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The Tison system is one of the most populous systems in the Alba Region, in the Iskadi Galaxy. It belongs to the Empire of Mankind and is under control of the Etchalon Family. The system has a main star, a massive O-type blue main sequence star, known as Tison. The total population of the system is 96,5 Billion. Most of which live in the Moons of Kolth.

The system is made of three gas giants, two desert planets and two cold ones. Most of the system is dedicated to minery and gas production and refinery. All of which are usually exported to the Lewis Galaxy, most notably to Haldar to produce weapons and other military equipments produced in that planet. There are as well many moons, most of which orbit the gas giants and hold for the most part, the human population of the system.

Tison System No names.jpg

The System has a total of 6 planets orbiting Tirson. This are

  • Yukapu: Its a planet with a very large moon, both have a total population of 2 Billion, and are mostly dedicated to mining and manufacturing industries. Yukapu has 1 billion and its moon 0,6 billion, with the rest rocky asteroid moons holding about 0.4 billion.
  • Kelami: The First Gas giant, known has 47 moons, of which 8 moons are of considerable size while the remaining 39 are asteroids like moons. Has a total population of 4 Billion
  • Miriso: Has 9 moons, of which one is quite large. The total population is 1 Billion.
  • Kolth: The Second Gas giant, holds most of the population of the system in its 6 habitable moons, known as Moons of Kolth. The total system has 54 moons, 48 of which are asteroids. The total population is 86 Billion living within this moons or in floating stations around the gas giant or extracting domes in their asteroids. Atherak, a moon of Kolth, is the Capital and the most habitable planet in the System
  • Urilsa: It's a planet with two moons, with a total population of 2.5 Billion. The planet has 1.5 billion, while each moon has half a billion.
  • Mitelva: The Third Gas giant known has 62 moons, of which 8 are considerable to be counted as such, being habitable, while 54 are asteroid-like moons. It has a total population of 3 Billion
  • Protos: Its a dual planet with a very large moon, known as Lafanith, both have a total population of 2 Billion. The moon has about 0.4 Billion while Protos has 1.6 Billion