"Let it be known that our government(s) have failed the true sons and daughters of man. They rather sell their freedoms for comfort, and abandon all that we hold sacred. I declare this day; A day of open rebellion towards our overlords. I declare this day...as the founding of a True Alliance. "-Farda Yckar

The True Alliance of Man (or the T.A.M.), was a short lived contentious government and was an offshoot of the Human Alliance of Ambrosia that governed around five hundred and fifty two star systems within the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy at its peak from 10,388 CE to 10,526 CE.


The True Alliance of Man, unlike it's enemy, had a very prosperous rule for the majority of its history. It was viewed as more of a favorable alternative to the Human Alliance at the time due to their laws, beliefs, and governance. Because of this, many star systems controlled by the Human Alliance joined the True Alliance willingly.

Its sole existence was to return humanity's purpose in the Ambrosia Galaxy towards its original goal: colonization and exploration. Though True Alliance was subsumed into the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, its goal was reached, so very few objected the True Alliance's dismantling.

Their leader, Farda Yckar, was viewed as a hero by the majority of the populace. Farda seemed to be a very caring and loyal person, always putting the needs of his people first. Unfortunately this devotion became the rebel group's undoing. Farda Yckar was assassinated on March 4th 10,499 CE. His successor, then supreme commander of the True Alliance of Man military, was unable to win over the public. This lead to the government becoming fragmented, with more and more political parties forming, each with different ideals. This caused mass confusion across the inhabited worlds; they didn't know who was implementing laws and decisions. Because of this, the True Alliance barely gained any ground during the Second Alliance War, losing almost every battle fought.


True Alliance of Man culture held all the values that the Human Alliance held in its early years. Exploration and colonization were paramount among True Alliance citizens. While personal monetary gain was viewed with extreme disgust.

True Alliance citizens were very kind and friendly to their fellows, often helping those in need with whatever they could. Because of this, the True Alliance people had very strong coördination. If one colony was under attack by an enemy nearby worlds would come to their aid without a single question. This wasn't always a good strategy, as the reinforcements would get overwhelmed by their enemy.

If a war was to erupt all True Alliance citizens should, if needed, take up arms and defend occupied worlds. Because the True Alliance was at war throughout its entire history their military made up the majority of the population.

Most True Alliance citizens didn't belong to any religion. It was a mostly atheistic civilization. Farda Yckar could be considered as being put on the level of divinity by his citizens.

If a True Alliance citizen had a friend or family member living in an enemy controlled world, they were disallowed to fraternize with them, by penalty of incarceration. Though many citizens broke these laws often.


The True Alliance culture had five "virtues", that all citizens were thought to uphold.

They were as followed:

  • 1: "It is one's duty to expand humanity's reach in the universe."

  • 2: "It is one's duty to treat their fellow man with respect and kinship."

  • 3: "It is one's duty to fight on the front lines if conflict is unavoidable."

  • 4: "It is one's duty to hold our true leader, Farda Yckar, as their own personal hero and inspiration."

  • 5: "It is one's duty to never have dealings with the True Alliance's enemies, to do so is an act of treason."


The True Alliance of Man's government functioned identically to the Human Alliance of Ambrosia in its early years. A democratic republic where almost all polices put forth by the government needed to be voted upon by the public. Most polices the government implemented were towards either colonization, or military technology.

Unlike it's predecessor however, the True Alliance of Man's government did not change for the entirety of its existence. 


The True Alliance of Man had an impressive military to say the least, has it held the majority of the populace within it. Due to the True Alliance's laws towards wartime, and with the True Alliance existing solely during wartime, most of their efforts were in the military.

True Alliance soldiers had extreme skill and coordination, making them an extremely formidable foe. Their soldiers had superior training then the Human Alliance, leading to the True Alliance's dominance during the First Alliance War.

They were taught to always fight to the very bitter end, even if defeat was inevitable they were expected to lay down their lives. If a solider was to be captured then they were to take their own lives by any means necessary.

The True Alliance military was extremely regimented. With commanders, lieutenants, captains, and sergeants. The highest rank belonged to The Administrator Commander, who for the majority of the government's history was Romeo Carolina.

Romeo was a very strict and militant man. He wanted the True Alliance to destroy all traces of the Human Alliance. Because of this when Farda Yckar tried to broker a peace agreement with the Human Alliance's successor, Romeo assassinated him and took his place as leader of the True Alliance of Man.



The True Alliance of Man was founded by Farda Yckar on March 4th 10,388 CE, who at the time was the prime minister of planet Dralora. The government was formed due to the increasing corporate presence within the Human Alliance of Ambrosia.

Initially the government wanted to convince the Human Alliance through peaceful measures, but this didn't last long. The Human Alliance took very little notice of Drarlora's independence since it wasn't an important colony at that time. This enraged much of the True Alliance's population, and the call for war was the most popular opinion held. However, once the True Alliance started to forcefully disarm the Human Alliance on Dralora and the rest of the Talora System, the Human Alliance began to take countermeasures.

The True Alliance wanted to make their existence known across all the Human Alliance and many felt that a major event would need to take place for that to happen. A plan to attack one of the worlds within the capital was created to cause fear within the Human Alliance. They opted to attack Petram Station, the capital mining colony of the dwarf planet Petram. On June 16th 10,388 CE a small group of True Alliance soldiers attacked the station, temporarily taking control of the station. However, reinforcements from Haven quickly took back control, killing all True Alliance soldiers present. The attack was a deemed a "victory", by the Human Alliance, but the true intent of the attack was to cause extreme hysteria in the Human Alliance, knowing that the True Alliance could attack when they please. The attack was a success in that regard with several star systems defecting and joining the True Alliance instead.

The Human Alliance apprehensively declared war on the True Alliance on June 24th 10,388 CE, igniting the First Alliance War. A war that would last sixty nine standard years. The war claimed millions of lives.

First Alliance War

The True Alliance had a much superior military then the Human Alliance, as their soldiers were volunteers rather then the Human Alliance relying on mercenary groups provided the many corporations they were allied with. Because of this, the True Alliance won almost every battle fought during the war, taking Human Alliance controlled worlds, causing others to willingly defect, while the majority of the Human Alliance populace was all for a True Alliance victory. The Human Alliance almost seemed destined to fall.

However, the war ceased suddenly with the intervention of a third party: the Ugnara Kingdom. They were a mid Type II alien civilization who discovered human controlled worlds and attacked both sides. They destroyed many cites and took many lives. While Farda Yckar wanted to ally with the Human Alliance in order to fight back the Ugnara, the True Alliance people were not in favor. Despite this, Farda would go against the wishes of his people and joined in a united alliance with their sworn enemy. After this the Ugnara Wars began.

Ugnara Wars

The Ugnara wars lasted around seven standard years and was a very evenly matched conflict for most of it's history, with both sides gaining and losing ground at an equal rate. However, with the superior coordination of human controlled ships the Ugnara began to lose more and more ground, with even native Ugnara Kingdom planets falling under human control. This ultimately culminated at the battle of Urgutu, a last stand of the Ugnara. The Ugnara were defeated, and were left severely weakened.

After the battle, the two alliances' turned against each other once again, igniting the Second Alliance War. A war that lasted around twenty seven standard more years.

Second Alliance War

During the beginning of the Second Alliance War, the Human Alliance turned to the Ugnara, and offered them a place in their government, adding their colonized worlds into the Human Alliance, and providing them with military resources. This action caused the Human Alliance of Ambrosia to be reformed into the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. Though this caused great concern in the True Alliance's controlled systems, they still held a vast amount of power and would be able to defend itself against this new threat. However, with the mixture of Uganra and human technology the Ambrosia Alliance began to gain ground.

While the True Alliance people believed victory could be theirs, Farda saw the end in sight. In order to save lives, he would make peace with the Ambrosia Alliance. His head military commander, Romeo Carolina, was extremely opposed to this, but Farda ignored his wishes and reached out to Lakarda Lakvan, then ruler of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. The Ambrosia Alliance accepted the peace agreement, and a peace ceremony was held on a True Alliance controlled moon, Vulnere. While Lakarda and Farda stood next to each other before speaking to the public, Romeo assassinated Farda and managed to convince the people that the peace agreement was a ruse to lure out Farda and eliminate him. Taylor was elected as the new ruler of the True Alliance by a resounding majority. Farda's death enraged the people, and inflamed their will for conflict, taking several Ambrosia Alliance systems.


On December 31st 10,525 CE, a remote recording drone was discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance, showing Romeo Carolina as the true killer of Farda Yckar. The Ambrosia Alliance broadcast the footage to every human and Ugnara controlled world. With this the True Alliance turned against their leader, Romeo gathered the followers he had and held himself on Dralora. As a sign of friendship the Ambrosia Alliance joined the True Alliance in the Retaking of Dralora. The battle lasted until around 12 AM January 1, 10,526 CE when Taylor Carolina took his own life to avoid capture.

After the battle, the Ambrosia Alliance went to then prime minister of Dralora, Jamed Cadad, and offered the True Alliance a spot within the Ambrosia Alliance parliament, claiming that they returned to the idealistic former government of the Human Alliance of Ambrosia. Without hesitation all True Alliance worlds joined the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, ending the True Alliance of Man. Though it was disbanded, it achieved it's goal, returning humanity's presence in the Ambrosia Galaxy to that of exploration and colonization.

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