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The Tilkan is an apex predator from the Planet Kalmar, and is considered to be an elegant feline like creature. They are consider to be beautiful, deadly and dangerous, of a free independent nature. It dwelt mostly in forested and high mountanous areas of its native planet, and is a silent hunter. Humans usually avoid them as they can be a potential deadly threat.

They are usually lonely creatures, that hunt in the dark, mostly at Dawn or Twilight. They have been exported to several other worlds. The Tilkan is also the Emblem of House Zykov.


The Tilkan are usually very territorial predators. A male's territory can hold up to several thousand kms of land, in which several females have their territories. A male's territory can acomodate up to 7 female territories at once. When the females are fertile they deliver hormones into the air and the Male follows the track to impregnate her.

Once the female is pregnant, she stays alone and cares for the Issue alone as well. They have as much as 4 puppies but usually no more than 2 get to adulthood. The normal issue among females is between 1 and 2.