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The Third Relative's War is a conflict that was fought between the 46,980 CE and the 47,056 CE (26,814 ADL - 26,890 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar). It was the last of the Relative's Wars, that were fought inside the Empire of Mankind by the Two Branches of the Tarnos Dynasty.

It was the least bloody of all the Wars and the least destructive. Only few major battles took place. After the war, the vast majority of support in and out of the Empire decreased largely, and the claim of the Hannakon's branch seemed all but lost. This dispute was put to an end, by the marriage of the Emperor's Horis IX only child adnd daughter, Aranis, with the Hannakon's descendant, ending the possibility of future conflicts. Aranis did not rule as queen and nor did Hannakon, being the Crown given to their son, Erion VI Tarnos, grandson of Horis IX. However, minor branches of the Tarnos family remained in the Plutocracy until the Revolution and conversion of that nation into a Megacorporation.


This conflict came up when a new Empress was declared in the Empire. Hannakon saw an opportunity to seize control over the Empire once more. This time, support of the Plutocracy was complete, and gave him the resources he needed.

Still, the Plutocracy was not involved directly. Many clone slaves and mercenaries were used.

Most Noble families didn't want to get involved after the horrific results of those who had supported him, so the few lower members of the high families who saw an opportunity on him, didn't support him openly but in hiding.

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The War was fought mostly as a guerrilla war. Some of the main target were resources and terrorist attacks. At the same time, several planets were besieged. Planets such as Orbion, leading the military and manufacturing for the war on the outer colonies of the Lewis Galaxy was one of the besiege planets by Hannakon. After 20 years, the planet was taken by an assault, but not very much later, the Empress took it back. Hannakon managed to flee with a newly army built on the shipyards of Orbion, money and new mercenaries he could afford. This delayed the defeat for over ten years.

After Hannakon lost Orbion, he gather his forces to attack a new key world of the Empire: Remia. The main battle of the War and the decisive strike of the conflict was that of Remia. The Mass Defeat of the Hannakon forces meant that the war was already decided.

Rhea was one of the hardest defeats of Iranda, when one of the agricultural cargos that feed the core worlds was under attack. Although the rest of the Empire was able to provide food, no other could match Rhea. So by destructing the food supply of the planet, the war was weakening the enemies. The main objective was to bring starvation to the Empire, so it will surrender. This plan was unsuccessful, when the System was recaptured by the Empress. Rhea was not even occupied, but all cargos coming out of the planet were destroyed.

The last battle of the War was that of Trovis, who ended with a defeat of the Pretender. The Planet had been taken by Hannakon and was made the center of his activities. It was guarded for much of the War, but after the several defeats of Hannakon, he retreat to Trovis to prepare the counteroffensive. Iranda II's forces besiege Trovis and send troops to take the planet. This ended with victory and the execution of Hannakon. His heir was waiting save in the Plutocracy and his Grandson will be married to the Great-Grand-daughter of Iranda II Tarnos, although it would be their common issue who will reunited both branches.


The War ended with the defeat of the pretender and the victory of the Empress. By this time, all forces in the Empire, the Plutocracy and abroad considered Hannakon's cause completely destructed. Several generations a political marriage was arranged between both sides of the Tarnos Branches to finally end the claims that had brought three wars.