly rational and profit driven people. To keep tensions away from the three cities, the capital of the planet is located in Farsok. The Hayalon family though, lives on the Hayalon Island, a private Island that holds their residencial Palace. The Island is quite close to the Island where Farsok is located, so that most of the bureaucracy lives in that city and the Archduke or Archduchess travels to Farsok in case its needed or the bureaucrats and council members can go to the Hayalon residence to attend planetary issues.


The Planet is mostly covered in water, with some large islands and many archipelagos.

  • The Assanai Archipelago

The Largest archipelago in the planet, it holds the city of Tiro. Its population is very banking driven and most of the monetary powers of thetis lied in this group of islands. The island of Saun, hold some of the most refined scientific centers in the planet, having very advance high tech developpment going on. The entire population of the islands is 12 Billion.

  • Kodrith Island

It holds the ciy of Egana, Its entired population is 13 billion. Its the center of the Naval Construction in the entire planet. The interior is covered in fruit plantations and herding, giving it a utopian and beautiful appearance.

  • The Mishren Archipelago

A group of scattered large islands, they hold the city of Aisa. The largest in the planet. It is highly populated and its inhabitants are known for its dinamism. The island of Ohana is entirely covered by the city of Aisa, which extends even onto surface structures and artificial islands. Some of the wealthy tend to retire onto the Island of Yuena, which is covered in masions and luxury residences for the wealthy. The full population of this islands is 12 Billion. Its economy is based on Medical developpment and industries.

  • Tolgan Island

The island is a mechanical powerhouse. It is a center of the Enery production on the planet, and holds many education and scientific centers. The national Thetis archives are locate here, and so is the city of Melpoman. Its total population is 8 billion.

  • Nedexia Island

Its the seat of the capital, Farsok. It a large settlement covered by administrators and bureaucrats. Its also a center of the manufacturing and the chemical industry. Some parts of the island are used for agrarian purposes.. Its entire population is 6 billion.

  • Hayalon Island

Its the residence of the Hayalon Family. It is a large mansion, set in the form of a large Castle tower. Very massive. It covers the entire land of the island giving it the appearance of emerging from the oceanic surface. it has a total population of 100 000 employees, servants, slaves, and others to mantain such a big structure. Even to this day, it is the home residence of the House.

  • The Leudera Archipelago

A very confortable area of the planet, it is not massively populated, but still very dinamic and economically stable. It has one of the higher standards of living in the planet. Its inhabitants are mostly based on the Pharmaceutical insdustry and algae production for such purposes. Its population is over 8 billion.

  • The Kuni Archipelago

A very rural archipelago, its economy is based mostly on large scale fishing production. Its the center of the fishing industry of Thetis, exporting abroad. Its entire population is 4 Billion.

  • The Yika Archipelago

A rural archipelago, based mostly on algae plantation, seafood and placton. The largest mountain in the planet, the extinct Ubirus volcano, its located here. Its total population is 4 billion.

  • The Shauldran Archipelago

Mostly centered on Textile industries and high-fashion production. It has some important and well known entertainment industries for the local population, the Shauldrian dancers and musicians are well known all over Thetis. Its total population is 6 Billion.


Thetis city1.jpg

The Economy of the Planet is based mostly on Pharmaceutical production, Services, Naval Military Production and Manufacturing, Marine Biology and Research, Fishing and Agricultural Production (Algae for the Most part), Fashion and Medical Products.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Production are the main production of the Planet and one of its biggest assets. Most of the Pharmaceutical companies of the Empire of Mankind are based in Thetis. Medications and Research are key sector of this Industry in this Planets.

The Building of Water Military Equipment, Research and Water war testing, production and technology are investigated and produced here and is one of the most important economic fields of the Planet.

There is as well as growing sector of Shipbuilding and Harbor construction.

Location of Thetis in the Lewis Galaxy

Several Flora and Fauna is also bread in the Planet. Algae Farms are widespread in many region and Islands, either for food or for Medical and Pharmaceutical production. Many crops and tree fruits are also present Inland, in the Interior of large Islands.

Animals, like the Laikons, were domesticated and used for farming and produce several other Products. The Toykans were domesticated and used for animal herding, and as pets of the Inhabitants.

Large places, like the University of Marine Biology, the University of Naval Military and Several important Universities for Pharmacy and Medicine.


The society of Thetis is known for its high quality of live, its fashion and beauty, and its working attitude. Many are algae farmers or fishers but most are business or scientific workers with a significant portion working as well for the manufacturing and service providing industries. It is very peaceful place in the Empire and its citizens are known for it's "savoir vivre" and elegance.

Culture and Customs

  • The Birth

When a child is born in a family it is a common custome to submerge the newly born in the shallow waters in a ceremony of entering with contact with the Waterworld of Thetis, the spirit of the planet. This "baptism" is celebrated in everyhome. It is later, customary to give food to close family, friends and neighboors

  • Funerals

The funerals of Thetis are usually carried on by two sacred forms. The first one is putting the body on a small carefully designed wooden boat, usually white and decorated with flowers, or other nice items. The dead body is cremated while the boat is given away into the oceanic currents. The other form, in other regions of Thetis, doesnt involve cremation. The body is placed in the boat and left to its own fate into the currents of the ocean. Due to this being a problem, it has been tried to be erradicated, but is still predominant in some small regions, usually agrarian.

  • Festivity of lights

This festivity is done once a year, and is one of the most important holidays in the planet. It is carried on during the year celebration of the colonization of Thetis. All citizens light up candles and balloons at night and leave them float into the oceanic current of the wind, creating a similar ambiance to the ancient earth rituals of Kiwali. It is usually held with a large dinner before the festival in which the food is mostly based on Thetisian local food, fish, algae and seafood,

  • The Landing day

Its a festivity which commemorated the arrival of humans to the Lewis Galaxy. The arrival of all Lewisian ancestors into the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster from the Milky Way Galaxy. It is traditional to eat meat and have a large dinner. The streets are also full of lights and presents are exchanged among relatives.

Fauna and Flora

A Teyak pack, hunting in the Oceans of Thetis

Alimoys on the Skies of Thetis

Most of the Fauna and Flora in the Planet is made of Oceanic creatures, since most of the Planet's ecosystem is aquatic. However some large fauna can be found deep into the Islands of Thetis, with some of them even being used for food and other uses.

Some of the Native Species include the Apex Predators known as Teyak and Pandrian, both very related. The Alimoy is a predator on the seas and skies of Thetis and Hurden is an Inland predator, that lives in the Largest Island-continent of the Planet.The Shilduin and the Kozarban are large herbivores, usually both a targeted prey of all this apex predators.

The Alimoy is a flying creature, similar to a Birds like animal, that hunts mostly at sea, but goes inland for reproduction and refuge. This creature preys mostly on Take Fishes, the most abundant sort of fishes in the oceans of Thetis.

The Teyak is the Symbol of House Hayalon and has since then, being imported to other terraformed planets of the Empire of Mankind.

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