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The blaring of the excessive heart-rate alarm did not help Aleksy's fear. A glaring "212" flashing in the corner of his vision. The various warnings flashing across his vision practically begging him to induce sleep to abate this dangerous state. As tempting as it was to simply collapse onto the ground, Aleksy needed to endure. His advanced Reality Anchor system should make him invisible to the Fae Queen. "There was nothing to fear," he repeated to himself perhaps hundreds of times in the space of only a few moments. As the target grew closer, almost instinctively, Aleksy hides behind an ornate column within the Fae Queen's palace.

Soon, another warning would replace the others spanning his vision. A cool blue color, it warns of Titania's imminent arrival, signalling the start of the mission. It was a simple mission from the young Confederate government, measure the thaumic potential of the Prophetess-Queen of an entire religion. While machines could measure this potential, their clunkiness made them impractical. Using a Magi, such as Aleksy, would be the only way to quickly measure the Queen's potential. All he needed was to stay still, concentrate, and then leave the same way he came.

The seconds stretch into what felt like hours before Titania finally sits upon her throne. Slowly, Aleksy clears his vision of warnings to get a clear view. As Aleksy focuses on his target, his augmented irises flex, zooming in. Titania furtively glances around before beginning to twist, convulse, undulate, warp, and in all ways fold into a new form. Aleksy could barely concentrate as gears tear through her flesh, viscera and blood themselves coalescing into crimson-colored cogs and axles.

"Just measure her potential just measure her potential just measure-"

The series of writhing crimson, gears, pulleys, and springs that replaced Titania begin becoming what Aleksy could only describe as "blurry." Even though his augmented eyes had 20/2 vision, he was barely able to see her. The gears seemed to be exist in higher dimensions, multiple places at once, interacted strangely with light, and emitted a horrible noise as they cut through the air, the gases constantly rushing in and out of the voids left by the moving gears. Soon Titania would gain attributes that could only be described by analogy. Replacing these gears were the concepts of gears, replacing their color was the concept of color, and replacing her physical dimensions were the concept of dimensions. What did it mean to be a concept instead of a physical thing Aleksy did not know. As these free-floating concepts emanated from Titania, they began leaching into Aleksy's mind, their foreignness akin to a program from a different operating system. Aleksy's body convulses and even the advanced reality anchor begins overcompensating for the warping of space, discharging gravitational waves and more horrible noise.

In Aleksy's last moments of lucidity before his brain begins rejecting the thoughts taking place within it are spent ordering his body to put him to sleep. Even as the chemicals took affect and his mind began to slow down, the concepts had already metastasized. Unbound by consciousness like dreams, they take an all new horrifying form. Titania, released in her full glory, began perceiving the corpse within her palace room, even the bacteria within seemingly recoiling from the otherworldly entity gazing upon them. At once, Titania disposes of the body, its atoms scattering in random directions.

Titania was (or quite possible is) a major prophet within the religion of Fuukanism, stateswoman, politician, Paladin, and founder of the Church of the Fae Queen who is widely known for possessing great abilities. While completely unwilling to practice proper Thaumaturgy, believing it to be sinful, Titania had an extreme weight within the Lux Aeterna. This incredible weight was often overwhelming to the average person, causing Magi to be the only beings who could directly look upon her. Even then this was only in her mortal form. Once transforming into her true form, she would become incomprehensible not in the sense of being too grand or complex, but in the sense that she is not meant to exist within mortal minds as an idea.

Titania's official title is "Fae Queen," and her followers believe her to be one of the most important beings to have ever lived within the universe. While she was extant, she exercised great power over quintillions of faithful, prompting many governments to attempt to spy on her. Failing that, they attempted numerous times to develop technology that could subdue her. Even 70,000 years after her disappearance, the technology to do this is well out of reach for civilizations.

Titania's view of the universe characterized the Local Cosmos as just one of infinitely many universes. The vast majority of reality, according to Titania, was occupied by higher realms. The wider Cosmos was cold and uncaring, save for the supreme goddess of Fuukanism, Fuukos, who took pity on the Local Cosmos. Titania's views have done much to shape the modern religion of Fuukanism as well as the wider culture of Via Aylathiya and even Marwanist faith to an extent.

Early Life

As an Engel, Titania has no clear origin, simply spontaneously manifesting sometime around 230,000 BCE. She came into existence within Inflorescence near the black hole known as Mei'os. Her manifestation caused quite the stir as the civilization living around Mei'os was greatly disrupted by her presence.