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Timind is a Planet in the Florathel Galaxy owned by the Free Nation of Peria and colonized by the Lumu. It is an arid desert world, and is located in the Darakao Nebula, right next to the Karzhan System. he planet is connected to a major trade route, thus making it frequently visited. Timind is in the Kuzar system, the same system as Kuzar Secondus, an important planet for the Guild of External Power because of its abundance of Aeula gas.


Some time after the colonization Jolies, the recently immigrating Lumu discovered a warm planet in the neighboring system. The Lumu explored Kuzar, and discovered its 5 Planets, Its first, being Timind. Its second being the most important: Kuzar Secondus. The third being a dwarf planet, Belisa. The fourth being the blue oceanic planet Furthurst. The final planet being Lyish. For a long period of time, Timind and the rest of Kuzar went unnoticed by the Guild, but the apatis came about their neighbors when they discovered that Kuzar Secondus was rich in Aeula Gas, a gas necessary for Osseter power.


TImind's land features infinite dunes and little reservoirs of water around small villages. The land features not very much, the occasional road to Lumu villages, bushes here and there. The planet has also been known to have suffered from droughts that appear to be caused by the moon Tsun, it is unknown however, if the moon is actually the cause.


The two moons of Timind, as such as their features.