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Tu'vara is a terran world, located in Herschel Space, belonging to the United Alliance. It orbits a white sun, called E'tan, as well as the entire system. The planet is a colony of the Shevins, and a heaven for this species in the United Alliance.

The Shevins departed from the crowded planet Kreon, the capital of the nation and the first place in which the Shevins settled inside the United Alliance. Kreon's overpopulation acted as a potential interest to find a more suitable home for the Shevins inside U.A territory to which they had adapted well. They spotted a perfect world and the Shevin addressed the authorities to look for support and permission to settled down. Due to the nature of Tu'vara being mostly inhospitable for oxygen based life, making its colonisation hard for Humans and other species, permission was granted.

Some modifications were made to suit the atmosphere of Tu'vara for the Shevin population. The process was very similar to that of the Koors in Neikoor. The planet has been slightly Edanaformed and repopulated with Edanaian flora and fauna.

Around 2 million Shevins departed in colony ships and settled Tu'vara. The Colony was successful, and soon word of mouth spread among many Shevins in the United Alliance. A flock of colonist came to the planet.

According to Shevin chronicles, the planet has been compared to Eydafrei, as a twin sister in a far away galaxy.


The Planet has a total population of 3.5 Billion, out of which 3.4 Billion are Shevins. They make about 94% of the entire population. 5% correspond to other Co2 breathing species, like the Oia or the Yingar, 0,4% to Aldorians and 0,6% to Humans, most of which work for the government in small domes or using breathable masks.