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The Thicket Wing is a common species of Aves organisms native to many different regions across planet Haven, including temperate forests, plains, tundras, deserts and savannas. They resemble the Turdus migratorius family of bird that can be found on various other planets. Their names are derived from their choice in nesting grounds, usually creating small colonies of birds inside thick bushes, small tress, or brambles. Thicket Wing birds are a prey species and are often times an essential part of the respective ecosystem they are apart of, serving as an integral food source for numerous predator species. They are amongst some of the most populace species of bird across the entirety of planet Haven, with an estimated global population of around two billion individual birds.

Due to their commonality across Haven, they often times appear in many pieces of cultural art and iconography, as well as being used in everyday speech by many of the planet's sapient population. Along with their mainstream fame, the Thicket Wing birds often times labeled as a pest species as they have been known to decimate large crop yields by local farmers, allowing for the free hunting of Thicket Wing birds by private citizens world wide.


The Thicket Wing bird's baseline biology and physical appearance shares numerous similarities to the many other species of Turdidae bird found across the whole of Haven. They have a bipedal build and stand at a typical height of around three inches (7 centimeters). They have two front facing eyes, which are typically a bright yellow in color, and a small front facing beak, which the Thicket Wing bird uses to burrow within tree branches and extract prey, normally small insects and worms.