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Torlak is a warm temperate terra planet in Via Aylathiya. It orbits the Yuli-Tovam binary system. It is the the most likely candidate for the Un'oit homeworld and capital of the Un'oit Collective, a state within the Boreal Federacy.

Torlak has been ever since the center of the Un'oit might and is considered the center of Un'oit culture. The world had some important institutions of the Confederacy, such as minor offices etc.. and is the administrative center of the Un'oit territories. The Planet is as well a center of culture, sophistication and literacy for the Un'oit species.


The Planet has 3 continents, Kloit, In'to and Pelanu

  • Kloit

Kloit is the home continent of the Un'oit species and from their name is derived. It is a lush area, with tropical savannas and large grass plains of a brownish color, small forested terrain is also found. The Largest city and capital Ten'uin has around 7 billion inhabitants.

  • In'to

A beautiful continent, it is mostly made of high peaks, with several valleys, lakes and plateaux. It has been populated since ancient times. The area is less lush than others but contains forests and drinkable water, which allowed the Un'oit to thrive.

  • Pelanu

An area covered in forested jungles, and it's economy is mostly based on services. The region is covered in large fertile river bends that allow for mass production of food and the sustainability of large cities.


Torlak formed over twelve billion years ago around its parent stars, which the Un'oit named Yuli and Tovam. Due to a lack of a large outer gas giant which would have protected Torlak from orbital bombardment, the planet has experienced many mass extinctions over the course of its long history. Life has arisen on the world many different times during the course of the planet’s life, but it wasn’t until the early 21st century that early sapience took hold in the form of the Un'oit.

Torlak was visited by humans from the first in 3912 by a long range exploratory warp probe which recorded the planet as one that might be possible for colonization and terraforming. However on a follow up mission in 4013, the crew discovered evidence of sapience on the planet and decided to leave the planet alone.

For the next 5,000 years, the planet remained mostly unvisited, with the occasional Thulcandran or Confederate probes visiting to keep track of the Un’oit’s progress. By 9110 CE, the Un’oit had begun to explore and colonize their home star system. Soon after they began exploring other systems nearby, and soon discovered alien non-sentient life on a neighboring world named Wyndr.

Olki and Torlak from orbit.

This world became the first Un'oit colony outside their homeworld. This marked the true beginning of Un'oit colonization of space, as before, only space settlements on barren worlds had been created. Wyndr turn out to be suited for Un'oit live (after some modifications) and soon colonist, flocked there. In 9352 CE, the Un’oit developed Warp technology and began to form the beginnings of the Collective, with Torlak as the center of said Collective. Currently it is a high profile member world of the Confederacy of Borealis.


A small lake on Torlak.

Torlak’s average surface temperature being over 33°C with very little greenhouse gasses has led to the climate being nearly constantly a tropical one.

The temperature on Torlak hardly fluctuates due to the 15° axial tilt of the planet. Because of this, snow and ice are not present on the planet and it wasn’t until the Un’oit came into their technological age that they discovered ice.

Native Life

Yuli and Tovam from the surface of Torlak.

Torlakian lifeforms have evolved to become heat-resistant plants and animals as well as the majority of life on the planet having faster metabolisms. The forests on Torlak have taken on a dark brown or black hue due to darker colors being better able to absorb heat.