Triyvaya is a protostar in the Tloinin Galaxy. It is formed exclusively out of the remains of octillions of destroyed ships from the Tloinin War. The star's name comes from the Vlanoan word for peace.


It has about 50 spherical objects orbiting it, all made of the destroyed ships. It has a remarkably high metallicity (the measure of how many elements that aren't hydrogen or helium), due to it being almost 60% metal. As a result, Triyvaya can be considered a frozen star.


In 164566, DELYATU started the Tloinin War. Within hours of the declaration, trillions of ships were lost. The fighting was heaviest near the galactic core. The material there had a mass of octillions of kilograms. Throughout the war, it began to coalesce into spherical bodies. A lot of it was recycled, but the area around what would later be Triyvaya was far too strewn with debris to be worth it.

In about 170219, Triyvaya gathered enough mass to start glowing. It began to draw in many tons of hydrogen gas from around it. By the end of the war, it was an official protostar.

The largest body orbiting this star was the meeting place for the peace negotiations for the Tloinin War. The planet is named Fvionin, the Tloinan word for peace. This body has a very large symbolic value. Every ten Tloinin Years after the war, a fleet of ships from DELYATU, The Administrator , as well as the Kal Federation carry out a ceremony that commemorates the war.

The star is currently being fed mass to make it into a red dwarf star. This would take geological time scales, but if the two AIs have anything, it is time. They plan to build a Dyson Sphere around it and equally share the power coming from it. It is estimated to last several trillion years before it burn through its fuel.


Due to having such a high metallicity ([Fe/H] = 1.64), Triyvaya (when it finishes forming) will be one of the dimmest main-sequence stars in the entire galaxy. Due to its extremely high metal content, its overall luminosity will be similar to that of a brown dwarf, with a predicted absolute magnitude of over 20. It will shine for many trillions of years, and will end its life as a tiny DZ-class white dwarf.

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