The cargo ship in orbit, taken by a GaIFa pilot just an hour before the signing of the treaty.

The Treaty of Recidus was a peace treaty signed on 13 January 7036 which ended the Gamos Conflict. It included the demilitarization of the GaIFa and the establishment of temporary local governments on planets captured by loyalist forces during the course of the war. It was signed on an unnamed cargo ship on a L1 orbit of the D-Class moon Recidus in the Lowrisn system which was captured during the Confederate offensive throughout 7035.

Background and Negotiations

After the offensive the tide of the war had turned against GaIFa. With a major portion of their soldiers stuck in frontier systems and their navy crippled or occupied fighting loyalist cruisers, their leaders were forced to negotiate a ceasefire. However, Commander Luc Hardy of the Confederacy refused to accept anything other than an unconditional surrender. His counterpart Cathal Mannog-David, leader of the GaIFa, knew that an unconditional surrender will mean full submission of the Gamos Nebulae to the Confederacy and was heavily against it. In a desperate yet successful attempt, he personally led the remnants of the GaIFa fleet in a concentrated assault against an asteroid fortress belonging to the loyalists and captured it in an attempt to get a message across. Although initially not willing to let the rebels go free, the confederate commander finally agreed on terms of amnesty and partial autonomy in order to prevent further loss of life.


The treaty contained several clauses:

  1. The GaIFa will withdraw from worlds and systems not initially under GaIFa de facto prior to the Invasion of Fasthled i.e. Facado, Ojsira, and Surinaut.
  2. The GaIFa will surrender all arms and military vessels to the Confederacy of Borealis. Exceptions are made for small arms used for security purposes such as laser pistols.
  3. Control of the systems captured in the 7035 Offensive are to be handed over to the Gamos Government at Hrittos.
  4. Full amnesty from war crimes will be granted to all GaIFa leaders, officers, and combatants. Ordinary crimes are not included in this clause.
  5. The GaIFa is permitted to exist as a political party and to participate in elections in accordance to rules accepted by the galactic community as a whole.
  6. GaIFa will be responsible to disarm interplanetary minefields deployed by GaIFa, and vice versa.

The treaty was signed by the two commanders of the war along with the loyalist government president Zhi Wuman.

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