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The Triple Nuurian Coalition is a member state within the Nuurian Federation, thus mostly inhabited by the Nuurians. It is located in the Kevenam Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It is one of the most populated within the nation. It is based out of the three worlds of Linku, Fuundar and Teluun and it's colonies. Thus why the name of "triple". This three worlds and their territories of influence (which included their respective colonies) allied to create the coalition.

They arose as colonies of Anuur who prosper notably due to the strategic location they were in and the large amount of resources that allowed them to prosper even more. This led to each of this worlds be able to create their own colonies within their space. It did not take long till the three worlds desired freedom from Anuur , and thus united on a coalition to break out of Anuur. A small war ensue and the colonies finally broke creating a new nation. Same process occured with the Theocracy of Keelur. Then they will reunited to form a new nation to face against the challenges of the Lorship of Nuur.

Currently, the state is ruled by a government called "The Council of the Three". This name is based on the fact that a representative of each member of the coalition is sent to this council to oversee matters of the state as a whole. The capital of the Coalition is not fixed to try and keep balance. Due to this, the capital moves ever 10 standar years to one of the three hegemonic worlds.

The culture of the three worlds and its colonies is quite different. The only thing that bounds them together is their dialectal way of speaking which sets them apart from the other states in the Nuurian Federation.


Back in the early days of colonization, Anuur was heavily exploring and settling its surroundings. Some of the first colonies they stablished were Linku, Fuundar and Teluun. This colonies at first did not set anything apart from other colonies of Anuur. However, with time, the colonies grew more and more and began to rise in influence and power around them. This was due to the resources around them, large amounts of food production that allowed a rise on immigration and natural population growth and on the strategic locations they were placed at. Most were at the intersection of comercial and travelling routes.

As the importance of this three colonies grew more and more, its power also increased. They began to colonize nearby worlds on their own expanding their areas of influence. During this period, tensions with Anuur began to grow but the colonies were too busy expanding and fighting each other for now. Linku and Fuundar had a small war over some territories and due to their differences culturally. However, the conflict ended thanks to the alliance the Linku formed with Teluun. This kept the expantionist policies of the Fuundar and its warrior-culture at bay.

When Fuundar was attacked by the nearby Theocracy of Keelur, Teluun and Linku allied with Fuundar. This built enough trust among the three which will be useful in the future. The three put aside their differences to fight the expansionist Keelur, blowing a decicive victory giving a sense of pride and union. After the war, relationship between the three worlds and their colonies grew tied together. Commerce among them grew, legislation and migration were also eased and a common military was built.

Anuur felt it was loosing control over its colonies, due to the recent events of that had made its colonies battled each other. Due to this, Anuur tightened its leace with all of them to desperatly try to get back control. This efforts only made the relationship with the colonies even more tense, to the blink of war. In fact, it didnt took long till the Coalition.

Founding Worlds

  • Linku

A tropical mild world. Its the most important in terms of administration. It's bureaucracy ties the entire coalition together. The Linkunians are people known for their scientific approach and intellectual drive. Its called by some, the "home of phylosophers" and has for many years been the center of progress and scientifical activity within the Coalition. Based on technology. Somehow the most similar to the Lorship even though they oppose this nation. They based themselves more on biological mecanization. They are also known for their pharmaceutics and their strong enfasis on intellectual and individual progress. They adere to Shwuunism most notably, but to Iklanism and Tel-Naamism to some extend.

  • Fuundar

They are expert miners, counting with some precious mines. Their culture is more martial and warrior like. Known for being fighters based on honor. Their world is a Cold Tundric and alpine world, based mostly around industrial activities, chemicals and manufacturing large amounts of goods. Most of the spacecrafts and weaponry of the coalition is produce within the Fuundar territory. Nevertheless, the Fuundarians are also known for its production of refine goods, most notable ceremonial dagas. They worship most notably Tel-Naamism, specifically the War Gods, and Iklanism.

  • Teluun

The most important of the three, due to its economy and population, it is a rather a pacifistic nation based on trade. Teluunians are excellent merchants and have tried to impose comercial interests all over their space. Their range is the furthest from the Nuurian core out of the three and is thus the largest. It touches significantly other states, protecting Linku and Fuundar somehow from foreign invasion due to its location. The Teluunians are also culturally enlightened and its clothing, sophisticated arquitecture and cuisine is appreciated all over the Coalition and all over the Nuurian Federation. This world is also a center of fertile soil, producing was quantities of food. But most notably, it is known for it's luxury items exported all over the Coalition and beyond. Most of their believes spin around Tel-Naamism and Iklanism almost equaly.