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Tuhnas is a stabilised yellow hypergiant in the halo of the Florathel Galaxy, about 283,000 light years from its centre. Originally from the galactic disk, Tuhnas serves as a large and largely secret backup supply of energy in case the Union of Narenna eventually loses the Forever War. Obscured by a quasi wall of dust from the entire galaxy, the only trace of the existence of Tuhnas lies in a faint trail of gas which is the remnant of its movement through the halo, out of the Florathel Galaxy, barely detectable and only detectable if stared right at from only a few light years away in the infrared.


Tuhnas is the most luminous yellow hypergiant in the universe, being over 1 million times brighter than the sun, placing it among the brightest stars in the galaxy (across all wavelengths). Tuhnas emits almost all of its energy in the visual wavelength, leading to an absolute magnitude of -10.25, which makes it one of the brightest stars in the Florathel Galaxy, in the visual wavelength. However, you couldn't see the star anywhere in the galaxy, because it's blocked by so much dust.

Tuhnas had an initial mass of approximately 65 solar masses, and a current mass of about 24 solar masses. If it were not interrupted, it would have become a luminous blue variable by now, and would proceed to become a Wolf-Rayet star and explode in a supernova within a million years.

Planetary system

Tuhnas originally had more planets than it does now, but all but one were taken apart to construct the Dyson sphere around the star. The currently only planet around Tuhnas was terraformed and moved to a safe distance, around 850 AU from the star.

Stabilisation and Usage

In 47559 CE, Tuhnas was brought from its original birthplace, a large H II region, into intergalactic space by the young Union of Narenna. Its intention was to serve as a backup source of energy in case of an apocalyptic, galaxy-wide event. Immediately after, the Union promptly destroyed any past evidence of the star's existence, and its last non-governmental mention was in 51271 CE. From then on only select, highly important government individuals would know of this star.

Then, the star was stabilised, to prevent any further stellar evolution which would destroy the star. Dust was gathered from the surrounding intergalactic space and put around the star to prevent anybody else from detecting it. A large Dyson sphere was installed around this star, and since its erection in 54308 CE, has been collecting a huge amount of energy from Tuhnas. Both the star and Dyson Sphere have been receiving constant maintenance to prevent any evidence of their existence to the public.

Since the ramping up of the Forever War over the last ten millenia, the population situated at this star, along with the attention it gets from the government has increased drastically, and they have primed it as a Plan B in case the war goes disastrously wrong for them. Along with this, Tuhnas' security has tightened significantly, but however, rumours abound that individuals outside the Union's government know of the object and plan to destroy it. These rumours have not been verified.

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