"The LaC is dying. The writing's on the walls plain as day, everyone. The War might be starting to come to a close, but the world we and our children will inherit is going to be one full of mistrust and hatred. Once again, I urge those of you listening to donate and join our Initiative in leaving this war-torn region of space for a new home. One free of war and bloodshed. The Thulcandran Initiative will be here."

- Reginald Bard, Broadcast Date April 21, 20279.


The Thulcandran Evacuation was an outstretched event that occurred near the end of and even after the War of the Decamillennial Transition, which consisted of a large group of humans and many various non-human races evacuating in massive 'arks' constructed due to funds raised by the intergalactic political Thulcandran Initiative broadcast created by Reginald Bard.

In total, over ten billion evacuees, human and non-human. successfully evacuated the Local Group.


Near the end of the War of the Decamillennial Transition, many individuals within the Confederacy, specifically the UFSS, were dissatisfied and were growing tired of the ever-increasing wars that plagued the Local Group. Years before the end of the War, a group of people began a weekly broadcast known as the Thulcandran Initiative which quickly turned into a panel of sorts. The purpose of the broadcast was mostly for people to air their grievances about the war and the mistakes each participating nation had made. Most guests on the intergalactic broadcast were disgruntled former war vets, poor colonists and others.

This broadcast angered many government officials within the Lactean Confederacy and many were labeled as traitors and deserters. This caused the Thulcandran Initiative to go underground and broadcast on various intergalactic channels.

The broadcast became one of the most controversial throughout the local cluster, and the leader of the panel, one Reginald Bard, kept pushing for those who were tired of the politics to split and relocate to a galaxy far from the reaches of the local cluster. NGC 1262 was selected as the destination galaxy.

Finally by the year 20262, a petition was sent out for loyal listeners to help provide funding to the Initiative who would then utilize said funds to construct a massive intergalactic colony fleet that would head out of the local group altogether. Donations poured in and Reginald himself along with every member of the panel pooled their entire financial resources into the fleet fund. By 20389 they had reached and overshot their financial mark.

Construction on the fleet began in secret the following year, with everyone who helped crowd-source this endeavor guaranteed a spot on one of the ships if they so chose. A surprising 96% of those who contributed immediately signed up and soon there were more signing up than there was room for, so the Initiative installed the latest in suspended animation for the majority of the colonists so they would not run through their resources before reaching NGC 1262.

When the War ended, the Initiative began broadcasting on more public frequencies and as a result, donations began pouring in at an accelerated rate, funding more ships and adding more potential colonists to the evacuation.

Many of the more mainstream media at the time were extremely skeptical and some even mocked these potential colonists, even calling them out on abandoning the war torn galaxies instead of using their resources to help rebuild.. However, the Initiative was gaining more and more followers, mostly humans, but members of other races began constructing fleets of their own in order to join the ever growing fleet which was being assembled at the edge of civilized space beyond where the Hyperlanes had been constructed.

By 20396 the fleet had been completed. The fleet consisted of the latest technology from many different worlds and civilizations. For the next four years, millions of colonists began to arrive at the edge of civilized space and began interacting with their fellow colonists, forming a massive intership community. On December 31, 20399, a massive party of all ten billion colonists was planned across each of the ships, with the climax coming as a speech from an aging Reginald Bard, who was unable to place himself in suspended animation due to his age.

The next day, all the colonists placed themselves in suspended animation. Reginald Bard, near death, had his consciousness transferred into the central AI. He took control of the entire fleet and finally launched. During the journey, the AI, who just called himself Bard, maintained the colony vessels, making necessary repairs and occasionally waking certain colonists to make repairs he was unable to. Finally, on April 21, 30608, the entire fleet arrived on the edge of NGC 1262.

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