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The planet Tloinin is a fairly minor world within the Ventemir Galaxy. What makes it minor is not a small population or a lack of expansion, but its populace's total lack of interest in communication with the outside. While being the capital of a fairly large interstellar empire, called the Re'Tlel Equilibrium, the majority of communications sent to the planet do not receive a response. New evidence suggests that signals in any wavelength and lasers of any wavelength do not bounce off of the planet and instead are cancelled out via disruptive interference originating from the planet.

Based on the limited communication which took place between the planet and the outside, an entity called "The Administrator" is said to have originated on it. This entity has been thoroughly studied and its claims of being a hyper-advanced artificial intelligence constructed by the Triumvirate Civilization seem to hold true. The inhabitants of the planet, beings known as the Re'Tlel, often liken the Administrator to "fate" or "a god," while only a few called it "an algorithm."

Tloinin lies near to the center of an exclusion zone called the "Tloinin Exclusion Zone." Out of fear of somehow incurring some kind of retaliation by the Administrator entity, only a small number of scientific craft are permitted to enter this seventy-five light year zone. There is no evidence of anomalous activity on the planet.


All observations of Tloinin had to have been conducted from afar, as such, little information is known about the world. There seems to be a population of 3.2 billion individuals on the planet. In orbit around the planet there are likely another 3 to 4 trillion inhabitants. The natural rings have been mostly preserved.

Probes sent into the area had all mysteriously vanished, with manned missions ending with the vehicle exiting the nearest wormhole to its world of origin. This effect intrigued researchers, prompting them to classify the region as an "spatial anomaly." A recent experiment in 99,912 CE saw success, however. The probe was not only able to complete its mission, but it was able to capture high definition images of many systems in the region.

In the same year, 99,912 CE, a large number of "anomalous" activity took place. Seemingly random ancient artifacts began flying to the Tloinin Exclusion Zone, many members of the Legion species reported hearing voices, large numbers of machines began producing weapons that would then be stationed around major worlds in Via Lacrimosa and its satellites, Holo's Ring began spinning, its runes glowing, the frequency of Ekrosian Guardian sightings rose, and Claudia began giving its soldiers orders to mobilize. A large number of other events occurred, however, it was unknown if The Administrator entity caused them. Tloinin appears to be the most protected body in the region with large numbers of ships of ships moving to orbit the planet.

In 99,998 CE, it began issuing a broadcast in Lacrimosan Common that would repeat every five to ten minutes:

"Citizens of Via Lacrimosa, Florescence, Ventemir, and Ouranir remain calm, official action to address potential threats is well underway. Various entities long thought to have been locked away or neutralized have reemerged, prompting this official action. These entities include: High ranking psychokinetic organisms, an unauthorized hive mind construct, a major incorporeal entity, an entity comparable to even myself, and an ancient unauthorized artificial intelligence. These issues will be handled accordingly. Class A Apotheosis Prevention Protocol initiated."

Many of the entities it is referring to are well-known, such as Delyatu (the "unauthorized hive mind construct"), POLIKY (what is either the "entity comparable to even myself" or the "ancient unauthorized artificial intelligence"), and Sydiah (one of the high ranking psychokinetic organisms). There are a large number that are entirely unknown, the most troubling of which being the "major incorporeal entity," as there are no guesses as to what it could be.

The recent actions of the Administrator Entity, while likely grandiose, have had little impact on everyday life. However, on a macro-scale, its effects could not have been more profound.