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Trezhath is a large nation located at the inner end of the Elerad Arm of the Florathel Galaxy. It is bordered by the Theocracy of Yaztas, the Arnot Exclusion Zone, the Marakat Interstellar Union, and the Frolira-Tuar Interstellar Commune. The Republic is centered around the planet Thalasir, homeworld of the Tareza.


Trezhath controls 1.36 billion stars within the innermost Elerad Arm of the Florathel Galaxy, although the loss of territory to the Theocracy of Yaztas after the Holy Revolution means that it was formerly larger. It is divided into 23 states, although Trezhath is administrated separately. Each of these 23 states has a similar population, although the wildly varying population density across the Republic means that they have hugely differing areas.

The Capital District is very small and comprises only the star system which Trezhath resides in. Despite this, it is more populous than three actual states, and some people are advocating for statehood for this District.



The capital of Trezhath is the world of Thalasir. Thalasir orbits an early-L brown dwarf within the ammonia-water habitable zone, and has vast oceans of liquid ammonia with ice dissolved within it. This planet somehow evolved a spacefaring species despite the impossibility of fire, that first step in any civilization's development. This confuses a lot of scientists.

Thalasir is very heavily populated by the Tareza and other species, and has a commensurate amount of orbital infrastructure. However, due to its small sphere of influence, this infrastructure is not as advanced as it probably should be.

Founding Species

The Tareza are a silicon-based species which initially evolved on Trezhath roughly 150,000 years ago. They do not use water as a solvent, but rather liquid ammonia with water ice dissolved in it, as this is the liquid common on their homeworld. The Tareza have wildly varying personalities, so nothing general can be said about them. However, on average they are generally more peaceful than some other species. Tarezan physiology can be described as crablike, but they are hugely variable in size and coloration.


Trezhath's government is fairly normal for democratic nations such as itself. It consists of an easily defined legislative branch and judicial branch, and can be described as somewhere between an Elite Democratic Republic and an Elite Direct Democracy.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch of Trezhath consists of an elected parliament which introduces and votes on laws. This parliament has a total of 46 seats, two for each state, and each term lasts 12 years. This sounds like a perfect democratic nation, but only ~19% of the population is allowed to vote due to the fact that a party of traditionalists has maintained power for a very long time and only recently lost power to a more progressive one.

First, an MP introduces a bill, and then the rest of the parliament takes a reading session. After everyone asks questions and submits amendments and things, everyone votes on the prospective bill. Oddly, a bill requires a 5/8 majority vote to become law for tradition reasons, meaning that the Trezhath Parliament doesn't actually get that much done.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch consists of a group of 11 people randomly chosen from the graduation rolls of prestigious law schools. All of these law schools are located in the core regions of the Republic, earning this system much-deserved criticism of unrepresentativeness. However, no one can do anything about it because changing the constitution is needed which requires a 3/4 vote in the house which never happens.

The Highest Court deserves its name, as it is impossible to appeal a decision of this court. Sometimes members of the legislative branch can kick someone from this court, and they are immediately replaced from the same graduation rolls, but this power is rarely exercised.


Trezhath has a unique and rather stupid system which it uses to elect members of the legislative branch. Oddly, this system dictates that only members of the Tareza species (the founding species of the nation) are allowed to participate. As the species only makes up nineteen percent of the national population, many in the galaxy decry this system and state that the nation must reform it or face sanctions.

Alongside this absurdity, each district (a region who a member of parliament represents) has a number of electoral votes, all of which are given to whoever wins the popular vote in the district, regardless of whether it is by a landslide or a single person. Many, even those priveleged by the system, think this is nonsensical and must be removed from the Trezhath constitution. Unfortunately, nothing ever gets done in parliament because of another element of the Trezhath constitution, so this is unlikely to happen.