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The Trimeka System as a whole.

The Trimeka system spins around a large Blue star of the same name. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space and within the borders of the Empire of Mankind. The system holds important worlds, and it's control falls under the House Lavey. The system is famous for being the homeworld of the Imperial prison. It holds important facilities and most of it's economy spins around mining, raw materials, manufacturing, chemicals, energy, military equipment and trade.

This system holds about 116 Billion individuals most of which live in Brelax, Tharvul, Aku and Meksis but substantial populations also live in Vinedren and Infernus.

The system is located in the Drakori Arm of the Galaxy.


Trimeka System Planets

World of Infernus, one of the Empire's prisons & penal-colonies.

It's one of the prisons of the Empire of Mankind, the warm world. The other one being Pegnomai. This planet has an unstable surface, and high volcanic activity. Rivers and seas of magma are everywhere in the planet. So lush and bright, that they are seeing from above the surface. The world was transformed into a huge mining facility, where the worst criminals are sent to die in. This world gives shivers to everyone that hears about it. It's total population is difficult to estimate, but ranges between 10 to 12 billion.

  • Pekel

It's the second largest gas giant world in the system. It has a set of several moons, some under a process of terraforming. However, the only clearly habitable world is the moon of Marvul. Several mining station and others exist in Pekel. It's population is about 3 billion.

Planet Marvul, one of the moons of Pekel

A moon orbiting the gas giant Pekel, it is home to a large base extracting valuable gases from the gas giant they orbit as well as being a base for the military and other services in the system. It is the center and the most valuable of the moons orbiting the gas giant known as Pekel. This world prvides food, energy and manufactured goods to all the mining orbital stations in the gas giant and the other rocky moons around.

This world has a thriving industry and agriculture and has seen a significantly growth in the last millenia. The moon is also a center for entertainment and tourism. The total population is 16 Billion.

This binary planets, are made of Aku, the main world and Meksis, it's moon. Aku is a large oceanic world with just two archipielagos of tiny islands. Most of the world sits on an ocean. Most of the ocean is so deep that it's virtually imposible to reach the oceanic floor. Some estimates indicate that more than 15 000 000km2 in dept. The world of Meksis, previously inhabitated by the Wreteren cartel, they were successfully driven away but the name remained. A deep jungle world with life seeded through panspermia. Aku has a total population of 20 Billion while Meksis has a total population of 23 Billion.

The twin worlds of Aku and it's moon Meksis

  • Drixa-Tani

A set of binary gas giants. Drixa is the largest gas giant world of the system and it's moon Tani, also is a gas giant. Tani has about 28 rocky moons that orbit it. This moons and the gas giant are heavily mined to obtain rare gases and minerals. About 2 billion people live in either outposts in the moons or in space habitats around the gas worlds.

The world of Brelax, capital of the System

The most suited for habitation. The world of Brelax is the most populated world in the system and the economic center of it. It is one of the bases for the Lavey Family. This world has several rings of a purple color that are heavily mine to extract Brelax pouldry, a mineral used to created the Brelax lasers, a very well known laser artifact used for equipment and most notably weaponry. For carrying on mining operations in the planet's rings, several stations exists here to subtain the miners. The stations hold about 500 million people in all and are sometimes often visited by the inhabitants for entertainment. The population is around 48 Billion.

the world of Vinedren

This world is a frozen planet, located in the outskirts of the system. It has virtually no clouds due to the cold that does not allowed for humidity to condensate. All the surface is covered in snow or ice, and the oceans have cold temperatures. The Guardians of Vinedren, are a special elite force used to be specially trained for the armies or personal guardians of the Emperor and the nobility.

The population lives mostly on domes heavily protected from the sheer low temperatures on the planet. It has a total of 5 billion in habitants.


The system was consider on the frontier of the old Anthropos Republic. This backwater, was explored in the 27 454 CE (7 288 ADL). Apparently, a small colony of Wreteren pirates existed in Meksis, an offshoot of their original parents. However, the Second Civil War stopped any prospect of colonization. The first tripulated missions and stations will have to wait until the founding of the Empire of Mankind. It wasnt until 29 455 CE ( 9 255 ADL) that the first humans set foot on Belax. Soon after, in 30 102 CE (9 936 ADL), another mission was sent to Aku and Meksis. Here it was discovered that Meksis served as a base for local piracy.

Then in 30 197 CE, a small tripulated armed mission was sent to the system to expell the Wreteren. This was done successfully and to prevent a possible return, the system was prepared for colonization and settlement. In 30 210 CE a third ripulated mission was sent to explore the world of Marvul. After this third mission it wasnt long till the Empire sent if first permanent settlement and in 30 213 CE, a colony was stablished in Brelax. Other followed in Marvul, Aku and Meksis.

The interest on inferno came when in 33 788 CE the Empire was looking for place to expell the prisoners. Infernus had become increasingly interesting to mining but the task was harsh on citizens and thus it was now tasked on prisoners. The population kept itself low until the Nobility war. The production of the system changed and many refugees from that war came to settled the worlds of Trimeka. Since then, House Lavey made Brelax one of their seats of Power.