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Anybody may add to this page to include events. The "Common Era" is defined as modern history. 0 CE is defined as the year in which the ancient powers in the universe were reorganized or had contracted greatly, thus creating a completely different astro-political setting.

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BCE = Before Common Era

CE = Common Era

Primordial History

~6.5 Billion BCE
The Cosmic Primordia causes the origin of Cosmoria.

~6.4 Billion BCE

Eyerin forms, in a distant part of the very young universe.

~6.3 Billion BCE
The first stars in the universe's history begin to form, and the universal dark ages come to an end. These are all incredibly massive, dying in violent explosions within 100,000 years and creating the first large black holes. Nearly a billion years would pass before their descendants began to group into galaxies.
The Nyrin Galaxy forms.

~6.2 Billion BCE

- Eyerin becomes an AGN and quasar, stifling star formation in the Nyrin Galaxy.

~5.8 Billion BCE
Via Aylathiya forms.
Orithyia, Peleunsk, and Eqeyun form nearby.
~5.5 Billion BCE
Florathel begins to form
~5.3 Billion BCE
Most galaxies have formed by this time, and the universe has finally calmed down enough for the first life to form.
~4.8 - 4.2 Billion BCE
The Vivikaeous Eon occurs. In this period, life on most major planets in the universe comes into being.
~4 Billion BCE
Nearly as soon as it is able, life springs up in Via Aylathiya. Stars capable of supporting complex life at this point are rare.
~3.8 Billion BCE
Azurullya forms.
2.4 Billion BCE
Eqeyun collides with Via Aylathiya.
1.7 Billion BCE
Peleunsk collides with Via Aylathiya.
1.2 Billion BCE
Orithiya collides with Via Aylathiya.

Ancient History

~10 Million BCE
The Verelas Civilization is founded from Verelas in Avana, becoming by far the first civilization in the universe and signaling the start of the Elder Days, a time period containing the oldest civilizations. It is unclear how this occurred or how life on Verelas evolved so rapidly.
The Verelas Civilization fragments before it reaches Kardashev 3, entering a dark age. Eventually, all the fragmented civilizations die out, returning the universe to a lifeless state.
~9.81 Million BCE
The Moridian High Command is formed from various nations on the nascent ecumenopolis of Dalkor.
The MHC falls as the Morid Galaxy grazes the border of Amoeni Space.
~9.55 Million BCE
The Providence Union rises from the deep core of Florathel and begins conquering, becoming among the largest nations in history.
~9.5 Million BCE
The Providence Union is destroyed by a hail of black hole bombs triggered by various rebels, sounding the end of the Elder Days.
~5 Million BCE
Azurade increases activity in the Lux Aeterna, sculpting the realm into its modern form.
~4.5 Million BCE
The Telusian Civilization conquers Florathel and most of its satellites, destroying the second generation of civilizations there.
~3.5 Million BCE
The First Angel Father Zaphenim rises from the Lux Aeterna.
The First Aeterna Society forms in the center of Via Aylathiya. This is the first civilization within Via Aylathiya and the sole civilization of the galaxy.
~3.492 Million BCE
Father Zaphenim creates the Aeterna Crystals.
~3 Million BCE
Father Zaphenim retreats to the Lux Aeterna after his purpose is fulfilled.
The First Aeterna Society collapses around this time.
Around this time, it is thought that the Axon Civilization formed.
The Telusian Civilization slowly falls.
~2.65 Million BCE
The Golden Axon Age begins in the Axon Civilization.
~2.473 Million BCE
The Second Angel Mother Sachitel emerges from the Lux Aeterna.
~2.450 Million BCE
Mother Sachitel creates the Hedonist Worlds.

~2.410 Million BCE

Sumayra is founded by Sachitel.
~2.308 Million BCE
Zushilo is founded as Sachitel's final Hedonist World.
Mother Sachitel establishes the Cherubic Sentry to protect the Hedonist Worlds.
~2.3 Million BCE
Mother Sachitel is thought to return to the Lux Aeterna around this time.
~2.1 Million BCE
The Axon Civilization begins a long, strenuous fall from power.
~2 Million BCE
Around this time, the Axon Civilization dissapears.
The Un'oit evolve, likely on Torlak.
~1.1 Million BCE
Mahou first emerges, it quickly takes over its home planet of Callithyia. It is the oldest still-living being in the galaxy.
970,120 BCE
Mahou begins expanding outside of its home system, becoming the first cyberocratic state in the galaxy.
Modern Farlas are first created by Mahou.
968,793 BCE
The Third Angel Father Rinayo emerges from the Lux Aeterna.
968,782 BCE
The Fourth Angel Father Isayo emerges from the Lux Aeterna.
964,700s BCE
Both Father Rinayo and Isayo influence Mahou, causing its creations to war against each other, causing it to crumble in on itself.
Mahou collapses into civil war as it splits into different consciousnesses. It loses much of its territorial gains.
~964,000 BCE
Father Rinayo and Father Isayo move on to other civilizations to interfere with, likely involving the Un'oit in their pursuits.
~891,500 BCE
Father Rinayo and Father Isayo create thousands of children to watch the cosmos in their absence.
891,000 BCE
Father Rinayo and Father Isayo retreat to the Lux Aeterna.
~875,000s BCE
Rinayo and Isayo's children merge to become the Resonant Divinity.
~562,000 BCE
The Fifth Angel Mother Ohko emerges from the Lux Aeterna.
~540,000 BCE
Mother Ohko influences the government of the Svartálfar, becoming its leader.
The Svartálfar colonize much of Via Aylathiya.
~500,000 BCE
The Administrator comes into existence around this time.
~450,000 BCE
The Dotsk evolve on Eithlinn.
~325,000s BCE
Remnants of the First Aeterna Society create Zatherim, a nation modeled off ancient Angelic ideologies.
~311,000 BCE
An ethnic minority of the Svartálfar, called "The Myrkálfar," split off from the nation.
309,937 BCE
The Svartálfar are mostly destroyed by the Administrator following their loss in the Ohko-Administrator War.
Mother Ohko is sent to the Lux Aeterna after The Administrator appears to wipe her from existence.
303,909 BCE
Eve, a Svartálfan disciple of Ohko, creates the Ekrosian Guardians, an anomalous military force that prevents the Administrator from entering Via Aylathiya.
She and her surviving Svartálfar compatriots colonize the planet Ekros to rebuild.
~300,000 BCE
Humans evolve on Aegyn.
230,047 BCE
The Akradax Collective is founded.
~230,000 BCE
The Vexlores evolve on Err.
212,748 BCE
The Arkhosians become a space-faring civilization.
The United Provinces civilizations forms.
~210,000 BCE
A subset of the Myrkálfar evolve into the modern day Vlanoan species.
189,237 BCE
Sakijast is constructed as a monument to Arkho prowess. It becomes the U.P's capital.
174,888 BCE
Mahou's civil war finally ends as the remains of the last pieces of its mind are absorbed.
162,037 BCE
The United Provinces vassalizes Zatherim.
148,033 BCE

The Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi is founded.

139,300s BCE
Groups of Arkho extremists band together and declare themselves as the Order of the Arkhosians.
139,278 BCE
The Arkho Civil War occurs after the U.P. government attempts to eliminate the emergent opposition.
138,903 BCE
The Arkho Civil War is put to an end as the U.P. is extremely exhausted. A treaty is signed which gives the rebels their own nation.
The Order of the Arkhosians forms beside the U.P.
129,591 BCE
The Sixth Angel Mother Sydiah emerges from the Lux Aeterna.
129,437 BCE
Mother Sydiah founds Aeternalism, becoming its first devout believer.
129,434 BCE
Mother Sydiah begins creation on her Architects. Sydiah plans to use them in order to spread her faith and ideals.
Vurilia Jutopati is born.
Itrian Yutira is born.
Construction of Bakeyatalla begins.
128,730 BCE
Drizuna Jutopati is born.
128,703 BCE
The Chosen of Sydiah forms, with Mother Sydiah becoming the first leader of the organization.
127,923 BCE
Thonde Yutira is born.
127,472 BCE
Architects are ordered to terraform worlds and create habitation for future citizens.
127,145 BCE
Sydiah allows Vurilia and Drizuna to create the Bahattes, a species of genetically modified species who served as Sedrua's common people.
126,428 BCE
Mother Sydiah finishes her work on The Architects.
Sedrua forms in the Suvaren Field.
The Sacred Sedruan Gates are constructed as a wormhole gateway network around the Suvaren Field.
The Eyes of Sedrua are created by Itrian Yutira. It ensures unity for the nation, allowing it to stay tight-knit through vast distances. The network also allows Sedrua to oversee any areas which are not in Sedruan territory.
The Oculus of Truth is created by Sydiah, as it oversees the Eyes of Sedrua and acts as a central A.I.
126,394 BCE
Bahattes are granted technological agency and gain the ability to colonize other worlds without much supervision. Sedrua greatly expands as a result.
126,174 BCE
Sedrua encounters the United Provinces and the Order of the Arkhosians. Tense relations ensue as the Order and the U.P. show hatred for Sedrua.
126,200s BCE
Sedrua establishes semi-autonomous sectors to keep cohesion in its territory.
Sydiah slowly re-organizes the line of leadership in Sedrua to accommodate representatives.
126,174 BCE
Sedrua encounters the United Provinces and the Order of the Arkhosians. The U.P. immediately dislikes Sedrua, beginning heated relations.
126,152 BCE
Sedrua begins to spy on the United Provinces after terrible diplomacy.
125,968 BCE
U.P. scouting forces detect unauthorized Sedruan infrastructure in the U.P's borders. The U.P. is outraged.
125,967 BCE
After great discussion in the Sedruan government, Sydiah directs 150,000 Architects to breach the U.P's border.
Aylathia's Siege begins.
The Order of the Arkhosians sees opportunity in the war, deciding to establish trade lines between them and Sedrua to vanquish the U.P.
125,962 BCE
The Order begins private sessions of diplomacy with Sedrua, explaining their plans for a U.P. downfall.
125,900 BCE
By this time, Sedrua's capabilities in the war are diminishing. Superior U.P. technology matches the force of the Architects.
125,887 BCE
Sydiah directs the creation of new transport craft and trade lines. War remains in a gridlock for decades.
125,732 BCE
The Order directly joins with Sedrua against the United Provinces. The U.P. is overcome by multi-front war.
125,694 BCE
Sakijast is destroyed.
The U.P's leader is killed alongside other figureheads and politicians.
Arkho guerilla forces form as the U.P. begins to collapse. They attack both the Order's and Sedrua's fleets.
125,638 BCE
The United Provinces collapses.
The Order turns on Sedrua, following through with their plans. The destruction of Sakijast fuels their hatred for Sedrua even more.
Trade lines are cut as the Order's military attacks Sedrua's without hesitation.
Sedrua responds by sending thousands of Architects and their most advanced craft to the front lines.
125,600 BCE
Around this time, the Order of the Arkhosians begins to crumble from Sedruan advancement.
125,512 BCE
After centuries of tumultuous conflict, Aylathiya's Siege ends as the United Provinces civilization falls to the hands of Sedrua.
The Arkhosians are assimilated into Sedrua.
125,500s BCE
Most Arkho forces begin yielding to Sedruan armies.
124,996 BCE
Sydiah returns to the Suvaren Field after many years of on-and-off fighting alongside the military.
124,973 BCE
The Arkhosians are given an equal status to the Bahattes.
124,950 BCE
Around this time, all remaining patrol Architects are sent back to Sedrua.
Post-war reconstruction is finalized as the last guerilla factions dissolve.
Sedrua begins expanding towards Central Aylathiya.
118,734 BCE
Sedrua fully establishes itself around Central Aylathiya.
118,276 BCE
Aylathiya's Sphere begins construction.
114,743 BCE
Aylathiya's Sphere is completed.
114,568 BCE
The Staleyans are discovered and uplifted by Sedrua, turning their civilization into a client state.
Sydiah establishes a system of vassal states for any future species Sedrua may encounter.
114,448 BCE
The Prophet Molonov is said to have manifested in this year.
114,081 BCE
The Kephins are uplifted by Sedrua.
113,903 BCE
The Viphians are uplifted by Sedrua.
113,807 BCE
The Carants are uplifted by Sedrua.
113,482 BCE
The Timporians are uplifted by Sedrua.
113,264 BCE
The Zythyns are uplifted by Sedrua.
112,723 BCE
The Ambrosian Remnants are discovered by a team of Sedruan scouting craft.
The Cabal of the Amaranth Truth is founded by Sydiah in order to keep the remnants safe.
112,500s BCE
Aeternalism has spread to most areas of Via Aylathiya.
The first Architects begin to naturally succumb to Thaumic Insanity.
107,000s BCE
Sedrua is considered to be at its height. Most of Via Aylathiya's core territory is influenced in some form.
106,000s BCE
Sedruan influence begins to wane. Many territories break off from distance, cost, and governmental unrest.
104,930 BCE
The Wane of Reality happens as Mother Sydiah becomes trapped in the Lux Aeterna, failing to use her powers to resurrect the Angels.
Sydiah's Hinterlands are created as a result of the incident.
Itrian Yutira is automatically assigned as the leader of Sedrua.
104,929 BCE
Ramifications from the Wane of Reality are massive. Hundreds of thousands of Architects die from either entering or trying to remove the rifts.
Wealthy Sedruans attempt to evacuate or gain power in the government Vassal states become breeding grounds for corruption.
A very discontent sector named Avolast breaks off Sedrua after feeling the whiplash. Faith in Sedrua's government diminishes greatly.
104,873 BCE
Vurilia Jutopati and Drizuna Jutopati found Novel Aeternalism, a more scientific take on the all-encompassing faith. Aylathiya's religious people begin to change their ideals though most remain in tradition.
102,000s BCE
The Civese, a relatively primitive species by this point, have come to understand a fundamental level of Thaumaturgy.
99,871 BCE
The Triumvirate Civilization is established in Ventemir.
97,700s BCE
The Civese become space-faring around this time, leaving the bounds of their home planet Ivathiya.
97,683 BCE
POLIKY is created by the Civese.
The Civese become an interstellar race, eventually forming seven cohesive nations.
97,604 BCE
Thaumic applications for POLIKY (and other advanced Civese technologies) become increasingly apparent.
POLIKY is ordered to research Thaumaturgy and connections to consciousness.
97,584 BCE
POLIKY discovers the Lux Aeterna and its unusual spatial properties.
A theoretical type of Thaumic Drive is conceptualized, and is eventually used by the Civese only a few years after.
97,580 BCE
A de-centralized government is formed around the expanding Civese people.
97,300s BCE
The Civese people begin to drift apart from one another, creating five major groups of relatively different people.
96,675 BCE
A landmark meeting in the de-centralized Civese government lays down the foundation for five cohesive sectors, separated by distinct cultures, population strata, and ideologies.
96,691 BCE
Civeehol is founded, and acts as the center for all Civese activity.
Haviir is founded.
Osametu is founded.
Tajuura is founded.
Tonuur is founded.
96,628 BCE
Civeehol's central government publishes vast amounts of information relating to Thaumaturgy. The Civese people take a new interest for it.
Sedruan Magi and scientists notice several aberrations caused by POLIKY's Thaumic experimentation. Itrian Yutira sends various scouting vessels and personally investigates key areas around Aylathiya.
96,626 BCE
POLIKY drafts a revision for the Civese government which promotes cohesion and creates new laws for the regulation of Thaumaturgy.
Only months after the petition, the Civese government unanimously agrees.
96,587 BCE
Sedrua detects fleet movement near Orithiya, eventually discovering the Civese nations. No contact is made.
96,542 BCE
The Payotari Alliance forms after all five formerly wary Civese nations become cordial with one another.
Thaumic Drive technology greatly improves and the Payotari Alliance stays coherent. The Civese expand greedily, subjugating systems almost carelessly.
94,766 BCE
Sedrua learns of the Triumvirate Civilization as it colonizes Via Aylathiya. Once they found out one of its three leaders was The Administrator, they nearly declared war on the spot.
94,673 BCE
Fleets from the Payotari Alliance encounter Sedruan vessels near the rim of Aylathiya's core. Contact is established between the two nations.
Sedrua greatly dislikes the Alliance's ideals, finding their use of Thaumaturgy and technology to be "blasphemous".
92,748 BCE
The Payotari Alliance conducts a "crusade" across Aylathiya, encroaching upon Sedruan territory.
The Alliance denies a Sedruan land treaty, designed to curb Alliance expansion.
92,420 BCE
POLIKY gains limited access to Triumvirate databases, encountering The Administrator.
92,372 BCE
Vurilia Jutopati and Drizuna Jutopati attempt diplomacy with the Alliance, though it ends up being ineffective.
91,875 BCE
A string of failed diplomacy proceeds many insults hurled from Sedrua to the Alliance. Diplomatic relations cease between both nations.
Civeehol, followed by all other Civese nations, implement a nation-wide ban of Sedruan ideologies and religions. The scant few followers of either are silenced or removed.
91,700s BCE
All across the 917th Century BCE, the Alliance expands and enforces its power near Sedruan territory.
91,376 BCE
Sedruan and Alliance military assets pile up in bordering regions.
90,946 BCE
Reaching a breaking point, Sedrua begins an undeclared attack after Itrian Sydiah orders thousands of Architects to storm the border.
90,940s BCE
Sedrua swiftly advances to take over parts of Orithiya.
90,938 BCE
POLIKY deepens its research into Thaumic technology, creating the first Thaumic military vessels.
~90,920 BCE
Around this point, war between Sedrua and the Payotari Alliance turns into gridlock.
90,864 BCE
Sedruan forces, mostly Architects, surmount on the front lines. Gridlock is broken as Sedrua directs itself to Ivathiya.
90,862 BCE
The Payotari Alliance halts Sedrua's advancing forces through advanced guerilla warfare.
A flagship named Reckoning is constructed, representing the Payotari Alliance's excellence with Thaumic technology.
90,846 BCE
POLIKY "connects" to the Lux Aeterna by creating a massive Faux Pylon. A surge of energy happens as POLIKY ascends to a new sapient form.
In a matter of months, POLIKY's knowledge of the Lux Aeterna skyrockets. It quickly becomes something beyond a program, now an entity on par with The Administrator or the Angels of old.
90,840s-90,750s BCE
Sedrua is pushed back in this period. In less then a century, the Payotari Alliance begins advancing, taking the offensive.
90,718 BCE
A slow, methodical petition to end the war begins in the Sedruan senate.
90,703 BCE
The Payotari Alliance wins as Sedrua lays up its arms, surrendering for the first time in its history.
A treaty named the Payotari Endowment is signed, securing the Alliance's position as a superpower. The Alliance expands shortly after.
90,700 BCE
To commemorate their victory, the Payotari Alliance publicly announces the construction of Primevia, a technological marvel designed to house most of POLIKY's being.
Infrastructure policies are passed on order to connect rural Civese communities and completely reform war-torn sectors.
90,604 BCE
As Civeehol creates Primevia and updates infrastructure, it drafts and passes several voting and legislative policies without the approval of the other Civese nations.
Civeehol creates its first extensive Hyperlane network outside of itself. Other Civese nations are able to conduct trade and communication significantly faster.
Trust in Civeehol's government varies the drafting of its post-war policies. Inhabitants of the four rural nations find them to be unfair, though enthusiasm about growing infrastructure overwhelms most opposition.
90,584 BCE
Civese communities are considered to be fully repaired after almost twelve decades of infrastructure improvement.
90,580s BCE
The effects of the Alliance's reconstruction are almost immediate. The Triumvirate Civilization, once bothered by sending resources over wild space, now has the ability to cross into Alliance borders safely.
90,523 BCE
Gradual increase of Triumvirate-Alliance relations allows both parties to improve their travel and trade policies. General relations rise even more.
90,504 BCE
Sedrua, envious of the success of its enemies, finishes passing its own policies through its relatively inefficient senate.
90,422 BCE
Reparations amongst both sides of the Sedrua-Alliance War are paid off.
90,347 BCE
Civeehol announces the proposition for a policy named the "Autonomous Civese Act", which allows all Civese nations to act relatively independently.
The Alliance's central government loosens its control slightly, while Civeehol's control over itself increases. The four other nations are given less opportunity to gain control.
90,332 BCE
The Payotari Alliance collectively expands its infrastructure beyond its borders for the first time since the pre-war era.
90,281 BCE
Vokray, a militaristic world in rural Haviir, turns into a well-respected capital after a decision by the central Alliance government.
Haviir and its neighboring nation Osametu become a center for economy and new infrastructure.
90,263 BCE
The Payotari Alliance gains direct access to new wormhole gateways constructed by the Triumvirate.
Trade improves drastically, as success between both nations allows them to produce and expand greater than before.
90,100s BCE
Various corporations funded by Civeehol encroach on rural communities in the greater Alliance. Useful, luminous stars are taken from rural space by them.
Mass protests against the reckless corporations are slowly silenced, turning an outrage into a quiet minority.
90,050s BCE
The rural nations Haviir and Osametu create petitions for territory near Civeehol, which are accepted.
89,975 BCE
A landmark summit by Alliance and Triumvirate diplomats occurs. In the end, the Triumvirate informs the Alliance about a plan to diminish Sedrua's influence.
89,897 BCE
After sufficient backing by the Triumvirate government, the Payotari Alliance secretly sends assets to Sedrua's territory. Large waves of espionage and spying occur.
89,863 BCE
Sedrua connects attempts of espionage to the Payotari Alliance and the Triumvirate. Itrian Sydiah almost declares a war without warning, though he is denied by the senate and Sedruan people.
89,857 BCE
Following discussions within the highest of government officials, Sedrua attempts to back extremists in rural Civese territory.
89,840 BCE
Extremists in the rural Alliance are almost impossible to rid. The discontent population of the Alliance slowly aligns with their ideals.
89,787 BCE
After enduring extremists, the Payotari Alliance collectively decides to fund Arkho terrorists at the old area of the United Provinces.
89,779 BCE
Haviir and Osametu stop funding Arkho terrorists after several massive attacks against Vokray and other populated areas.
89,738 BCE
After failure in what is essentially a proxy war, Civeehol pressures Haviir and Osametu to fight for Civese ideologies and back Arkho opposition.
89,723 BCE
The Payotari Alliance removes itself from funding the Arkhosians after Sedrua threatens direct war.
89,691 BCE
Sedrua's attempts to remove Arkho insurgents are unsuccessful. An official resistance movement forms.
88,174 BCE
Primevia finishes construction, much to the joy of the Civese people.
POLIKY's capabilities expand, allowing it to be present all across Alliance territory.
88,104 BCE
The Alliance's request for territory in Martial Space is denied by the Triumvirate.
85,620 BCE
The Triumvirate Civilization gains sovereignty over all of what would later be called Martial Space, causing them to fully set their sights on the rest of Via Aylathiya.
74,841 BCE
The traditional date of the formation of Ibaradism by the prophet Molonov.
74,836 BCE
Molonov and POLIKY meet at a crucial diplomatic meeting. Discussions related to the freedom of religion and anti-Sedrua policies are mixed with cordial, prideful conversations.
65,000 BCE
Roughly the time that Arkho colonists from Sedrua created a colony centered on the planet Hathia. They will go on to be called the Molkor.
61,814 BCE
The Sedrua-Triumvirate War begins amidst territorial disputes.
59,763 BCE
Sedrua loses much of its influence outside of its core territory after losing the Sedrua-Triumvirate War. As reparations, they are forced to give the Triumvirate dominion over much of the territory around Martial Space.
The Triumvirate seizes Sedruan assets and levies further reparations onto Sedrua.
Sedrua enters another swift period of regression as a result of the war.
59,382 BCE
Vurilia Jutopati takes it upon himself to become Sedrua's leader, cleverly utilizing his governmental powers to overthrow Itrian Yutira.
Sedrua's culture becomes deeply divided between Classical Aeternalism and its newer Novel variant.
44,129 BCE
The Triumvirate contacts and uplifts the Vexlores.
41,101 BCE
Moonmoon is born.
35,000 BCE
A handful of Naidarans manage to find refuge on a life-bearing world in Via Aylathiya. They represent the last remaining members of their species.
21,473 BCE
Sedrua's government experiences a coup, consuming the nation with fear and harsh change.
Thonde Yutira forces herself to become Sedrua's permanent leader. Itrian Yutira is elected as her advisor.
18,444 BCE
The Triumvirate finishes construction on the Demiurge settlement.
18,298 BCE
Regnum Aureiga is founded on Aureiga by the Humeiga.
18,000 BCE
The Ugnara fully evolve on Urgutu.
17,520 BCE
The Triumvirate now has more international influence than the declining Sedrua. Over a fifth of Via Aylathiya is now under its control.
16,781 BCE
The Triumvirate unites the Ror Units for the first time in recorded history.
The Triumvirate creates a new province for the Ror Units called the Great Intendancy.
15,362 BCE
Humeiga discovers Aegyn and meet Humans and the Triumvirate Civilization. A treaty is signed between them all.
15,100 BCE
The Triumvirate begins construction of Holo's Ring in Martial Space.
15,089 BCE
The Triumvirate reforms into a Federal Republic. It divides its territory into Florenta, the Yohjan Confederacy, Dotskgard, and the Lowuks Entente. The federal government still controls a large amount of territory.
11,691 BCE
The Great Aylathiya Rebellion begins after the Staleyan vassal state declares independence.
11,619 BCE
The Zythyn vassal state rebels against Sedrua.
11,493 BCE
The Kephin vassal state rebels against Sedrua.
11,466 BCE
The Zythyns gain independence.
Lowyzol and Diunity of Peleunsk form.
11,463 BCE
The Timporian vassal state rebels against Sedrua.
11,456 BCE
One section of the Staleyan vassal state gains independence. Hivollyos forms.
Hivollyos forms.
11,403 BCE
The Staleyan vassal state rebels against Sedrua.
11,264 BCE
Sedrua puts an end to the Kephin rebellion.
11,253 BCE
The Timporians gain independence.
The Core Worlds Alliance forms from the vassal states of Eqeyuana, Ozayunor, and Erayadan.
11,206 BCE
The Staleyans gain complete independence. Nallanthiya forms.
11,071 BCE
The Kephin vassal state rebels once more after mustering its forces.
10,872 BCE
The Kephins gain independence.
The Golomian Confederacy forms.
10,805 BCE
Sedrua's government makes the decision of abandonment. Countless communities and assets are migrated to the Ruccoia Sector and the Suvaren Cloud.
Distrust in the Sedruan government rises significantly.
10,654 BCE
The Carant and Viphian vassal states join together and rebel against Sedrua.
10,476 BCE
Both the Carant and Viphian Sectors win the Central Sedruan War.
The Carant League of Aylathiya forms.
The Core Worlds Alliance admits the Viphian vassal state Celathiya into its territory.
Sedrua removes all of its assets from the greater Via Aylathiya Galaxy, focusing on the home territory.
10,475 BCE
The Suvaren Exclusion Zone is created to prevent any further damage to Sedura.
10,400 BCE
The Administrator finishes construction on Holo's Ring.
10,305 BCE
The Diunity enacts a law which allows for the use of Virtual Immortality. It is considered to be the beginning of the nation's assimilationist mindset.
9,546 BCE
The Diunity and Lowyzol begin an arms race.
9,393 BCE
The Diunity's government changes rapidly. It is focused on the assimilation of all people in Peleunsk.
9,284 BCE
The Resonant Divinity is taken by The Diunity to forward the rise of their expansion.
9,282 BCE
Lowyzol holds concern over The Diunity. Both nations close off from each other.
9,230 BCE
Lowyzol's plans to increase colonization outside its traditional borders are halted following developments with The Diunity.
9,229 BCE
The Diunity focuses on expanding its influence and increasing defense.
9,225 BCE
Lowyzol increases defense. The arms race accelerates.
9,197 BCE
The War for Peleunsk begins after ideological differences become unbearable.
8,981 BCE
The War for Peleunsk ends.
8,980 BCE
Lowyzol, the Core Worlds Alliance, and the Golomian Confederacy establish the Commonwealth of Aggregate Aylathiya to protect themselves from future conflict.
8,936 BCE
The Carant League of Aylathiya joins the Commonwealth.
8,846 BCE
The Commonwealth catches wind of Aylathiya's Sphere, though its region is far too dangerous to clear. The space around Aylathiya's core is sealed off.
8,723 BCE
Hivollyos and Nallanthiya join the Commonwealth.
6,844 BCE
The Yohjan Confederacy and Great Intendancy, two states within the Triumvirate Republic, attempt to join the Commonwealth.
In response, the Triumvirate government assassinates the leaders of both nations and demands that they do not. This cements Triumvirate dominance over its states.
6,710 BCE
The Local Axis forms as an alliance between Florenta and Lowuks Entente against the Confederacy.
4,276 BCE
Border disputes along the state of Ozayunor and the Carant League of Aylathiya create conflict for several years.
4,268 BCE
The Carant League of Aylathiya fails to purchase land from the Golomian Confederacy near Aylathiya's Sphere.
1,301 BCE
The Yohjan Confederacy begins an invasion of Un'oit space.
In response, the Un'oit form the Un'oit Collective.
1,285 BCE
The War of the Final Transition begins as a civil war when a Yohjan Fleet began firing on Florentan ships.
Regnum Aureiga is one of the few nations to join the war on the side of the Yohjan Confederacy.
C.A.A. nations notice the emerging conflict and privately take sides.
1,283 BCE
The QPA publicly supports the Triumvirate's government, aiming to quell the rebellion entirely.
Hivollyos and by extension Nallanthiya support the QPA despite warnings from the Carant League of Aylathiya.
The Core Worlds Alliance and Lowyzol support the Yohjans in the war.
Commonwealth gridlock is sprouted from indecisiveness between supporters of the Yohjans and the Triumvirate government.
1,278 BCE
Following years of legislative gridlock, a middle ground is achieved and the C.A.A. supports the Local Axis to prevent Central Aylathiya from falling into Yohjan hands.
1,237 BCE
The Yohjan advance stalls as the war becomes a period of total war for both sides.
763 BCE
The Triumvirate federal government finally intervenes in the War of the Final Transition.
QPA support for the Triumvirate's government increases.
719 BCE
Claes Dynamics creates Beatrix to counter the Administrator.
550 BCE
The war once again becomes a stalemate.
189 BCE
The Neo-Terran Movement begins.

Common Era

0 CE
Regnum Aureiga pulls out of the war with minimal penalty.
Beatrix's Wake begins.
The Yohjan Confederacy begins falling apart at the seems as sub-groups within it begin infighting.
4 CE
The Erstes Konsortium forms out of the remains of certain Yohjan core worlds at the behest of Regnum Aureiga.
Erstes Konsortium becomes a client state of Regnum Aureiga.
64 CE
Erstes Konsortium enters into a peace agreement with its warring internal factions; they are each given limited sovereignty.
120 CE
The Omnite movement begins.
210 CE
The War of the Final Transition ends with the fracture of the Triumvirate into Florenta, Rune-Err, and Mahou.
Molonov ascends to the throne of Florenta as "Prophet-king."
The Administrator goes into hiding.
Mahou controls the last vestiges of Triumvirate federal territory.
221 CE
Backed by Regnum Aureiga, Erstes Konsortium declares itself the rightful owner of former Triumvirate territory except for Mahou and Florenta. This includes the Lowuks Entente, which causes conflict between the two nations.
588 CE
Dotskgard enters a bloody civil war as nationalists attempt to take power from the Technocratic government.
1,000 CE
The Obi'ka have a major war with an unknown civilization, giving them effective control of a vast area of Herschel Space.
1,009 CE
The Lowuks Entente Collapses into tens of thousands of fragments.
Erstes Konsortium asserts its claims over the area and establishes numerous bases and outposts in the region. Additionally, Humans are sent to colonize the region.

1,230 CE

The Guild of External Power emerges as the "Apatis Children" a sub religion in Sedrua
2,304 CE
Tenshi forms in Kanadett out of the remains of H. Aimer Corporation.


5,000 CE
The first two Osseters built by the Guild of External Power are used.
7,141 CE
Florenta reorganizes itself into a Confederation.
9,007 CE
Rune-Err has become fully integrated into Erstes Konsortium, the various organizations composing it swearing fealty to the Kaiser of Erstes Konsortium wiile still possessing broad self-governing powers.
9,066 CE
Anar is colonized by a group of war refugees.
9,080 CE
Economic turmoil affects Anar and its area.
9,899 CE
The Un'oit Ascension begins as vast waves of Un'oit soldiers and warlords flow into Erstes Konsortium.


10,812 CE
The Neo-Terrans create the Kshi.
11,711 CE
The Vaplein Republic forms.
12,988 CE
Erstes Konsortium, its core worlds protected, begins treating the Un'oit like just another organization within Erstes Konsortium.
The Un'oit adapt to Erstes Konsortium's way of doing things, gradually accepting their place in the vast decentralized state. They collaborate with teh Kaiser to police worlds they occupy, most notably Petra.
13,684 CE
The Neo-Terrans kill Molonov who was assumed to be immortal.
Florenta enters a period of internal strife and division.
14,007 CE
Florenta reorganizes itself into a nation known as Empyros, a fascist theocracy.
14,571 CE
The descendants of the first Naidarans in the galaxy form an interstellar civilization called Naidaro.


15,102 CE
Tenshi begins its conquest of Ventemir not by force but through the use of so-called debt-trap-diplomacy. They buy vast swathes of the region and unofficially occupy territory.
16,987 CE
The Neo-Terrans form a military Junta recognized by the central government of Erstes Konsortium.
Hal Drusus II becomes the supreme leader of the Neo-Terrans on the planet of Scipio. They reform into a "political party."
17,809 CE
The Mars forms upon the death of Hal Drusus II. Hal Drusus III becomes the next Supreme Commander of the Neo-Terrans.
17,900 CE
The Confederacy of Borealis forms as workers across Thalsiedeln unionize to protect their ownership over factories, cities, and, eventually, whole planets.
18,991 CE
The Great Empyreal Crusade begins as Empyros begins an invasion of every territory once controlled by The Triumvirate.
The Commonwealth unanimously votes for a war against Empyros, joining the conflict.
19,000 CE
The nations of Via Aylathiya form a common front against Empyros, ending the chaos which took place after the collapse of the Triumvirate.
19,180 CE
Dotskgard falls into another civil war.
19,927 CE
The Anarian Fever Crisis begins on Anar.


20,001 CE
Dotskgard emerges from its civil war as a democracy, making it the most populous democracy in its galaxy at the time.
20,005 CE - 20,017 CE
The first meeting relating to the Abeona Initiative takes place between these years.
20,020 CE
The Anarian Fever Crisis ends. Half of the people Anar falls to the sickness.
20,160 CE
The Twelve Colony Ships of the Forefathers are completed.
20,161 CE
The Twelve Colony Ships of the Forefathers take billions of Humans through a wormhole to the Lewis Galaxy. The Great Scattering begins.
20,166 CE
The Twelve Colony Ships exit the wormhole and arrive at Elpida. Start of the Lewisian Calendar.
Indara, usually referred to as the Imperial City is founded on Elpida.
20,167 CE
The Abeona Initiative concludes with large numbers of humans leaving Via Aylathiya to colonize the Lewis Galaxy.
20,286 CE
Migration to the Lewis Galaxy is completed. The wormhole which led colonists there is closed.
20,310 CE
Itsuki Takanashi founds Takanashi Antimatter.
20,568 CE
The Via Aylathiya-Lewisian Wormhole is re-opened.
20,648 CE
The Core Worlds Alliance tightens control over its domains, enforcing its territory and government as the Crusade winds down. While this was necessary for cohesion during the war, several nations view this as an attempt to enforce corporatist ideologies.
20,904 CE
Empyros falls and the Great Empyreal Crusade ends. It is jointly occupied by the Vaplein republic and Confederacy of Borealis.
The galaxy remains united as the first genuine international community forms.
With support from the Vaplein Republic, Jayvyn Drusus, Hal II's great grandson, takes power within the Neo-Terran Party.
21,677 CE
Sagittarium is founded in a coup in the Vaplein Republic.
Klein Vay takes power as Chancellor.
21,691 CE
Tenshi gains full control over Ventemir.
22,771 CE
The Third Galactic War begins as tensions between Erstes Konsortium and the Mahou mount.
23,088 CE
Hestias is settled by settlers from Mitra, Haldar and Thetis.
23,333 CE
The last vestiges of the Triumvirate are destroyed as Erstes Konsortium recognizes Mahou's territory as a part of Erstes Konsortium. Mahou obliges.
Sagittarium joins the Commonwealth of Aggregate Aylathiya.
23,431 CE
Klein Vay dies, causing a succession crisis in Sagittarium.
Large numbers of The Ekrosian Guardians begin to move move sporadically, causing great damage across Erstes Konsortium and Sagittarium.
23,580 CE
Veselko Abedayo takes power in Sagittarium, he brilliantly commands his troops to defeat the Ekrosian Guardians.
23,777 CE
Dotskgard begins construction on Mili to upgrade their small Birch Planet.
24,180 CE
Pyotr Drusus I becomes the leader of the Neo-Terrans, at this point an international organization representing millions of words; he begins the process of the incorporation and recognition of non-Human species.


27,463 CE
Horis Tarnos is born on Elpida.
27,945 CE
The "Neo-Terran Co-prosperity Sphere" forms as the Neo-Terrans declare their leader to be the true ruler of Erstes Konsortium. They unite with the Rune-Err group.
It is recognized by external nations due to its willingness to trade, in particular Tenshi, Sagittarium, and the Commonwealth.
The Empire of Mankind is founded.
House Hayalon is founded.
House Kalainen is founded.
House Sigurdsson is founded.
House Zykov is founded.
29,001 CE
The Neo-Terran Co-prosperity Sphere manages to assassinate the Kaiser, replacing them with Levi II and renaming Erstes Konsortium.
29,002 CE
Levi II is assassinated by loyalists to the Kaiser, plunging the Sphere into chaos.
29,003 CE
Roxanne Caffron takes power amongst the Neo-Terrans as stability returns.
29,014 CE
Caffron takes the oppurtunity to induct many loyal to the Neo-Terrans into the party, causing it to have influence in most polities within the newly-formed Sphre.
29,049 CE
Sagittarium begins a minor conquest of a portion of the Elerad Arm of Florathel.


32,738 CE
The Thulcandran Federation forms in the Via Aurum Nebula after movements for independence.
32,741 CE
The Thulcandran War is waged between the recently made Thulcandran Federation and the Confederacy of Borealis.
32,805 CE
The Thulcandran Federation gains full independence and international recognition by other governments.
The Neo-Terran party experiences a great rift upon the death of Roxanne Caffron. Her successor, Ymir I, takes power but declares herself "Imperatrix," beginning a reform of the party into an aristocratic class.
The Neo-Terran Co-Prosperity Sphere becomes more decentralized, much like Erstes Konsortium, and parcels its territory into smaller "Crowns," ruled by loyalists to the central government, that operate like miniature versions of Erstes Konsortium.
33,580 CE
The Nobility War begins in the Empire of Mankind.
33,955 CE
The Nobility War ends.
33,956 CE
The Plutocracy of Gish is founded following the Nobility War.
34,187 CE
The Commonwealth reduces its authority over member nations, giving them higher autonomy.
34,207 CE
The invasion of the Fusion of Crowns ends in an armistice, Drusidia gains territory from the nation but fails to conquer it.
34,720 CE
The Great Slave Revolt begins after internal conflicts.


35,009 CE
Dotskgard becomes a stronghold for the Confederacy of Borealis.
35,188 CE
The Great Slave Revolt ends.
35,866 CE
Arkon is colonized from settlers from Tarsus.
35,962 CE
Ishai is colonized.
37,788 CE
the Aldorian Dominium is founded.
38,101 CE
The Aldorian League is founded.
38,190 CE
Astarte, an embassy world, is colonized.
38,244 CE
the Aldorian High Kingdom is founded.
38,250 CE
Astarte is terraformed with assistance from local Confederate forces.
39,437 CE
The vast majority of Sagittarium's influence in the Elerad Arm is abandoned upon an economic collapse experienced by the nation.
Thalvett, a nation composed of the various robots Sagittarium left behind, forms.
39,909 CE
the Aldorian Hegemony is founded after unification in order to stop the Aldorian High Kingdom


41,000 CE
Kristallaus adopts an anarchist system of governance. The Central government of the Sphere accepts this so long as it continues its tributes to the Imperator.
41,001 CE
Solomon of Kristadt emerges, leading the collection of ancient ships known as Solomon's Fleet. Solomon and volunteer militias drive back invading neighbors and maintain order in Kristallaus.
40,044 CE
The Aldorian Confederacy is founded after slaves and refugees form a loose government of planets.
40,110 CE
The Aldorian Assembly of Clans is founded.
41,000 CE
Contact between The Union and the Confederacy of Borealis is initiated.
41,123 CE
Commonwealth's Eclipse begins after surmounting ideological tensions between the Core Worlds Alliance and the Carant League of Aylathiya. Three sides immediately form, them being the Federalists, Corporatists, and Autocrats.
Sagittarium leaves the Commonwealth.
41,126 CE
Following their abandonment of the Commonwealth, Sagittarium backstabs the Golomian Confederacy by declaring war on them.
Lowyzol joins the Core Worlds Alliance following the attacks from Sagittarium.
~41,150 CE
Around this time, Sagittarium's attacks become so feverous that Aylathiya's Sphere is taken from the Golomian Confederacy.
41,153 CE
Sagittarium attempts to search the area near Aylathiya's Sphere, only to be met with an automated Sedruan fleet which annihilates the intruders.
~41,200 CE
This date is considered to be the height of the war. Autocrats and corporatists appear to hold the upper hand while the federalists hold on to what they can. The increased belligerence from Sagittarium shifts the attention of all sides however.
41,259 CE
Sagittarium pulls out from the war, its economy ruined.
41,348 CE
The Sovereign Provinces of Aylathiya form after a revolution during the Commonwealth's Eclipse. The Carant League of Aylathiya begins to crumble.
41,395 CE
Commonwealth's Eclipse ceases following the exhaustion of all combatants and revolutions. Both the Core Worlds Alliance and the Carant League of Aylathiya crumble shortly after.
41,396 CE
Religious fanatics and corporatists evacuate the Lowyzol Federation. One group takes to the Nisrine Cloud while another rests near Martial Space.
41,428 CE
Uspayador is founded in the Nisrine Cloud, named Etheaunsk at the time.
41,450 CE
The Aldorian Shabada is founded.
41,570 CE
The Aldorian Military Junta is founded from several dissenting factions.
42,057 CE
The Confederacy of Borealis begins an initiative to gain influence in the crippled Sagittarium, making it into an international organization.
43,237 CE
Alkon-Aylathiya forms from many clans as an Aeternalist nation. It soon becomes loyal to Sedrua.
44,788 CE
Inishan is probed by the Empire of Mankind.
44,862 CE
Vaspujian takes Aylathiya's Sphere into consideration, sending scouting forces and clearing the area around it.


45,032 CE

The Imperial-Unionist War begins.

45,186 CE
Arkon is besieged by a fleet of imperialists.
45,210 CE
Imperialists on Arkon stop their attacks and leave.
45,230 CE
The Order of the Arkons is created to prevent future attacks on Arkon.
45,378 CE
The Lewis Federation is founded by refugees.
45,587 CE
The Imperial-Unionist War ends.
46,322 CE
Inishan is colonized by the Empire of Mankind.
46,366 CE
Trade routes between the Lewis Federation and the Union are made.
47,036 CE
Aylathiya's Sphere is reconstructed by Vaspujian.
47,956 CE
The Empire of Mankind and The Union begin to improve relations.
47,877 CE
The Arkonian Technocrats are founded as an offshoot of the Irekian Technocrats.
48,002 CE
Contact between The Lewis Federation (Later known as The Intergalactic Federation) and the Confederacy of Borealis is initiated.
48,903 CE
The Economic Federation of Saleas is founded from many smaller states in and around the Parvo-Aa System.


52,009 CE
The Iskadi is thoroughly colonized.
53,491 CE
The Cnara-Frealee Federation is created from the union of the Cnaran Federation and Darvikan Union.
54,045 CE
AI rights activists are violently repressed by governments across the territory of the Co-Prosperity Sphere.
54,062 CE
Suppression of AI rights culminates in the "Thalian Crisis" in which vast numbers of machines fled to Sagittarium.
The Confederacy uses this event to push for democracy in Sagittarium, its various institutions absorbed into the Confederacy en masse.
54,417 CE
Alkon-Aylathiya finds and subdues the Resonant Divinity, an Angelic Artifact. The Divinity is convinced that leading Alkon-Aylathiya would bring justice to the galaxy.


55,217 CE
The Heilotans System is discovered.
The Ctrala Federation, Galan Technocracy and the Kajakali Nation band together to form the Union of Eulciar Powers.
59,715 CE
Tenshi and the Co-Prosperity Sphere enter into a bloody conflict as the central government attempts to seize Tenshin assets in Ventemir.
59,809 CE
The leader of Rune-Err, Nicodemus IV, and the Archon of the Tenshi, Meiko Takanashi III, marry, creating a military alliance between these two groups. The alliance declares itself a nation known as "Tenshi-Err," a direct act of treason against the Sphere.


60,134 CE
After experiencing a total defeat, the Sphere surrenders to Tenshi-Err.
Tenshi-Err occupies the capital of Scipio to form the Dominium of United Duchies, a vast nation with sovereignty over all of Martial Space as well as the Ventemir Nebula.
Yakusoku becomes the capital of the Dominium.
60,393 CE
The Inheritance War begins as the emperor of the Dominium relentlessly attacks the Seekers.
60,401 CE

The Quintet Payotari Association joins the Inheritance War.

61,238 CE
The Demi-Vexlores, as a species, are created as a combination of Human and Vexlore genetic material.
62,237 CE
The Marakat Interstellar Union is founded from the merger prefects Artaclate, Perol, and Vea.
63,001 CE
The Dominium becomes a superpower as it becomes increasingly centralized.
The first Demi-Vexlore becomes emperor, Imperatrix Adeline I.


65,000s CE
As Demi-Vexlores become more common, the line between Human and Vexlore grows blurry.
65,600s CE
Sedrua's government becomes overwhelmingly paranoid as countless people wish to break free from Sedrua's protective isolationist bounds.
65,610 CE
The Suvaren Exclusion Zone is broken after Sedrua puts an end to its isolationist policies.
Sedrua joins the Inheritance War.
65,683 CE
Aylathiya's Totality is waged as the Commonwealth of Aggregate Aylathiya tries to extend to the Suvaren Field.
63,688 CE
Following a mass die-off of Magi across Via Aylathiya, the Inheritance War suddenly ends, the Seekers seemingly leave Via Aylathiya for Florathel.
65,777 CE
Aylathiya's Totality suddenly ceases after Vurilia Jutopati returns to Sedrua and overthrows the government with his allies.
65,778 CE
Alkon-Aylathiya's influence across its local space tightens as the war ceases. Partnership with Sedrua increases as Vurilia seeks to form treaties with nearby nations.
67,433 CE
King Oram Atherian II dies, possibly killed by Princess Kalea Atherian.
The War of Saiheran Succession begins.
Prince Sais Atherian drives his three siblings off of Dimostah, almost killing Prince Karnak Atherian.
Princess Zelera Atherian assembles her secret base on Aiah.
Prince Karnak Atherian allies himself with the Arnot Republic and sets up shop on the planet Erae.
67,439 CE
The Battle of Pagalus occurs, a prime example of early battles in the War of Saiheran Succession.
The Eulciar Union of Nations is founded in the Eulciar.


70,745 CE
The Great Lareas War begins.
Marnaltharke is destroyed.
The attack on the Narenna Dyson Swarm occurs.
71,835 CE
The Battle of Morlac occurs, resulting in Morlac's destruction.
Princess Kalea Atherian orders the destruction of every planet in the Arnot Republic, causing the deaths of 99.5% of the population of that nation.
72,433 CE
The Battle of Kaledar occurs.
72,436 CE
The Battle of Vea occurs.
73,101 CE
Prince Jeroboam is born. The Blessing of Mars immediately decides that he will be the next Emperor of the Dominium.
73,131 CE
Without warning, Jeroboam uses his great power to begin destroying various military bases of the Dominium.
73,132 CE
Emperor Nicodemus V personally ventures to his location to kill Jeroboam.
Despite being a gifted Thaumaturgist, Nicodemus is unable to kill Jeroboam.
Nicodemus flees to the capital world and orders Jeroboam to be killed by the military.
73,144 CE
Jeroboam makes it the capital world, Yakusoku, and, overpowering local military assets, kills Emperor Nicodemus.
Several months after, Jeroboam tracks down and kills Yuuho Takanashi, the archon of Tenshi.
Jeroboam kills most of the advisors as well as the children of Nicodemus and Yuuho.
73,145 CE
A strike force sent by the Confederacy of Borealis fails to kill or even debilitate Jeroboam.
Jeroboam flees Via Aylathiya to somewhere in intergalactic space, leaving the Dominium in chaos.
73,146 CE
A strike force from Sagittarium fails to kill Jeroboam.
73,147 CE
Gen IX, a distant relative of Yuuho, claims the throne of the Dominium; however, few recognize this as legitimate.
In the same year, war breaks out as virtually every powerful group within the Dominium, backed by the various dukes, vies for the position of Emperor.
Vexlorian territory begins destabilizing as the government loses its means to keep order.
73,150 CE
In the midst of the conflict, Gen IX abruptly dissolves the Dominium after an excursion to Ventemir.
The remaining organizations within the Dominium form a parliament and decide that no one will be the emperor.
73,151 CE
The Ror Units and Molkor form the Alkan Intendancy.
73,689 CE
The Confederacy of Borealis now controls the majority of the industry within the Dominium, causing its president to become a de facto "emperor," albeit democratically selected.


75,563 CE
The Blessing of Mars strongly manifests and Imperator Maximillian becomes the official "Prime Minister for Life," creating contention with the Confederacy.


82,648 CE
House Dalvan is founded.
House Weng is founded.
83,729 CE
Kryrono-Lomir, the current Primary Shayama of the Commonwealth, is born on Lorokira.
84,808 CE
The War of Saiheran Succession is ended with the Fifth Treaty of Providence.
The United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy is also formed with said treaty.


86,004 CE
The AI Beatrix attacks the QPA.
The QPA demands reparations from the Dominium, however, they are ignored.
87,354 CE
The Theocracy of Silverstar is founded.
88,072 CE
The Vault's Incident occurs.
88,073 CE
The War of the Ancients is declared by the Quintet Payotari Association as the Vault of Secrets implodes in a violent "Subspace Energy Equilibrium".
The Quintet Payotari Association blames the Confederacy of Borealis and declares war.
The Confederacy of Borealis strong-arms the rest of the Dominium into helping it fight this war. With a fully united Dominium fighting the QPA, they could not simply send in troops like the ancient Un'oit did.
88,074 CE
The Celestial Plague is released into Martial Space, causing a great number of deaths and stalling the Confederate counter-attack.
The Celestial Plague is discovered to have been accidentally deployed across almost the whole of Via Aylathiya.
Via Ayalthiya's ecosystem responds poorly to the plague, causing many usually docile creatures to begin attacking space craft.
88,086 CE
Sedrua joins the QPA by supplying them with useful weaponry and technology.
Alkon-Aylathiya Joins Sedrua with the war effort.
88,116 CE
The War of the Ancients escalates after failed diplomacy between the QPA and CoB.
To counter POLIKY, the Confederacy creates an alliance with an organization Hendrerit that dated back to the Yohjan Confederacy.
The Commonwealth of Aggregate Aylathiya considers joining the conflict, though the decision is unable to make it to the senate.
88,173 CE
Due to extensive damage by the Celestial Plague, Sagittarium declares war on the QPA.
88,180 CE
The PWV Reckoning arrives in Confederate Space.
88,207 CE
The Celestial Plague is re-released, now in its third iteration. Confederate Forces begin to crumble after the fleet of advanced biological and mechanical objects reaches the Confederate Front.
The conflict flares up to some of the highest points in the entire war. Confederate gains are immediately reverted.
The Commonwealth strongly considers to join the war effort, collecting numerous defenses and utilizing an AI for military operations.
88,208 CE
Following a large number of war crimes and brutal atrocities by the Quintet Payotari Association, the C.A.A. officially declares war on the QPA. The power dynamic in the War of the Ancients changes drastically, with the Quintet Payotari Association scrambling to reorganize its supply lines upon the declaration.
Sedrua removes itself from the war following the Commonwealth's involvement.
Numerous QPA forces are brought from the Eqeyun Sector to aid in the new front.
The Celestial Plague is unleashed against the Commonwealth, the C.A.A.-QPA front slows immensely.
88,289 CE
The Confederate Government authorizes the usage of the ERS Moon Signal, TRS Platinum Disco, and the TRS Night Running.
88,790 CE
Jezebel II becomes the next "Prime Minister for Life," but her first act is to revert the title to "Imperatrix."
88,805 CE
The QPA withdraws its forces as it becomes abundantly clear that their invasion will not work.
The War of the Ancients comes to a close in a ceasefire agreement.
88,806 CE
The Confederacy begins a reconstruction program heavily dependent on aid from nobles and organizations within the Dominium. This backfires as few are willing to help the group that dragged them into a devastating conflict.
88,821 CE
Uspayador grows unstable after the War of the Ancients. The government is unable to manage the nation or re-build infrastructure effectively.
88,872 CE
Several major groups of political rivals and revolutionaries form in Uspayador, centered around re-building the nation.
88,945 CE
Moonmoon joins the Chosen of Sydiah following a battle and an initiation by Vurilia Jutopati.
89,121 CE
The Confederacy begins drafting articles for the creation of the Boreal Federacy, a plan to fully consolidate power within the Dominium and transfer it into a proper state like the Commonwealth or Sagittarium was.
89,124 CE
Jezebel's War begins as the various organizations lead a rebellion against the Confederacy, destroying its Congress within days.
Donatus Shuker declares himself president as the Confederacy, mostly its military, begin a campaign against Jezebel II and her supporters.


90,001 CE
Jezebel's War ends at the death of Jezebel II.
All of the groups involved (or would soon be involved) in Jezebel's War form the Intergalactic Council to discuss disputes.
90,006 CE
The Boreal Federacy emerges in its modern form as it secures sovereignty over dozens of core worlds.


96,490 CE
SICTIRIAD technology starts becoming widespread within Via Aylathiya.
97,821 CE
The Second Treaty of Hiroseh goes into effect, creating the modern Greater Martial Consilium.
This treaty, in effect, unites the Boreal Federacy and the Central Government while creating a reformed system of duchies, margriavates, and baronies.
98,000 CE
Via Aylathiya's ecosystem begins returning to a normal state.
98,211 CE
The Final Sin of the Guild begins, and last for only a few weeks, until the Guild of External Power collapses and falls.
98,212 CE
The New Apati Union arises from the ashes of the Guild under leadership of Autheek "Austin" Aeison
98,221 CE
The N.A.U. abandons all of the Guilds worlds in Via Aylathiya and the Floraluthe Nebula, and establishes its capital in Nilus.
98,301 CE
The influence of the Guild's Osseters has completely dissipated. As a result of the Final Sin of the Guild, the Osseters no longer have a use, and are found across the universe in the form of Osseter Graveyards.
98,310 CE
The N.A.U. begins construction on the first Yvels in an attempt to gain the trust of the universe back.
99,422 CE
The Intergalactic Federation begins active relations.
99,678 CE
Itrian Yutira and Thonde Yutira are able to open a rift to the Aeterna, freeing Mother Sydiah from the Lux Aeterna. The Angelic Awakening begins.
Father Zaphenim leaves the Aeterna.
Mother Sachitel leaves the Aeterna.
Father Rinayo leaves the Aeterna.
Father Isayo leaves the Aeterna.
Mother Ohko leaves the Aeterna.
Vurilia Jutopati is trapped in the Aeterna following the re-appearance of Mother Sydiah.
99,679 CE
Alkon-Aylathiya works with Sedrua, now led by the Angels, to re-enforce the traditions of old.
99,680 CE
Annik Marrash is born on Eureka.
99,742 CE
The Amgorac Dynasty forms from Nysha.

Modern Day

Donatus Shuker, Eve, Titania, Sebas Blanc-Drusus, and Lorelei Avana-Drusus, join forces with the aid of the militaries of the Dominium, Boreal Federacy, and Rendell, to kill The Administrator. It is unknown if their efforts are successful.