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The Thirteen Founding Worlds of the Akai Nebulae, make referrence to the founding worlds of the Intergalactic Federation, previously known as the Lewis Federation. The Worlds were settled by refugees from the War between the Empire of Mankind and the Union who fleed to the nearly discovered habitable worlds in the Akai Nebulae. This worlds, which include Mirdan and Nova, who were settled previously, became the core worlds of the Lewis Federation, the current Intergalactic Federation.

These Planets, unified to protect themselves from the actions of the nations they had run away from. They wanted a more democratic form of government than those of the Empire and the Union, and Democracy and equality became big principals on the Akai Nebulae.


Founded by expelled unionist

  • Nova: One of the oldest worlds in the Intergalactic Republic, it was an independent republic for several centuries before getting loaded by Imperial and Unionist refugees. They later integrated into the Lewis Federation. (The Oldest world)
  • Mirdan: One of the oldest worlds in the Intergalactic Republic, it was an independent republic loaded with imperial and unionist refugees in the same way as Nova. It was integrated into the Intergalactic Republic. (The Educational Center)

Founded by Refugees

  • Elysium: The most important and populated world, it became the capital of the Lewis Federation and later the Intergalactic Federation (The Capital).
  • Nexon: The wealthiest and most affluent, based on finance, insurance and technology (The Financial Center).
  • Thalassa: This world was settled mostly by Imperial colonists (The Medical and Service Center)
  • Aurora: The center of agricultural production. It was one of the first to be settled by refugees, unionist and imperials alike. (The Legislative Center)
  • Kronos: The center of the manufacturing and military in the Federation. (The Industrial and Military Core)
  • Tartessos: (The Research Center)
  • Anubis: With a considerable Unionist population. (The Media and Espionage Center)
  • Helios: (The Informatics and Mining Center)
  • Mukan: Holds one as well a important unionist population who came as refugees in the early days. (The Entertainment Center)
  • Ganesha: (The Agrarian Center)
  • Anza: One of the wildest central worlds. It has become a center of Biological and Pharmaceutial research. (The Biogenetics and Flora-Fauna Preservation Center)