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Thomsen's star is a yellow-white supergiant in the Florathel Galaxy. It was accidentally discovered in 2085, It is one of the brightest stars in the galaxy visually and has the ruins of an incomplete dyson sphere surrounding it. That dyson sphere provided energy for a large portion of the Union of Narenna, the nation in which it resides, until it was destroyed in the same battle that created the nearby Eye of Conscience. It was first colonized in 55486 CE. At the time it was actually a red supergiant, but now it has shrunk into a yellow-white supergiant. In the next few ten thousand years, it is expected to become an LBV, unless it is destroyed in a future battle between the Kormin Empire and the Union of Narenna.


Thomsen's star is a cepheid variable with a period of 49.82 days, ranging from:

Variable Statistics 

Spectral type: F0.8Ia - F3 Ia, average F1.9 Ia

Temperature: 7602 K - 7328 K, average of 7465 K

Luminosity - ~515000 SL to ~517500 SL, average of ~517000 SL

It is one of the brightest cepheid variables in the entire Florathel Galaxy.

Expeditions and dyson spheres

The first expeditions to this then-red supergiant were simple probes that were part of massive surveys (common at the time). A few standard years after the probes were launched, a small team of colonists decided to try and build a dyson sphere around the red supergiant. This took a few decades, and by the time the dyson sphere was finished, the builders had gained massive fame across the Florathel Galaxy for independently building a energy-harvesting structure around one of the most luminous red supergiants in the galaxy.

This expedition was before the ignition of the Forever War, and this war utterly destroyed the dyson swarm. The Republic of the Spider Nebula attempted to claim it, but was rebuffed by the Nicoll-Dyson beam surrounding Miraban. The ruins of the swarm make the area quite dangerous to anyone passing through, and a new swarm will not be constructed until the ruins are cleared away.

The Battle of Thomsen's Star

The battle began in an earlier part of the war, where battles weren't constantly exploding everywhere. Because of this, the detachment sent by the Republic of the Spider Nebula to claim the star for itself was easily noticed by Union scanners. Despite this, the size of the fleet meant that the battle raged for a full five days until the Nicoll-Dyson Beam around Miraban rebuffed the fleet.

The battle was relatively simple, and the Union won, but the great dyson swarm that produced much of the energy in this portion of the nation was destroyed. The ruins were scattered throughout the system, making it a hazard to spend any amount of time near the star. Because of this, the region fell into poverty and attempted to secede, requiring resources to be diverted from the front.

The Kormin Empire took advantage of this and managed to do an incursion almost to the borders of the Crown Cluster itself, territory which would only be regained for the Union quite recently. During the Kormin occupation, the residents of the conquered territory would be subjected to horrible conditions, and were often treated like animals and slaves. The only way the territory was regained for the Union was because a band of rebels throughout the conquered territory destroyed important supply depots for the Kormin Fleet, which made them unable to properly respond until it was too late.

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