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Troop transports are a type of shuttle designed to deliver soldiers into battle. Their size allows for them to carry dozens or even hundreds of troops with them at once. Their light armaments mean that the can't really hold their own in a fight, relying on their allies to protect them while they unload their troops.


Troop transports are often the largest type of shuttle seen throughout the universe. They are delivered into battle by the larger transport ships, which often carry dozens of troop transports ready to be sent down to a planet's surface.

Unlike their gunship cousins, troop transports are either lightly armed or have no weapons at all. This is largely due to them operating in tandem with gunships, delivering their payload while the gunships provide covering fire.

Troop transports also see use with many law enforcement agencies, as the ability to surround a group of criminals in a short amount of time is greatly appreciated by officers of the law.

Notable Examples