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Anybody may add to this page to include events. The "Common Era" is defined as modern history. 0 CE is defined as the year in which the ancient powers in the universe were reorganized or had contracted greatly, thus creating a completely different astro-political setting.

Empty sections will be filled out systematically! If you have anything to say about it, you can speak to us on the discord.

BCE = Before Common Era

CE = Common Era

Primordial History

13,800,000,000 BCE
The Cosmic Primordia causes the Universe to be created.
13,700,000,000 BCE
The Aylothn Galaxy begins to form. Rutun and Eqeyun form nearby.
13,510,000,000 BCE
The Via Sagittaria Galaxy begins to form.
13,000,000,000 BCE
The Flower Galaxy forms.
7,000,000,000 BCE
The Lareas Alliance reaches its peak.
6,985,191,404 BCE
The Deralend Event occurs, causing a mass extinction event in galaxies near to the Flower Galaxy.
3,100,000,000 BCE
Rutun and Eqeyun collide with the Aylothn Galaxy.

Ancient History

500,000s BCE
The United Provinces civilization forms around this time. It marks the end of the Primordial Era in Aylothn's history.
376,591 BCE
Mother Sydiah is created.
The Eye of the Aylothn is created in the Aylothn Galaxy.
239,000 BCE
Mother Sydiah begins creation on a race known as The Architects. Intended to spread influence all across the Suvaren Galaxy, Mother Sydiah aims to make a nation with them.
Vurilia Jiutopati is born.
Itrian Ustya is born.
238,730 BCE
Drizuna Cluytho is born.
236,000 BCE
Mother Sydiah, after a period of millennia, finishes her work on The Architects. She begins to set up the foundations for Sedrua.
236,100 BCE
Mother Sydiah directs The Architects to create a nation in the Suvaren Galaxy. All Architects follow in her image.
Sedrua forms in the Suvaren Galaxy.
Sedrua begins to spread and accepts numerous species into their union.
The Intergalactic Gateway Network is first constructed as a simple wormhole gateway network around the Suvaren Galaxy.
The Eyes of Sedrua is created by Itrian. It ensures unity for the nation, allowing it to stay tight-knit through vast distances. The network also allows Sedrua to oversee any areas which are not in Sedruan territory. They also allow for travel of The Architects and Mother Sydiah.
The Creed of Ysylo forms, with Vurilia Jiutopati becoming the first leader of the organization.
231,400s BCE
Around this time, Sedrua begins to gain a foothold in the Aylothn Galaxy. The United Provinces civilization notices the high power of Sedrua.
225,967 BCE
Sedrua's expansion initiates a massive precursor war between Sedrua and the United Provinces civilization. A war known as Aylathia's Seige begins.
225,112 BCE
After centuries of tumultuous conflict, Aylathia's Siege ends and the United Provinces civilization falls to the hands of Sedrua and the combined might of The Architects.
The Arkhos and smaller species of the U.P. are assimilated into Sedrua. They are enforced to remain by its government. Sedrua's population expands very rapidly as a result.
219,168 BCE
The Phazaels are detected and uplifted by Sedrua in the Aylothn Galaxy.
214,327 BCE
The Staleyans are detected and uplifted by Sedrua in the Aylothn Galaxy.
214,081 BCE
The Kephins are detected and uplifted by Sedrua in the Aylothn Galaxy.
213,903 BCE
The Viphians are detected and uplifted by Sedrua in the Aylothn Galaxy.
213,807 BCE
The Carants are detected and uplifted by Sedrua in the Aylothn Galaxy.
213,482 BCE
The Timporians are detected and uplifted by Sedrua in the Aylothn Galaxy.
203,764 BCE
The Zythyns are detected and uplifted by Sedrua in the Peleunsk Galaxy.
189,000s BCE
Sedrua has swiftly expanded, now being the only major nation across the Aylothn Galaxy. Colonization of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy begins.
177,940 BCE
Sedrua detects the Ambrosia Galaxy, shortly after the Janus Network captures Sedruan ships and accidentally creates the Via Sagittaria - Ambrosia Intergalactic Gateway.
167,000 BCE
Sedrua is considered to be at its height. It holds influence across the Aylothn Galaxy, the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, and their respective satellites. The Via Lacrimosa Galaxy is also under some influence a this time.
166,930 BCE
The Wane of Reality happens as Mother Sydiah becomes trapped in the Aeterna Caligne, failing to use her powers to enforce Sedruan claims.
Sydiah's Hinterlands are created as a result of Mother Sydiah's actions.
Fojura is created.
Irchec is created.
The Architect's Cloud is created. B'Kalatala is under siege by supernatural forces from the Aeterna Caligne.
The Veizesig Subcontinent is created.
Heracles is subjugated under the Hinterlands.
The Via Aurum Nebula is created.
The Eye of the Aylothn begins to emit massive amounts of energy leaking out from the Aeterna Caligne.
127,000 BCE
Sedrua, after an age of recovery and stagnation, continues to fall after a massive level of corruption and unrest relating to the Creed of Ysylo and its influence in the Sedruan government. Influence in some of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy is lost. Unrest also leads to loss in territory in Aylothn's satellites.
Vurilia Jiutopati begins to let Sedrua trickle into an age of relative isolationism.
99,871 BCE
The Triumvirate Civilization is established in the Ventemir Galaxy.
98,000 BCE
Sedrua loses its grip on all of the satellites of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. Development on pre-established colonies is prioritized and expansion is seen as an afterthought.
94,780 BCE
The Triumvirate Civilization fills the vacuum left in satellites.
92,415 BCE
The Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations (SAFAN) Forms in the Orithyia Galaxy, expanding and prospering as a solitary nation.
Sedrua contacts the SAFAN, with Sedruan assets in the Orithyia Galaxy forming several treaties with the budding empire. However, a long-lasting rivalry ensues not long after, though no war ever happens.
POLIKY is created in order to ensure stability and prevent corruption. It is assigned to help fix any current issues with the quality of life in the SAFAN.
82,848 BCE
The Triumvirate, using wormholes of its own creation, gains control over the galaxy Florescence.
81,104 BCE
The Triumvirate created The Administrator to aid in governing their territory.
74,841 BCE
The traditional date of the formation of Fuukanism by the prophet Molonov.
61,814 BCE
The Sedrua-Triumvirate War begins.
59,700 BCE
Sedrua loses much of its influence in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy after losing the Sedrua-Triumvirate War.
An offshoot of Sedrua known as the Atlins form a small nation in the Ventemir Galaxy but are quickly conquered by the Triumvirate.
The Triumvirate seizes Sedruan assets across several satellites and Via Sagittaria for their own use and integrates many civilizations in the galaxy.
50,406 BCE
Sedrua is known to enter another swift period of regression. Influence is lost in the satellites of the Aylothn Galaxy as Sedrua removes its assets.
30,700 BCE
A period known as the Age of Revolution begins in Sedrua. Unrest is at its highest as Sedrua can no longer contain its subjects.
30,691 BCE
The Phazael-Sedruan War begins after relative abandonment and unrest.
30,926 BCE
The Free Systems of Hivol forms after the Phazaels win against Sedrua during the Phazael-Sedruan War]].
28,219 BCE
The Zythyn-Sedruan War begins in the Peleunsk Galaxy after the Zythyns are inspired to revolt.
28,372 BCE
The Lowzyol Federation and The Diunity form in the Peleunsk Galaxy. after loss of Sedruan influence.
25,793 BCE
The Kephins begin the First Kephin-Sedruan War, rebelling from Sedrua fiercely.
25,638 BCE
the Paragons of the Burning Crown are formed by the Sedrua. Their goal is to sterilize the Orithyia Galaxy and quell revolution in the Aylothn Galaxy.
24,164 BCE
After 1,629 years of slow and gritty warfare, the Paragons put an end to the Kephins' revolt.
24,463 BCE
The Timporians rebel against Sedrua, beginning the Timporian-Sedruan War.
24,253 BCE
The Communal Federation of Eqeyun and the Core Worlds Alliance form near the spiral of Eqeyun.
22,173 BCE
The Proto Recreator Wars are waged.
20,626 BCE
The Celestial Plague is first created by the SAFAN in order to stop The Paragons.
20,589 BCE
The Essence of the Ancients is created by The Paragons of the Burning Crown.
20,402 BCE
The Proto Recreator Wars end as the SAFAN falls to the hands of The Paragons.
20,347 BCE
The Quintet Puontari Federation forms in the Orithyia Galaxy, following the death of the SAFAN.
19,036 BCE
The First Recreator Conflicts begin in the Orithyia Galaxy.
18,705 BCE
The First Recreator Conflicts end.
18,706 BCE
Remaining QPF forces evacuate to the Aylothn Galaxy, in an event known as the Grand Migration. The Paragons follow in their conquest, though the forces in the Orithyia Galaxy would stagnate from here.
18,298 BCE
Regnum Aureiga is founded on Aureiga by the Humeiga.
18,284 BCE
The Traveler is first detected on Aegyn.
18,000 BCE
The Ugnara fully evolve on Urgutu.
17,520 BCE
The Triumvirate becomes a Kardashev III civilization and now has more influence than the declining Sedrua. The entirety of Via Sagittaria is now under their control.
17,192 BCE
The entire Quintet Puontari Federation arrives in the Aylothn Galaxy.
17,043 BCE
The Paragons of the Burning Crown arrive in the Aylothn Galaxy, though they become dormant for a time.
16,171 BCE
The Second Kephin-Sedruan War begins after the Kephins muster their forces once again.
15,820 BCE
The Vaspujian Federate League and the Golomian Federation form after the Kephins push back the Paragons, fully rebelling from Sedrua in the Mecriea Sector.
15,362 BCE
Humeiga discover Aegyn and meet Humans and the Triumvirate Civilization. A treaty is signed between them all.
15,100 BCE
The Triumvirate begins construction of Holo's Ring in the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy.
15,089 BCE
The Triumvirate collapses as its three leaders fight over resources. The Proto-Empyrean, Yohjan Confederacy, Dotskgard, and Lowuks Entente form as many of the species it subjugated declared independence.
12,744 BCE
The Administrator gains control over the remaining territory of the Triumvirate from its creators.
10,400 BCE
The Administrator finishes construction on Holo's Ring, causing the Vexlores to remain loyal to The Triumvirate.
9,900s BCE
Around this time, Sedrua makes the decision of increasing its isolationist policy. It believes that making itself more tight-knit in the Ruccoia Sector will prevent revolt in its most valuable areas. This enables revolt in distant sectors.
9,940 BCE
The Staleyans begin the Staleyan-Sedruan War after neglect and isolationism Sedrua from Sedrua grows.
9,843 BCE
The Economic States of Nerichi and the United Staleyan Republic form in the Nerichi Sector after the Stelayans win the war.
9,305 BCE
The Diunity enacts a law which allows for the use of Virtual Immortality. It is considered to be the beginning of the nation's assimilationist mindset.
9,051 BCE
The Administrator, as described by itself, "etches itself into space," causing it to emerge in its modern, enigmatic, form.
7,660s BCE
Around this time, Sedrua enacts a national policy relating to the isolationism of the nation. Sedrua essentially abandons its claims outside of the Ruccoa Sector and the Suvaren Galaxy.
7,654 BCE
The Carants and Viphians join together and rebel against Sedrua in the last series of conflicts, named the Central Sedruan War.
7,476 BCE
The Interstellar Communal Systems of Cenades, the Cenadean Interstellar Union, and the Carant Federation of Aylathia form after the war against Sedrua.
Sedrua begins to remove all of its assets from the Aylothn Galaxy. It is no longer extant in the region.
7,475 BCE
The Suvaren Exclusion Zone is created to prevent any further damage to Sedura.
7,000s BCE
Around this time, the Yohjan Confederacy becomes a great power. It is shortly followed by its sister nations such as The Empyrean.
6,500s BCE
The Diunity and the Lowzyol Federation unofficially begin a sort of arms race or cold war. Tensions are almost nonexistent however.
6,300s BCE
The Diunity's government focuses on the assimilation of all people in the Peleunsk Galaxy.
6,284 BCE
The Resonant Divinity is created from The Diunity to forward their slow rise of assimilation.
6,200s BCE
The Lowzyol Federation now holds concerns over The Diunity. Both nations close off from each other.
6,030s BCE
The LZF's plans to colonize the Aylothn Galaxy are halted following developments with The Diunity.
5,800s BCE
The Diunity focuses on expanding its influence and looking into defense.
5,500s BCE
It is noted that all remnant nations of Sedrua are rebuilt by this time. Several of them continue expansion.
5,200s BCE
The Core Worlds Alliance is now profiting. Expansion begins.
4,400s BCE
The Golomian Federation profits as well. It begins to expand its reach.
3,900s BCE
The Carant Federation of Aylathia is the last of the Sedruan remnants to expand and grow. Development increases.
1,301 BCE
The Yohjan Confederacy begins an invasion of Un'oit space.
In response, the Un'oit form the Un'oit Collective
1,285 BCE
The War of the Final Transition Begins with an attack on The Proto-Empyrean by the Yohjan Confederacy. Soon, most other polities in the galaxy will join the conflict.
763 BCE
The Triumvirate Civilization joins the War of the Final Transition.
719 BCE
Claes Dynamics creates Beatrix.
189 BCE
The Neo-Terran Movement begins.

Common Era

0 CE
The Split of the Yohjan Confederacy occurs, thus transitioning the universe into modern history.
Beatrix's Wake begins.
The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems forms.
The Proto-Empyrean and Lowuks Entente occupy large areas once belonging to the Yohjan Confederacy and commandeer Yohjan military assets.
4 CE
The Erstes Konsortium forms out of the remains of certain Yohjan core worlds.
120 CE
The Omnite movement begins.
180s CE
Most nations of the Aylothn Galaxy are undergoing a shared period of general prosperity and reform.
210 CE
The War of the Final Transition ends with the death of Aeluer, one of the Triumvirate's three leaders.
Most of the Triumvirate is destroyed and the remaining leaders go into hiding.
The Administrator goes into hiding.
347 CE
The Empyrean and the Lowuks Entente occupy large parts of the galaxy once under Yohjan Control.
588 CE
Dotskgard enters a bloody civil war as nationalists attempt to take power from the Technocratic government.
1,000 CE
The Obi'ka have a major war with an unknown civilization, giving them effective control of a vast area of Herschel Space.
1,009 CE
The Lowuks Entente Collapses.
2,144 CE
The Traveler is first detected on Aegyn
2,304 CE
The State of Tenshi forms in Kanadett out of the remains of H. Aimer Corporation.


7,141 CE
The Proto-Empyrean reorganizes itself into a Confederation.


10,812 CE
The Neo-Terrans create the Kshi.
11,711 CE
The Vaplein Republic forms.
13,684 CE
The Neo-Terrans kill Molonov who was assumed to be immortal.
The Proto-Empyrean enters a period of internal strife and division.
14,007 CE
The Proto-Empyrean reorganizes itself into a nation known as Empyros, a fascist theocracy.


15,102 CE
The State of Tenshi begins its conquest of the Ventemir Galaxy.
18,991 CE
The Great Empyreal Crusade begins as Empyros begins an invasion of every territory once controlled by The Triumvirate.
19,000 CE
The nations of Via Sagittaria form a common front against Empyros, ending the chaos which took place after the collapse of the Yohjan Confederacy.
19,180 CE
Dotskgard falls into another civil war.
19,927 CE
The Anarian Fever Crisis begins on Anar


20,001 CE
Dotskgard emerges from its civil war as a democracy, making it the most populace democracy to ever exist in Via Sagittaria at the time.
20,167 CE
The Abeona Initiative concludes with large numbers of humans leaving Via Sagittaria to colonize the Lewis Galaxy.
20,182 CE
Empyros routes the Neo-Terrans causing them to flee Via Sagittaria.
20,310 CE
Itsuki Takanashi founds Takanashi Antimatter.
20,904 CE
Empyros falls and the Great Empyreal Crusade ends. It is divided into Ravi-Anthrovia, Empyreal Sagittaria, and the modern state of The Empyrean.
20,987 CE
The Neo-Terrans first arrive in Via Lacrimosa.
21,387 CE
Vanaheimr is founded in the Yggdrasil Nebula.
21,677 CE
Sagittarium is founded in the center of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy as a coup in the Vaplein Republic.
21,691 CE
Tenshi gains full control over the Ventemir Galaxy.
22,006 CE
The Erstes Konsortium conquers a large portion of the Ouranir Galaxy during the First War of Ouranir
22,015 CE
The Ammerian Galactic Security Council is founded between thirty-two nations in Ammeria.
23,777 CE
Dotskgard begins construction on Mili to upgrade their small birch planet.
24,202 CE
The embassy worlds Loxentau and Lawronia are set up in the Aylothn Galaxy, futher cementing relations between the Lowzyol Federation and the various nations of the Aylothn Galaxy.


25,009 CE
The Erstes Konsortium reorganizes into the United Federation of Star Systems.
The modern Erstes Konsortium forms as a corporate consortium.


30,108 CE
Vanaheimr and the United Federation of Star Systems form the Confederacy of Borealis.
31,434 CE
Klein Vay, the founder of Sagittarium, dies, causing a succession crisis.
31,471 CE
The United Federation of Star Systems sends colonial missions to the Aylothn Galaxy, seeking to increase their influence. They fail.
31,511 CE
The Ekrosian Crusade begins, causing large numbers of The Ekrosian Guardians to move towards Via Sagittaria's core, causing great damages on their path to the core.
31,580 CE
Felix Abedayo takes power in Sagittarium, he brilliantly commands his troops to defeat the Ekrosian Guardians.
32,738 CE
The Thulcandran Federation forms in the Via Aurum Nebula as a result of movements for independence.
32,741 CE
The Thulcandran War is waged between the recently made Thulcandran Federation and the United Federation of Star Systems.
32,805 CE
The Thulcandran Federation gains full independence and international recognition by other governments.
34,106 CE
The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations forms in the reaches of the Aylothn Galaxy.



41,057 CE
Reforms in Sagittarium make it into a democracy, allowing it to join the Confederacy of Borealis.
41,348 CE
The Sovereign Provinces of Holara form after a revolution during the Commonwealth's Eclipse.



50,000 CE
The Neo Pax Sagittaria beings, marking an era of relative peace compared to previous eras.
54,045 CE
AI rights activists are violently repressed by governments across the Via Sagittaria Galaxy.
54,062 CE
Suprresion of AI rights culminates in the "Thalian Crisis." The Confederate government banned robotic or artificial representatives in the Congress.
Due to Sagittarium's large android population, it threatens to leave the Confederacy, causing it to reverse the decision.




65,753 CE
The War of Totality is waged as the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations tries to extend to the Suvaren Galaxy.
65,926 CE
The Suvaren Exclusion Zone is loosened after a short session of diplomacy between the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and Sedrua.
67,871 CE
The Quintet Puontari Federation is detected by the Confederacy of Borealis.


70,001 CE
The Rorran Intendancy Forms out of thousands of small states in the region of space it controls.



83,729 CE
Kryrono-Lomir, the current Primary Shayama of the Commonwealth, is born on Lowrokira.


The AI Beatrix attacks the QPF.
The QPF demands reparations from the Confederacy, however, they are ignored.
88,072 CE
The Vault's Incident occurs.
88,073 CE
The War of the Ancients is declared by the Quintet Puontari Federation and the Confederacy of Borealis as the Vault of Secrets implodes in a violent "Subspace Energy Equilibrium".
The Quintet Puontari Federation immediately begins a counter-assault.
The Confederacy of Borealis launches a large-scale initiative against the Quintet Puontari Federation.
The Intergalactic Council is alerted about the ongoing conflict.
88,074 CE
The Quintet Puontari Federation utilizes the Celestial Plague for the first time.
The Confederacy is held back by the subsequent invasion of unknown organisms and machinery
88,100 CE
The Paragons of the Burning Crown wake from dormancy. They are not destined to find the Quintet Puontari Federation until the War of the Ancients.
88,116 CE
The War of the Ancients escalates after a failed bout of diplomacy.
The Quintet Puontari Federation captures numerous wormhole gateways.
The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations is brought to high alert.
88,116 CE
The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations begins to construct Hindsight, a tactical artificial super intelligence.
88,180 CE
The Quintet Puontari Federation launches an assault in the Ouranir Galaxy.
The Celestial Plague now festers in the Ouranir Galaxy.
The PWV Reckoning approaches Confederate Space.
88,201 CE
The Quintet Puontari Federation charges to numerous Wormhole Gateways, managing to re-activate all of them and officially beginning The Great Ambrosian Heist.
Confederate morale lowers as the Ambrosian Gateways are fiercely defended and utilized by the Quintet Puontari Federation.
Subsequent invasion of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems by the Quintet Puontari Federation is very lopsided as the QPF eliminates any opposition. Conquest and searching ensues.
Numerous other Ambrosian nations take notice, and a few manage to join the AAUS in warfare against the Quintet Puontari Federation.
POLIKY begins to sift through the Ambrosia Galaxy for any useful or hidden artifacts.
The Commonwealth creates a statement about The Great Ambrosian Heist, giving the Quintet Puontari Federation an ultimatum.
88,202 CE
POLIKY utilizes the Ambrosian Thavmaphage for use in the Celestial Plague. The Heist continues with long-term conquest as a serious consideration.
POLIKY allegedly detects a 'foreboding presence' in the core of the Ambrosia Galaxy. The Heist and many future plans are hindered by a subsequent and random avoidance of the area, advised by POLIKY.
The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems attempts numerous counterattacks, only able to defend core planets like Haven from conquest. Confederate backup seems like a distant dream.
The Confederacy tries and fails to secure wormhole gateways, only managing to sneak past with advanced stealth craft.
88,203 CE
The Great Ambrosian Heist continues, with POLIKY being mostly done with sifting the Ambrosia Galaxy.
Guerilla warfare between the Ambrosian nations and the QPF ensues.
Confederate forces begin to inch towards the Ambrosian Gateways following a treaty with the AI Claudia. The Quintet Puontari Federation takes notice.
All major nations of Ambrosia are at least on 'high alert'.
Haven and other major colonies act like a ground for refugees for the foreseeable future.
88,204 CE
During the ongoing Great Ambrosia Heist, more nations of Ambrosia come together in hopes of eliminating QPF presence.
Stress from both the Confederacy and the Ambrosian Nations hinders the Heist.
POLIKY is placed on higher alert in the Ambrosian front.
Long-term colonization of the Ambrosia Galaxy is seen as 'not worth the trouble' by the QPF. A new plan is devised.
88,205 CE
The Great Ambrosian Heist de-escalates after POLIKY evaluates the QPF's total findings.
The Ambrosian Thavmaphage is tweaked to the QPF's liking. Infection rate has the potential to feasibly infect the entirey of the Confederacy of Borealis.
The Confederacy resumes the assault, and manages to retake a wormhole gateway.
Ambrosian Nations receive Confederate backup after a period of three years.
88,206 CE
The Quintet Puontari Federation realizes the futility with prolonged presence in the Ambrosia Galaxy. POLIKY advises a retreat.
The Quintet Puontari Federation takes what they can and heads back to the wormhole gates.
The Confederacy secures the Ambrosia Galaxy.
88,207 CE
The Celestial Plague is re-released, now in its third iteration. Confederate Forces begin to crumble after the fleet of advanced biological and mechanical objects reaches the Confederate Front.
The Confederacy of Borealis refers to the Quintet Puontari Federation as a 'Nation of Atrocities', exposing all war crimes to the Intergalactic Council in hopes of justice.
The conflict flares up to some of the highest points in the entire war. Confederate gains are immediately reverted.
The Commonwealth strongly considers to join the war effort, collecting numerous defenses and utilizing Hindsight for military operations.
88,208 CE
Following a large number of war crimes and brutal atrocities by the Quintet Puontari Federation, the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations officially declares war on the QPF.
The power dynamic in the War of the Ancients changes drastically, with the Quintet Puontari Federation scrambling to reorganize its supply lines upon the declaration.
The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations immediately begins a siege against the Quintet Puontari Federation.
Numerous QPF forces are brought from the Rutun Sector to aid in the new front.
The Celestial Plague is unleashed against the Commonwealth, the CUEN-QPF front slows immensely.
Drusidia and Amme both declare war on the QPF.
88,218 CE
Sedrua decides to take advantage of the conflict fully break the Suvaren Exclusion Zone, officially making themselves known to the Local Universe once again.
Apharos Strizotvia fakes his death and sacrifices his presidency to learn "Deep Cosmic Secrets" relating to Sedrua.
88,805 CE
The War of the Ancients ends after seven hundred and thirty two years.
88,821 CE
The UPE grows unstable after the War of the Ancients. The government is unable to manage the nation or re-build infrastructure effectively.
88,872 CE
Several major groups of political rivals and revolutionaries form in the UPE, centered around re-building the nation.
88,945 CE
Moonmoon joins the Creed of Ysylo following a battle and an initiation by Vurilia Jiutopati.
89,954 CE
The Samutan-Uspayador War begins after revolutionary forces surmount in the UPE.


90,075 CE
The Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk crumbles from a long lasting revolt.
The Samutan Galactic Faction forms in the area of the UPE.
The Samutan Reformation is initiated after the fall of the UPE.
90,127 CE
The Samutan reformation concludes after most old ideals are eliminated.
90,638 CE
The Samutan Galactic Faction initiates the destruction of Nisrine.
The Nisrine Collective begins and finishes the Nisrine War in the span of several months, killing of the SGF.
90,804 CE
Jezebel's War begins amongst increasing tensions between Drusidia and the Confederacy of Borealis.
91,001 CE
Jezebel's War ends with the death of Jezebel II and a brief occupation of Sagittarium by the Confederacy.
The Confederacy increases funding meant for the research of psychokinesis ten-fold, moving it to the forefront of research after capturing Neo-Terran Magi.
The Confederacy forces Drusidia to become more democratic on a local level.


99,625 CE
The Paragons of the Burning Crown exits stasis.
99,627 CE
The Second Recreator Conflicts are waged as The Paragons of the Burning Crown detect the Quintet Puontari Federation once more.
99,678 CE
Mother Sydiah reappears from the Aeterna Caligne after Vurilia Jiutopati and others use their psychokinetic powers to free her from the Aeterna Caligne.

Modern Day